"I still can't believe you punched him…twice!" Ariadne had a hard time watching where she was going, instead deeming her all attention on Arthur as the two exited the train and slipped into a waiting car. The hot Italian air was brutal against her skin, and although she was barely layered, she could already feel her clothes sticking to her. Besides her uncomfort though, which was a lot, she felt the need to get something, anything, out of Arthur. After she had stepped in between the red blooded men, without the help of the amused mark, the trip had went downhill. Her boyfriend silenced himself, settling for book and a zipped mouth for the remainder of the ride. Eames on the other hand was as unaffected as always. He stroked a conversation with her, or at least tried, before her dark glare cut him off and forced him to find other matters to distract himself with. Needless to say, Arthur could hold a grudge and Eames was in for the long haul unless he smoothened things out.

What really bothered Ariadne the most though, was the lack of conversation he sent her way. She needed to know if he was upset with her, which could obviously be answered as a yes, and wanted to steer clear of her presence. She was aching to know what he thought at that moment. Did he blame her for the kiss? Was he re-assessing their relationship and figuring out he was better off without her mouthy personality? Her worries controlled her the whole ride to Rome. Yet, the minute the train stopped, Arthur had grabbed her hand and led her to an awaiting car, no doubt ready to whisk them off to their hotel. His love for details and organization made him the perfect person to hand over the task of planning. If it were in her hand, the two would be hailing for a cab at that moment while attempting to figure out where to stay.

"Arthur, say something. Please." Her plea wasn't ignored but he didn't exactly give her a full out speech either.

"He deserved what he got."

"Do you really believe that?" Her tone came out more accusing than expected as Arthur raised an eyebrow at her.

"Think about it. We kept things a secret. He couldn't have possibly known. So technically speaking, he didn't know he was kissing your girlfriend."

Her point sank through, as Arthur clenched his jaw and closed his mouth. He was still upset, she highly doubted he would get over it quickly but a small part of her was tickled with amusement. She had never seen Arthur so out of control and jealous. Despite how much commotion it had caused, she liked it. He cared enough about her to worry about another man's lips upon her. And even before this, she had noticed that the simplest remarks Eames had sent her way would get him fired up. She found it cute. Extremely cute.

Leaning over the seat, she brushed a hand through his hair as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. "I'm sorry." Her whisper caused his eyes to squeeze shut momentarily before he turned to face her. His dark focus sent a chill through her as she read the emotions swimming within them. Exhaustion, regret…remorse?

"When are you going to realize I'm not mad at you?" The conversation was taking a deep turn as the car they sat within stopped momentarily at a light. "I'm mad at the situation. I'm starting to think things would have been so much simpler if we had been open with Eames and the world from the start."

Sensing the strain in his voice, Ariadne pressed another kiss to his cheek. "We did this for a reason Arthur. You remember that, don't you?" She paused. "We had to remain professional for the sake of our job. Just imagine how it would have been if we weren't worried about Eames finding us out. We would have gotten nothing done." A playful nudge was sent his way as Arthur smiled. Pleased that he wasn't in a dark mood anymore, she wrapped both arms around him and pulled him for a hug. They might have been inside a car with another person driving them through a crowded Italian city, but for Ariadne, it was just she and Arthur at that moment. No one and nothing else mattered.

Tightly wrapped up in each other, they arrived at the hotel that would be their home for the next 14 days. Rome would have to be the substitute for Milan for the time being before they could head back. "You never settle for anything less than four star, do you?" She questioned with amusement as they entered the lobby of the golden building. Extravagance and elegance mixed together beautifully in the air conditioned atmosphere as the two of them made their way to the front desk.

"Why bother when you can afford this?" He shot her a half smile before whispering something to the male behind the counter. Retrieving their keys, Arthur wrapped his arm around her shoulder, surprising her as he led her towards the elevator. "What's with the public display of affection?""There's no reason to remain hidden, is there now?" He grinned, pulling her close to his side as his lips came down on her. The elevator doors closed in front of them, giving them much needed privacy as Ariadne wrapped a arm around his waist and gave in to the passionate kiss. Her poor heart was being taken for a roller coast ride that day, but even she could agree that this was the perfect way to end things. Anything that ended with her lips upon his was well worth her energy. Smiling sheepishly once the embrace ended, she wrapped her other arm around him as he leaned over her to punch in their floor number.

This is perfect, Ariadne thought to herself as she smiled up at him. Sheer perfection. That very thought remained in her mind as they made it to their room and dropped their bags on the ground. It still reminded in her head as they wrapped their arms around one another and fell into pattern of stealing kisses as Arthur re-capped their extraction mission earlier that day. But the thought was long forgotten as physical distractions took over. Distractions that had Ariadne gasping and moaning the point man's name as he set out to mark her body with his presence. He was claiming and reclaiming her, over and over again until they both fell onto the bed, spent and sated…for now.

Different distractions took over from there on, ones like a rumbling stomach and weak bodies. Wrapping herself in a pale sheet, Ariadne left an comfortable Arthur on the bed and reached for the phone to order dinner. But just as she made it across the room, a knock on the door diverted her attention. Blinking, she turned to her boyfriend. "Were you expecting someone?" A confused shake of his head was all she got as she gave him a moment to throw on some clothes. Wrapping the sheet tighter around herself, Ariadne opened the door and stared at a man pushing a large tray. "Your dinner awaits you, misses." Stepping aside she watched as he entered the room and proceeded to set their table with a mouth watering (and pocket emptying) ensemble of food. "There has to be some sort of mistake, we haven't ordered dinner yet."

"You didn't." The worker exclaimed easily. "This is a complimentary dinner from a man who hopes to remain anonymous." Lighting a candle in the center of the table, the tall male nodded his head as if to signal he was done and pushed the empty cart out of the room. Ariadne remained in the same position she had when she had moved out of the way. Confused and slightly bewildered, she turned to Arthur only to find he was equally baffled. "Is there a card?"

Shrugging, she shuffled through the dinner until she came across a small folded note. Reading it, she smiled heartily and shook her head. "You should come read this."

My apologies for locking lips with your lady love.

I'll keep it in mind for future references that kisses with her are out of bounds.

Although, I can't be held responsible if my hands attempt to do a bit of feeling on their own.

In the meantime, enjoy dinner on me.

I'll see you love birds soon enough.

-The Forger.


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