Laughter of the Broken



"Demon/Summons speaking"

'Demon/Summons thinking'

It was a beautiful autumn day, yet the date was always a bittersweet one. The date was October 10th, the day of the Kyuubi no Kitsune attack. That day many shinobi and civilians died even the beloved fourth hokage, truly this date was on of mourning yet it was the same day that the Kyuubi was supposedly killed people celebrated by remembering those who died that day and celebrating the fox's 'death'.

Yet this is not true. The Kyuubi was a Bijuu; a creature made of living chakra, and therefore could not be killed by the same methods as mortals. No, instead the Fourth could only seal the chakra into the body of a newborn baby, but it came at the cost of the Hokage's own life. His last words asked that the boy be treated as a hero. The reinstated third hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, told the council of what happened to the fox and the fourth's dying wish hoping that they would honor it, but the fools of the council demanded that the child be killed. Dismayed at their acts, the third made it a law that no one of the younger generation was to know of the real fate of the Kyuubi and that whoever spoke about the fox bijuu would be tried for treason and executed.

The news spread through the village like wildfire and poor Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki to the Kyuubi, became the pariah of Konoha. Very few in the village saw Naruto as anything other than the demon reincarnate thus making the child's life a living hell. People would beat, insult, torture and even try to kill him on practically a daily basis.

Today was Naruto's birthday and the 6-year old boy absolutely hated it. On this day a mob, larger than all the others, would gather and hunt the 'demon brat'. Once they cornered the so-called demon they would all take turns stabbing, hitting and torturing the boy till he lost consciousness. Today seemed to be no different for the Uzumaki youth as he was once again cornered in an alley by a vicious mob.

The blonde boy curled himself into a tight ball. "Grab the boy!" screamed a voice and the next thing Naruto knew, he was being lifted into the air with a man grabbing his throat rather painfully. Suddenly the blonde was slammed into the wall while the man who held him had a sadistic grin on his face. The man drew a kunai and thrust it into the child's right hand, pinning his arm to the wall. The blonde screamed in pain as the process was repeated with his other arm. The boy was pinned to the wall, blood seeping from the holes in his hands. Next thing he knew the blonde was being stabbed, beaten and tortured by each villager. The only thing he could do was endure the pain as it came with no respite.

'Why? Why do they do this to me?' though the blonde. The pain kept building more and more till the blonde was barely able to form coherent thought.

It was amazing how the blonde held onto his sanity; at least that's what it seemed on the outside.

Slowly but surely, Naruto's mind was starting to feel the strain of the trauma he had endured in his 6 years of life. Memories that had been repressed started to leak through as memories started to replay in vivid detail in front of Naruto's eyes. Every glare, harsh word, and beating flashed through his mind. All the while he could feel the pain, except now the pain was put a thousand times worse.

Naruto ceased feeling the blows on his body and weakly raised his head to see what had happened. A silver haired man walked forward dressed in a standard chuunin outfit. He pulled out a kunai and pointed it at the beaten and bloody Uzumaki. "Time to end this demon," stated the chuunin proudly. He was met with roars of approval.

"Kill the brat!"

"Run him through Mizuki!"

"Send the demon back to hell!"

Without hesitation, the man now identified as Mizuki plunged the weapon into the boy's heart, cruelly twisting the blade. What happened next was the last thing anyone expected.

It started out small, a mere silent giggling, and then it grew slowly till it was full blown laughter. This laughter had no happiness in it, no it was the laugh of those who had lost their mind, the laugh of the broken. Mizuki stared in horror at where the laughter was coming from, for it was coming from the mouth of Naruto Uzumaki.

Suddenly Naruto ripped his hands free, ignoring the kunais and stared at the terrified Mizuki whose hand was still on the kunai driven into Naruto's chest. The blonde grabbed Mizuki's hand and crushed his hand chuckling darkly as the haired nin howled in pain.

"Did that hurt?" giggled the boy darkly. His voice had a demonic sound to it. "What's wrong? Can't handle the pain?" mocked the demonic youth. With that he pulled the kunai out of his chest and proceeded to stab Mizuki in the chest repeatedly laughing like a mad man. He finally let go of the dead ninja and proceeded to stare at the other people.

The villagers stared in horror as the blonde stared at them with those dead blue eyes a sadistic and crazed gleam in them while he just smiled at them softly laughing to himself.

"Whats wrong? You all seemed so eager to kill me earlier," the blonde giggled. "Or are you just surprised that I'm fighting back?" he mocked.

"W-we ar-arnt sc-sc-scared of y-y-you," stammered a villager.

"Really? Because it looks like you want to piss yourself," laughed the child

"Shut up demon! Why don't you just die and leave the rest of us in peace!" shouted a villager, the mob started recover from their shock but once again their morale was shattered by Naruto's horrible laugh.

"I'm the demon? I'm a six-year-old child who is forced to endure the hatred of this village day in and day out who had no knowledge of what was inside me until just recently," roared the blonde clutching his sides in apparent mirth.

The villagers were horrified as sudden realization dawned on them. Some screamed and tried to run away only to find a wall of malevolent red chakra blocking their escape route. "Now where do you think you're going? The fun has just started," said an amused voice behind them. The air was rent with screams of horror and insane laughter.

The scene the Hokage and ANBU saw horrified them. The alley was bathed in blood and body parts. The hardened shinobi were horrified at the blood and guts they all could only stare in morbid fascination at the massacre around them. The one thought on everyone's mind was who could have done this?

Wading through the blood and guts they heard light snoring and moved towards the sound. What they found was one Naruto Uzumaki sleeping in a pool of blood and cuddling the severed limb of some poor villager with a smile on his young whiskered face. The hokage stared in horror, as did his ANBU.

"N-Naruto?" asked Sarutobi, while shaking the boy he considered a grandson awake. Slowly Naruto opened his eyes and gave the hokage an eerie smile. "Hey old man," he said happily, but the boy's eyes startled the hokage.

They were still the same blue, but they lacked their usual shine. Instead he saw all the pain and anguish the boy had hidden behind his happy mask, he also noticed the strange glint. Besides all of this Naruto's eyes looked dead to the old man.

"Naruto, what happened here?" asked the old man. He was worried about what had happened to his surrogate grandson. He shuddered at the sadistic smile that slowly overcame the boy's face.

"Don't worry Jiji, I just decided to have some fun," giggled the blonde. Everyone was shocked at his words.

"Naruto? You did this?" inquired the ancient shinobi. The next words that came out of Naruto's mouth made the hokage internally recoil from him, "Of course hokage sama, after all they did break your law," after he said this he gave a creepy smile to the old man.

"What do you mean Naruto?" asked the old man, fearing the blonde's reply.

The next four words made the hokage realize that the happy Naruto Uzumaki he used to know was dead. "I met my tenant," Naruto replied simply.

A/N: Done! This is my first attempt at creating a... different Naruto. There have been stories about dark Narutos before but what about a crazed Naruto? What about a Naruto that was like the Joker? He won't be evil but he is going to be one sadistic son of a bitch. Remember to R&R and no, I'm not going to give Naruto a harem so don't bother with pairings because honestly, can you see Hinata having a crush on a kid described like Naruto is in this story? There is only one person who could actually be paired with Naruto is Anko so I'm gonna be altering ages a bit, maybe make Anko 16 and Naruto 14. Also I want to give Naruto an interesting summoning, so give me some ideas.