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Penelope Moonves poured more Johnny Walker into her glass and squinted gloomily at the pictures that were scattered across her coffee table. Her abundant blonde hair fell lazily out of her messy bun and spilled onto her shoulders. Today couldn't have been any worse. She was agitated when her car wouldn't start and she had to wait forever and a day for the bus. She was upset when her boss yelled at her for being late for work. She was stressed when she had to deal with rude customers and those that left lousy tips. And to top it all off she had to work a double shift. At least she had Jake to cheer her up. She decided after that long day she would go over to his apartment and surprise him.

She didn't bother knocking. She quietly opened the door and tiptoed down the hall. She imagined that he would be happy to see her and just seeing his smile would cheer her up and make her day.

She heard the beautiful sound of his guitar and immediately recognized her song. Jake, the aspiring musician had written her a song inspired by her gorgeous eyes amply entitled 'Penny's Eyes.' She remembered the first time he had played it for her. How her heart had melted and her cheeks turned red. She followed the sound of the guitar straight through the hall. As she came closer to the living room she realized that the lyrics were different. It was no longer 'Penny's Eyes' but 'Jamie's Eyes' She stood there watching as he serenaded another girl with her song.

She pulled her knees up to her chest and took a gulp of her drink. A single tear escaped her right eye as she remembered how a flabbergasted Jake had responded to her surprising him at his apartment. He didn't smile like she was hoping he would to cheer her up instead he spluttered something as she looked between him and the 6 foot brunette tramp, Jamie, he was singing to. That was the moment - the very second – that things had ended between her and Jake Owen (whom she was pretty sure she was in love with). And what bothered her was not that he had broken her heart in what seemed like the worst day ever or that she had wasted three months with that lousy musician who honestly wasn't that good a musician in the first place but the fact that she sat on her couch crying over another failed relationship, drinking alcohol and staring at the pictures of her and the cheating bastard.

She wondered if she would ever break the cycle. Her life (well the romantic part anyway) always went the same way. She'd meet a hot guy, they'd date, she'd fall in love and he'd end up being a total jerk. She always ended up with no one to love and no one to love her.

She wanted more. Next time she wasn't going for the brooding musician, or the alluring model or the chiseled actor. She was going to find someone to love her and shower her with attention the way only someone who was absolutely in love with her would. That extraordinary sort of love that people wrote about. The kind of love that Romeo and Juliet fought to preserve, the love that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had found on that ship. She wanted what they had except for the dying part. She wanted true love.

Feeling dejected and lonely she got off the couch grabbed all the pictures and threw them in the bin in her kitchen. She went for the one person she knew could make her feel better beside Johnny Walker, Haagen Dazs. She pulled the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavored ice cream out of the refrigerator and shoved the biggest spoon she could find into it. She slumped back on the couch and wondered why Haagen Dazs couldn't make a vodka flavored ice cream.

Knock Knock Knock "Penny." She heard Sheldon's voice and the incessant knocking on her door. She made her way slowly to her door as he said for the third and last time, "Penny." She opened the door and looked up at Sheldon.

"What do you want, Sheldon?"

"It's the fourth Thursday of the month," he said as a matter-of-factly.

"So," she said, already frustrated by Sheldon. She walked away and slumped back on the couch.

"It's movie night."

"So," Penny said stuffing her face with more cookie dough ice cream

"Ever since you became part of our group the fourth Thursday of every other month has been your night to choose the movie. We start each movie at 8 o' clock. It's 8:08."

She took a deep breath and stared, undiscerning, at him for a long moment. Sheldon's mouth twisted the tiniest amount. "Ever since you became part of our group the fourth Thursday…"

At that moment something clicked in Penny's brain or maybe her brain just switched off entirely.

"I haven't had time to get a movie," Penny said, her lips trembling. She buried her face in one of the cushions on her couch. "Everything's a mess." She mumbled into the cushion. "My car wouldn't start so I got to work late and then my boss yells at me in front of everyone and then to make a bad day even worse turns out my jerk of a boyfriend…make that ex boyfriend, Jake was cheating on me."

Sheldon shifted uncomfortably from one leg to the next. "There, there." He picked up the box of Kleenex she had on the coffee table and nudged her with it.

She looked up and grabbed a Kleenex and blew her nose noisily. She sat in the center of the couch looking miserable. Sheldon sat down awkwardly next to her. She could feel the tears begin to fall again as she looked at Sheldon.

"There, there," he said again awkwardly raising his hands and patting her knee. It occurred to her then that even though Sheldon was considered a robot he seemed to always be there for her. When she needed help with her Penny Blossom business Sheldon was there. When she was questioning whether to date Leonard he was there. Of course he spent that time lecturing her about Schrodinger's cat but he was still there. She wasn't sure what she looked like at that moment but she realized that his face flashed in response. Before, she could make it out he composed himself and returned to his normal (well normal for him) robotic self.

Before she could stop herself she leaned closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder. She expected him to pull away but instead she felt him stiffen his posture under her. He wrapped his arms around her uncomfortably and patted her back, "Sheldon's here." She didn't have to see his face to know he was twitching. She couldn't help but smile.

She wasn't sure if it were the liquor kicking in, or the fact that all she had eaten for dinner was ice cream or that Sheldon was being uncharacteristically nice to her. She lifted herself and moved till her face was in front of his. He looked confused but she didn't want to stop. She leaned in slowly. Her lips pressed very softly against his. His entire body was as stiff as a board. She let her hand rest on his shoulder and she moved her body close to him.

What she wasn't ready for was his response. She expected him to push her away and run into his own apartment but instead he leaned into her and awkwardly kissed her back. She was caught by surprise and for a second she pulled away just long enough for her to gasp. Before his nerves could paralyze him or she snapped out of whatever was making her want to kiss him she pulled him with irresistible force and kissed him ever so gently. She was shocked by how much she enjoyed kissing Sheldon. She moved her hands off his shoulders and to the back off his head and knotted his fingers in his hair. It felt like the earth moved. Well it felt like it moved more than the 383 miles that it normally moved. She was glad to be sitting down. Glad that she was holding on to him. Glad that he was no longer stiff but had begun to relax considerably.

She finally pulled away. Her thoughts were all jumbled. She inched slowly away from Sheldon. They both sat in silence. Penny was too nervous and confused and dazed (and oddly enough, happy) to even look at him.

"Penny…" he finally said, breaking the silence.

She didn't want to have a conversation right now.

"Sheldon, it's movie night," she said desperately trying to avoid the conversation. "I'll go freshen up and I'll be over in a bit."

He didn't answer just nodded gawkily and got up. She stood up too. God, she felt good. It was weird that she felt that good. She looked at Sheldon who looked dazed and disoriented. Suddenly he turned to her, leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips once more.