and maybe THE SHADOW WARS 1 OF 4


ART BY-GAUFFRETTE I used a place in California on the coast, don't know the exact town or city yet so I left it out. [California] (The first few panels show a purple haired woman running along the beach, it's a nice day, sun shining, or starting to go down, she waves to people as she goes by). (Scene shifts to a weary looking man(Warren) standing in a doorway of a two or three story nice looking house, holding a coffee cup full of either coffee or some kind of tea-if tea show tea bag and string-He waves to running woman and she waves back, then he turns and enters the room smiling to himself).

[Nice day, but then things are always the calmest before the storm, as this weary ronin ponders the events that led up to this moment in time]. (Here come the flashbacks of first W/B breaking up, then in one long panel he learns she's dead, then we see him mostly in shadows in a church crying and lighting candles-he's mourning, then in the next panel we see that small guy from the Crimson Dawn Limited Series that helped him out show up and make Warren a deal that he can't refuse, he'll help Warren get Betsy back in return if Warren helps him defeat the Crimson Dawn and their allies who have suddenly become a huge threat. Warren agrees and they go and bring her back via the Crimson Dawn. Next we see Warren fighting somebody really evil looking to rescue her).

[The news of her death had almost been more than he could take, sending him into a deep depression with no way out in site, until Gomurr showed up and made him an offer he couldn't refuse, Warren would get the love of his life back and the Gomurr would get Warrens help]. [The rescue had gone off almost like clockwork, with the only hang-up being the fact that Warren had to lose himself in his dark side for a time, but the gamble had paid off and the love of his life was back]. (We see Betsy and Warren hugging, and then we cut back to Warrens face now as he remembers this and a tear slowly slides down his cheek-really deep stuff here -

[The flame of love between them had been rekindled during an encounter with a new enemy that ultimately would be revealed as just a pawn, a harbinger of the true evil yet to come]. (We see a few pictures of them fighting some really cool looking new bad guy, and then before or after those pictures we see Warren and Betsy kissing). "Cerebra, open com-link to data port 7, com- file open," (Warren says as we see him slouch into a nice looking chair in front of a large computer setup with a large screen, after he puts on a wireless headset).

(We read on the screen-Comlink data port 7-Open). "Sam, are you there," (Warren says sipping the tea or taking a drink of coffee from the cup-maybe put some in joke or something cool on the cup-), "I'm here, along with Tabitha, Teresa, and Jimmy, we're done here, you need us back," (We see the four of them Cannonball, Meltdown, Warpath, Siryn sitting around a restaurant table that's out on a patio and out under the stars, all 4 are dressed up real nice-and when we shift back and forth between California and Spain- "No, just a status report this time," (Warren says smiling).

"Well we took out their nest in the sewers and we haven't seen any other signs of them since," (Sam says taking a drink of some drink that is in front of him). "Good job, take another day or so off and then get back here, we need to talk about something important, see you then", (Warren says setting his cup down as we see someone-Betsy-walking by him-then Warren says), "Cerebra, end com-link."


(Back to Spain where Tabitha says), "So what'd birdman want," (she says angrily). "He just wanted a status report that's all, and he said that we should take another day or two before heading back since we did such a good job over here," (Sam says smiling before he kisses Tabitha). "It's the least he could do, I've taken I don't know how many showers and I still can't completely get that sewer smell out," (Tabitha says angrily. We end the scene with the 4 of them as they laugh at what Tabitha said and then make a toast).


"Are you sure that's wise Warren?" "No, but it's deserved, they did do a good job in Spain," (Warren says smirking wryly). "Whatever, I'm going to take a shower, wanna join me luv," (Betsy says smirking sexily). "Not this time my love, I still have to check up on Alex and Lorna, they should be here by now," (He says typing something into Cerebra). "Whatever, your loss," (Betsy says with a sad look on her face as she disappears around the corner). (Cerebra prints up flight info on the screen as we see sounds of the shower starting floating into the room). (The computer screen reads something like flight #222 or whatever and that Alex and Lorna are on it and it'll arrive the next day from Hawaii).

"Well, that was quicker than I thought, now what", (Warren says looking tired and thoughtful). "Hey Betsy, on second thought, I could use a hot shower now that I think about it," (Warren says setting down the headset and running off after Betsy, to which we see laughter filtering into the room from the bathroom).[As the day comes to a close Warren Worthington and his lover and fellow member of the X-men Elizabeth Braddock--later Elizabeth Worthington--allow themselves a reprieve from what they'll have to do very soon, and that is to break the news to their newly formed team that the godlike despot known as Apocalypse is alive and conspiring with the New Crimson Dawn about conquering the world.]