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"Zane, you ready?" Riley backed away from Zane's side and stood in front of him, his legs out wide and his arms open. "I'm not gonna go easy on you."

Zane smiled, "Don't worry, I can handle it." Zane spread his legs out wide and latched on to Riley's shoulders. Zane had almost forgotten how big Riley was. The man could probably break Zane's wrists with a snap. Zane squeezed all of his muscle into his legs and pushed up against Riley's chest. He loved it. Zane loved how the summer sun bounced off of Riley's chest, Zane loved how Riley's legs found grounding in the grass below.

"Come on Zane," Riley giggled, "You can do better than that."

"I'm just getting started." Zane pushed against Riley's chest.

"Oh really?"

Like lightning Riley shifted to the side and Zane went flying passed him. The world turned from blue sky to green grass as Zane's body headed for the ground. The black of the parking lot and the yellow of the sun swirled into one. Zane closed his eyes awaiting the hard crash to the ground.

But it never came.

Instead he felt strong arms wrap around his waist. Instead he felt cold sweat from another's face drip down his own. He felt a warm strength around himself.

"Don't worry," Riley whispered, "I got ya."

Zane dangled in Riley's arms like a doll. Riley pulled Zane closer and wrapped his arms around Zane's body, pinning the boy's arms to his sides.

"Hey." Zane struggled against Riley's hold but it was to no avail. Riley was too strong.

"Like I said," he whispered, "I got ya." Riley's grip tightened as he leaned in. "Do you surrender?"

Zane twisted and turned but Riley merely locked his hips and they both tumbled to the grass below. The two rolled in the grass, greasy shirts and grass blades blinding them both. The grass settled beneath them, and the sweat rolled from their foreheads. Zane was pinned beneath Riley strength, his hands caught in the football player's grip.

Riley smiled, "You surrender yet?"

Zane had been captured; pinned against the grass and Riley's pure strength. He loved it. He loved the feel of Riley's body against his. He loved how the sun's light grazed the boy's cheeks and settled in his hair. He loved Riley's breath against his cheeks. He loved Riley's greasy hands in the morning after they had worked on their bikes. He loved Riley's strong and gentle grip that pinned him to the dirt, and how falling to the ground alone was never an option when they were together. No, not when Riley was there to hold onto him.

I got ya'.

"Alright, alright." The match had been won. "I give up. Let me go."

"No," he whispered. Riley shook his head and smiled, his voice almost cracked as he spoke. He leaned in and placed his lips against Zane's. "Never."

In Riley's arms Zane was both a prisoner and a free man.

"I love you."

"Yeah…" Riley whispered. "Me too."