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Bonus Challenge # 18 Summer fun

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Chapter one

It's my life

Prompt: Prom Queen – Sex on the beach

Three days that's all they would be given nothing more not even after all the shit they'd been put through in Los Angles. The cold hearted witch wouldn't budge one bit. Remaining firmly in her decision to give them, the best damn friggin team in the BAU three days.

"A well you just got to make the most of it Garcia," Penelope told herself as she punched a few more choice keys.

She knew no matter what happened or how many days they were given she had to get out of Quantico, distancing herself from the memories and spend some one on one time. Away from her babies, disconnecting from life as she knew it and hopefully coming back with a better out look.

The year had just started for crying out loud and all ready things seemed to be heading for the crapper. Having broke of with her boyfriend of almost three years because he wouldn't get and keep his head out of his ass over something that would never happen. Nearly loosing her best friend, again, watching someone died in front of her, yup total crap already.

A quick shake of her red haired head and Penelope refocused on the screen in front of her showing a medium sized beach front cottage nestled into a grove of trees. In fact there were two with a ten foot grass pathway between them. Sure at this time of year the price would be a little steep, but what the hell she might as well go all out and enjoy herself. She earned the mini vacation after all. Therefore she pushed print for the directions, phone number and cost.

"Whatch lookin at Goddess?" came Derek's deep voice from right behind her.

"Lardy hot stuff knock next time or at the very least wear a bell to let Mama know your coming," she stated resting a hand to her heart.

She felt him lean in placing a chaste kiss to her temple as a deep ache started to build inside her chest. She knew all they were or ever could be was best friends. But sometimes in the dead of night when her mind could wander and dream, she'd let those feelings over take her and create some very vivid fantasies staring the genuine man standing behind her.

"Sorry baby girl," he said his warm minty breath ghosting over her shoulder and neck.

"Sokay honey bear," Penelope returned feeling him lean in to get a better look at her screen.

"You planning on leaving us darlin'?"

"Just for a short vacation, my sexy chocolate stick. Why would you miss me?" she cocked her head to the side batting her eyes at him playfully watching as he turned his handsome face towards her making it so that they were only inches apart.

"Hell's yes I'd miss you woman and you know it," he countered a pout creasing his features.

"Oh be still my beating heart Romeo I didn't know you cared," she swooned placing her hand over her heart dramatically while turning to face him fully.

He shook his head a smile tugging at his lips, "Silly girl you should know better," and his voice dropped an octave while his dark eyes perused her face. "I couldn't live without you in my life."

He wanted to lean in and capture those soft plump ruby lips with his own so badly and yet he held back knowing or at the very least suspecting that it would do irreparable damaged to their friendship something he wouldn't chance no matter what. However, his reasons were getting fewer and fewer with each passing year. As was his patience and control were she was concerned. Both the cases in Alaska and Idaho had shown him that his precious command of his feelings were drawing thin almost at the braking point and in a way he hoped it would happen after all. Clear away the sexual tension and get down to the heart of the matter. For she held his heart within her small warm hands and always would, so why not cross that line.

"Oh but I do know better sugar bear," she said feeling her body heat up at the lust filled look he gave her. "But then don't you have scores of women waiting on you to care for them."

He scuffed, "There is only one I care deeply for. Take that back there's four but the first three are family the last," and he raked his eyes over her face and body this time, "means more to me than any of those other waiting women."

"You trying to get yourself attacked handsome," Penelope cooed raising a delicate hand to trace over the muscles of his shoulder.

"Give me your best shot beautiful I can take anything and everything you dish out and then some."

"Is that so?" she winked leaning in closer. She knew damn well she was playing with fire here that all their teasing and banter would amount to nothing more than relieving the tension and having a bit of office fun.

"Yes that's so Goddess," he whispered reaching out to card his left hand into her red locks till they came to her neck where he massaged gently hearing a breathy sigh escape Penelope's lips.

Derek kneeled in front wanting to part her thighs and slip his body between them but didn't think he'd receive the kind of reaction he wanted. So instead he settled for leaning closer on his right arm balanced on her left chair arm while his fingers continued there sensual ministration. This time she moaned and the very sound went strait to the bulge in his jeans making him twitch inside the denim confines.

"Feel's so good," she breathed enjoying the seductive feel of callused finger tips gilding over her tense flesh.

His started to have the same problem again only this time it was growing bigger as her words, scent and warmth enveloped his senses.

He inched closer placing his lips right beside her ear, "Penelope would you have dinner with me tonight?" and he pulled away but left his left hand which had stilled on her neck.

Slowly she opened her eyes seeing the sincerity in the deep dark chocolate orbs. "Of course handsome we always have dinner together."

He wanted to curse she misunderstand him but then he wouldn't and didn't correct her either. "I'll pick you up at seven."

"I'll be ready, willing and able you sexy beast," she winked feeling a great lose when he retracted his hand from her neck.

"Don't promise something you can't make good on sweetness."

"Who said I couldn't make good on all my promises my chocolate drop," she answered her own eyes perusing his body this time as he stood up to his full height.

A short bark of laughter rumbled from his lips, "Prove it," was all he said before turning to walk out of her lair tossing back at her. "Seven o'clock Garcia."

She sat there for a few minutes absorbing the conversation they'd just had then turned back to her computer reaching for those print out's and coming up empty.

"Must've not printed them," she told herself running through the same routine again and reading through every last bit of information. Then checking all the resources she had and making the call that booked her one bedroom cottage for the next three days.

Sitting back feet crossed at her ankles hands resting in her lap she glanced around her office. Yup this was her life after all but a short vacation would make it all the better. Granted time off with her chocolate God would be all the better. However Penelope would take what she could get even if it would be by herself.

"And who knows I just may find my prince charming after all," she said twirling back around to close down for the day she did have a dinner to get ready for after all.