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Your Song- Elton John


GET UP BELLS! It's your last chance before I come up there with the ice water!

Dammit! I was about to begin yet another fine day in Hell- Forks High to be precise. I was tired of all the name-calling and the hazing. Ever since I moved here to get closer to Charlie-he's my dad, good old Chief Swan of Forks, Washington- I missed Phoenix a bit more every day. Sure, I mean Phil, my mom's new man, and his disgusting roving eyes, James, my ex and only boyfriend, and his need to try raping me- all of these factors led me to my decision to move to Charlie's; but the girls here at Hell high made my life seem even worse.

My only friends Alice Brandon an Angela Webber tried to help me, at first, but Tanya and her cronies scared them off with threats of social obliteration and mild violence. Here goes nothing…

I showered and groomed myself for ten minutes, grabbed a pair of worn, faded jeans and a dark hoodie, a pack of cinnamon Pop-Tarts my keys and my bag, rushed out the door and hopped up into my trusty Beast, my '57 Chevy truck. I started up the engine and it made a loud BOOM! It roared to life as I backed it out of the driveway and was nearly clipped by a silver streak. I blared my horn and got a special finger stuck out a window in return. Fucking Asshole!

I pulled into the student lot and in my usual spot was a red BMW convertible, and it was parked next to the hugest Jeep. I had ever seen. I had to settle by parking next to some shiny Volvo. Must be some new kids…I hope they don't find out the hard way what 'Fresh Meat' means around here.

I made my way inside the school trying desperately to fade into the background when I in my lack of coordination smacked right into a wall, or actually the rock-hard body of a boy. He was absolutely gorgeously, ridiculously handsome. His oddly bronze colored hair flew in every direction like he'd just had a "quickie" in a closet somewhere, but it worked for him. I felt the blush radiating from my face as I stared up at him from my position flat on my butt on the ground. His sweater was form-fitting and hinted at the lean muscled body beneath. The pectorals, the abs, the biceps and forearms- he was fucking sex in person! He had a lightly tanned clear complexion, and the greenest eyes that seemed to twinkle in amusement- oh, me!

He reached one of his hands down and crouched to my side. He must have been about six-four, maybe. He smiled a crooked half-smile and I felt my heart start beating out of my chest. "Hi, I'm Edward Cullen," he said in the sexiest baritone I had ever heard, smooth like honey or velvet, "I'm new here, and I seem to rather embarrassingly found myself lost. Could you help me find my way, miss…"

I stammered a reply, "Um, Bella, Bella Swan." Shit! Now he thinks I'm some James Bond dork! "I'd be delighted to be your tour guide/escort today. Let me see your schedule. But first, could you please help me up. This conversation is getting a bit awkward from our current position."

He blushed slightly and quickly helped to me to my feet by grasping my outstretched hand. As our skin met, a jolt of electricity shot between us and I involuntarily gasped.

He shrugged and did not let go of my hand as we began to head down the hall. He handed me his slip and I damn near fainted. Holy Crow! He was in all of my classes! He was a senior, but I was in all AP classes back in Phoenix, so I was taking senior level courses here.

"Well, it looks like we're going to be inseparable, because we have the same classes, except Gym of course." Gym was the bane of my existence. It would be just my luck that he would get to see me in all my glory. Being a klutz, I was a veritable disaster in the gym. I could single-handedly wipe out an entire volleyball team. Yeah, I prayed to all that was holy that Edward Cullen would never see me in gym.

As we made our way to the lockers I was stunned by the fact that his was right next to mine. I helped him with his combination and then we headed to our first class, Trig. Mr. Varner was the meanest and most horrible man! I hated his class, though I could pass it in my sleep. Edward had yet to release my hand as we entered the room. Edward made his way to the teacher's desk and handed Varner his slip.

"Ah, Mr. Cullen, I see we are already off to a bad start. PDA is extremely frowned upon at this school, especially in my classroom. Since you obviously were not aware of the fact, however I'll let this one time slide. Now disconnect you two and take your seats."

Edward noticed our hands still entwined and blushed again, removing his hand from mine and I immediately missed the contact. I made my way to my usual seat when I stumbled over Lauren Mallory's bag, which I could have sworn was not there when I first started walking to my seat. I flew spread-eagle and awaited impact, but was halted in my descent by two strong arms. Edward righted me and escorted me to my seat. He then sat in the empty seat next to mine, shooting me his "panty-melting" crooked smile and whispered, "Watch out for the ground, Bella, it's everywhere. I'm beginning to think you need someone to protect you from yourself, and it seems like a full-time job."

I blushed, but somehow found my inner-vixen and responded flirtingly back, "Well, the job's yours if you want it, handsome. I should warn you that the pay is kind of shitty, though."

Edward rolled his eyes and responded, "Not from my point-of-view, it isn't. I get to spend time with a smart, sassy and enigmatic woman. What's the downside to this, because I fail to see it…"

I was beet red at this point. "Alright, Cullen, don't say I didn't warn you."

We flirted back and forth until Varner gave he assignment, and then the banter stopped. Edward and I worked diligently to complete the assignment and we each caught the other staring out of the corner of our eye at one time or another throughout the rest of the period.

The bell rang and we were both finished. We gathered our things and Edward grabbed both his and my bag. "Edward! What are you doing?

"Obviously, carrying your books as a true gentleman should for a lady."

"Join the twenty-first century, Cullen. I can carry my own stuff!"

"I know, Bella, but just because you are capable of doing something doesn't mean you should have to do so."

I was shocked. He saw right past my pseudo-feminism and turned it into a romantic gesture. HE WAS GOOD!

As we made our way through the halls we quizzed each other about little things like favorite colors and musical tastes. We had a lot in common. I was so caught in my conversation with him that I ,made the mistake of missing the approach of Tanya and her bitches.

"Well, well, well! Look at Swine and the Hunk! Now you know he's too good for you, right?"

Edward stiffened and in a quiet voice dripping with thinly veiled rage, "Um, excuse me, miss. I haven't had the chance to properly introduce myself. Edward Cullen. I judge by the way you just insulted my friend Bella that you must be Tanya, the bitter shrew, who has nothing better to do with her time than to pick on others. She thinks that making them feel bad excuses the fact that when she looks in the mirror each morning she gets to see no one other than the horribly ugly retch for which we all have learned to feel sorry."

"Whatever! You would rather spend time with that loser than be somebody? I am more beautiful than she'll ever be! I look in the mirror and I see the most popular girl in this school!"

Edward sneered, "Eh, I've seen better. Come, Bella, we're going to be late to Spanish." Edward grabbed my hand and still the exotic jolt and familiar warmth encased me. He led me away from a stunned Tanya, and into Mrs. Goff's Spanish class. Again he took his slip to her and carried a fluent conversation with her for a few moments before guiding me to my seat. He took up residence in the seat next to mine again and this time we texted back and forth.

BellaBear: So r u enjoying "Hell" so far ;p

EAC18: I thought It would suck, but then something crashed into me.

BellaBear: O?

EAC18: U! I know we just met 2 day, but would you accompany me to lunch?

BellaBear: As in sit 2gether? My we are cocky and forward, sir!

EAC18: Plz? :(

BellaBear: Well… Since U insist.

EAC18: Great! Now for more 20 questions. Where r u from?

BellaBear: Here, but I used to live in Phoenix, AZ w my mom.

EAC18: Phoenix? Your parents are divorced? How old were u?

BellaBear: 6 :(

EAC18: Why'd u come back, and when?

BellaBear: Long story, and three months ago.

EAC18: Sorry, didn't mean to pry. U will tell me someday?

BellaBear: Why do u want to know?

EAC18: I think you are awesome, Bella! I just want to get 2 know u better.

BellaBear: Really? I'm nothing special, just plain old boring Bella.

EAC18: You do not see yourself properly, Bella. I find u quite fascinating.

BellaBear: U really want to be my friend?

EAC18: Obviously so. You r so much better than the rest of these morons.

BellaBear: It's ur first day, Cullen. Maybe they'll attach themselves to u and grow like some kind of fungus.


BellaBear: They're not all bad. Let me invite a few of the worthy ones to our "lunch" date. U will see.

EAC18: I am essentially a selfish creature, but OK.

The bell rang and we once again headed to our next class. It was my personal favorite- British Lit. We were studying Romeo & Juliet which happened to be my favorite play.

Mr. Black was better known as Jake to me, since his dad Billy and my dad were old fishing buddies and Jake was six years older than me. I had a small crush on him when I was six, but now he was my teacher and I was his student. Of course like the rest of the female population of the school, I would not be opposed to a little after-school "instruction." He was hot, after all!

Somehow with Edward by my side, I found Jake less of an object of lust. For once, an emotionally available, extremely hot guy was somehow interested in ME! Okay, who was I kidding. He just wanted to be my friend, but I'd take whatever I could get from him!

Next to Edward Cullen, even Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt seemed to be just ordinary guys. I was crushing hard!

After Edward and I found our seats, Jake began.

"So Romeo and Juliet, our star-crossed lovers, were essentially and stubbornly immature on their views of love, that they rather unintelligently killed themselves over it; thus marking themselves as two of the most colossal idiots in literary history. Your assignment will require pairs to examine the relationship amongst the key characters and re-write the ending in a more realistic way in a modern setting."

Students began pairing quickly, and of course, even though Edward asked me to be his partner, five other girls approached him. He politely declined informing them that we were already partners. I love hearing him say we're already "together." Sigh.

"Talk amongst your groups and begin planning your approach. This grade will count as your grade for the semester, so be creative." Jake added and took his place at his desk.

"Okay, Edward. I know this one inside and out. How about you?"

"Why yes, Bella. I am very familiar with this play, and I have a great idea. How about I follow you to your place afterschool, and we get a head start on the assignment?"

Edward wanted to come to my house, alone? No Charlie until later this evening…OH MY GOD!

I swallowed the lump in my throat and blushed, meekly agreeing, "Okay. Would you like to stay for dinner? I have to cook for Charlie, and I was going to make Cajun chicken and rice."

"You cook? Alright, I'll stay, but only if I get to make the salad."

"Sure. Let me call Charlie and let him know we'll have company."

"Yeah, and I should call my mom and let her know I'll be out."

I was practically bubbling with excitement. Edward Cullen was coming over to my house fro dinner! I know it's not technically a date, but it's a start, right?