She's The One

Chapter Five

June 2010

It was his birthday party and Penelope had gone all out to make sure he had a blast. She threw him a party at his house. All their friends filled the backyard from noon till after ten pm, as they bar-be-cued, swam, played volleyball, drank, relaxed, and just enjoyed each other's company.

It wasn't until after the party though that what Derek really wanted for his birthday present could take place. He had to wait for everyone to leave. All day long he had been teasing Penelope that he couldn't wait to get her alone.

Once the last of their guests got in their car and pulled away Derek wrapped his arm around Penelope from behind, as they stood in his front yard, and whispered in her ear "Now the real fun begins."

They been together a little bit shy of three months now. Derek had never been happier in all his life. He couldn't stop thanking Penelope for being his girl or stop himself from staring at her with love in his eyes for way longer than he should during work hours. He could still focus enough to do his job but not a moment passed when he wasn't aware of how damn lucky he was that she was now his girlfriend and how grateful he was that she loved him back.

Penelope purred at him "I have a few treats in mind for the birthday boy."

"My treats first and then yours."

She pouted. "I don't get to give you the gift I want to first?"

"Nope, baby girl. This is my show tonight. I'm the birthday man and this birthday man says you're gonna do it my way."

He took her hand and led her in the house, up the stairs and down the hall to the guest bedroom. He took out a key and unlocked the door. He had to put a lock on it the week before because he didn't want her accidently wondering in there. Luckily it didn't become an issue because there was no reason to go in that room normally.

Derek's house had three bedrooms. The spent time either in his or the computer room but hardly never in the guest bedroom.

He put his hands over her eyes. "Okay, silly girl, walk forward."

"Hmmm, Hot Stuff, I guess its time to see how kinky you can get, huh? Mama is intrigued."

Their sex life was amazing. He never had better before her and he never wanted anyone else to touch him ever again after having been with her.

He told her "Keep your eyes closed please and don't move a step." He took his hands away from her eyes and walked in front of her, leaving about three feet between them. Derek turned on a small lamp. "Okay, you can look now."

Penelope opened her eyes. She took in the room- which was a pink, purple and cream nursery in a princess and prince (fairytale) motif- and gasped.

Derek got down on one knee. Penelope looked down and noticed the red quartz crystals on the floor that were laid out to form words: Marry me baby girl.

"Baby girl, you are the only woman on this planet that could make me want all this. But I do want all this. I want to be your Hot Stuff hubby. I wanna be a Dad and make you a Mom. I want you to move in here and feel like this is our home. I hate when you go home and I'm here alone. I need you here with me. I know you want kids and I know you want a family of your own. I also know you've been loving finding yourself again this year and I don't wanna get in the way of that. I don't want to lock you down or slow you down or keep you from doing anything...I just want to be the man you come home to and find sitting in this room rocking your babies. Please tell me you'll let me be that man. Please say, my sweet angel, that you will be my wife."

Tears flowed from her eyes. A huge smile curved her lips. She went to speak but just sounds came out. Her hand clutched her chest. She gasped for air. Derek jumped up and rushed over to her, placing his hands on her arms. "Penelope, are you okay?"


He sighed in relief. "Woman, please don't scare me like that." He hugged her close and stroked her hair. After a minute he said "I didn't get an answer. Are you gonna be my girl for life?"

She nodded up and down. Derek picked her up and spun her around, set her down and kissed her. His teary face and her teary face pressed against each other till their joyful tears mingled together.

Right there in the nursery they made love on the floor and then she lay on him afterwards, stroking his bare chest lovingly and asked "Where's my ring?"

"Find my pants and you can see it."

"When I catch my breath."

Derek smiled widely. "I love you, baby girl, so very, very much and I am so thankful you're gonna be my wife."

"Not as thankful as me."



"Am too."

"Am not," she teased back. "I got a chocolate God of thunder as my fiancé. I win, baby."

"I got a Goddess who made my life worth living as my fiancee. I win, hands down. You are the best and I'm the luckiest man alive."

"Okay," she cooed "you win. I'm the best."

He chuckled. "Damn straight and you will be my wife forever and ever and ever and even after that because I can't let nobody else ever think they can get with my girl."

She gave him a kiss and soon after he was showing her the ring he had bought her, sliding it on her finger and kissing her hand. "Mmmm," Derek said "that looks just right on you, baby girl."

More tears came flooding down her face.

"Aw," he said "sweetheart, come here."He gathered her in his arms and rocked her against him.

"I guess I didn't let myself completely believe we'd get here," she whispered in a choked confession of her deep down fears. Even after so many nights of love making and promises a small part of her still didn't think he would want her forever.

Derek couldn't understand that but it wasn't for him to try and understand. He wasn't underneath her skin to see how someone so sexy and confident sometimes didn't believe in happy endings for herself.

She whispered "I didn't believe. I'm sorry, Derek. I'm sorry I couldn't trust in us all the way till now."

"Its only been a few months. Let yourself off the hook. It takes time to believe and we have all the time we'll ever need, Penelope, cause we got forever together."

She sniffled and hugged him tight.

"Shhh," he said "guess what, silly girl? I always knew we'd get here from the day I heard you were single again. So, hard head, I was believing enough for all of us- you, me and the babies we're gonna make."

She smiled brightly at that and gave him a kiss. "I believe now." She looked all around the room. "Good job. I really like it. And I think our baby will like it too."

"Do you think we made a baby tonight?"

Penelope wasn't on birth control so they always used condoms but not tonight. She smiled. "Maybe. Wouldn't that be something?"

He kissed her nose. "That would be beyond something, Garcia. That would be a miracle. And that would mean we need to get married quick so you can wear a dress not out of the maternity section."

She laughed. "I wanna marry you quick anyway."

"For real?" He searched her eyes.

"For real. I know a good thing when I see it. And you, my prince, are a very good thing." They started kissing again. Derek carried her to bed and they made love for hours. Together they were a very good thing indeed and the baby they made that night was just on time for them.

Not too fast- even though they hadn't been together long. And not too slow- even though they took so long to get together. For Derek the daughter that arrived late in the next winter came into the world right on schedule: seven years to the day after her parents met.

"Excuse me, Gomez. Hey, baby girl!"

"Baby girl?"

"I'm sorry. I just didn't know the real-"

"I've been called worst. What can I do for you?"

What did she do for him? She just made his life complete in every way. That's all. All in a day's work for a Goddess like Penelope Garcia.

She was The One for him the day that they met. But it took him almost six years to tell her and another six months to marry her. Still he wouldn't have had it any other way.

They made mistakes along the way but they ended up right where they belonged and that's all that really mattered. Well, that and the fact he was right all along- the sex was smoking with her and the life they made together was happier than he could have ever found away from her.

He had not one doubt about that.