OK I know it has been forever since I last updated a story, and even longer since I updated Laughter of the Broken but…

I. Hate. Writing. This. Fic.

There, I said it. It started out great, got pretty damn funny, but it just… it just got fucked up along the way… I don't even remember the plot anymore! I mean, I had the great idea of creating an insane Naruto, one that was a little like the Joker, but in the end I just made an overpowered, underdeveloped, demonic nut-job! I guess all the good reviews about it being funny and awesome got to my head and I wanted that to continue, but I just ended up making… whatever the hell this was. I can't even bring myself to read through it anymore. The entire spur of the moment add-ons, the harem, the jokes, the summons and all while trying to follow cannon and for what? A hilarious couple of chapters with a single lemon, a plot that is virtually nonexistent and a whole bunch of resentment for my own creation, that's what.

I'm sorry, but I refuse to continue writing this story and while it's funny, it does not deserve the following or hits it has, not the good reviews either.

Although there are bits and pieces in this story that I love, ideas that I'm proud of as well as the jokes I made. The gun was a good idea, I don't give a damn who you are, it's an ace in the hole against a shit load of people who can destroy a village in a matter of hours. The summons were fun as was the idea I had for them. Kuro and his design was awesome as is Ko, not so much Senso and Chie. I stand by the shadow powers as well as giving Tenten some fun toys. I love my demon Naruto design, ugly or not. I love my take on Hinata, because honestly, how many times have you seen her like that? The rest… the rest I hate.

I hate how it's a damn borderline crack-fic. I hate the excessiveness of the jokes I put in. I hate how I never explained anything of what happened. I hate how I overpowered Naruto. I hate the whole, dead blue eyes filled with pain and glowing with insanity spiel, seriously what the fuck was I thinking? I hate how half of the ideas in this fic were done on a whim. I hate how there is literally no original plot. I hate that I decided to put in a harem or a pairing in the first place! I just plain HATE this story .

I will NOT continue writing this story.

I will NOT rewrite this story.

I will NOT put this story up for adoption, but you can take it anyway!

I WILL however, be keeping this story on the site, if only as a reminder and because people enjoy it.

Ja ne.