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Chapter six

Bed of roses

"A motorcycle hot stuff," Penelope stated circling back around to stare at him. "You do know I've been on one of them before."

Derek raised an eyebrow, "Never said that was the big surprise beautiful now come on we ride first."

Penelope however didn't move. "Derek I'm not dressed for riding my skirt will go flying giving everyone a free show including you which for you I wouldn't mind."

"Did you bring anything besides skirts?" She nodded and he motioned back towards the cottage. "And be quick about it woman," he yelled after her when she ran off.

Not ten minutes later Penelope came running back out red hair plaited down her back, having changing into a pair of multi colored capri shorts, but kept her red tank top.

Derek could only shake his head and chuckle to himself when she stopped in front of him a big smile on her ruby lips. "Your one in a million Penelope Garcia," he stated wrapping his long arms around her waist and bring her in for a long searing kiss.

Pulling back breathlessly Penelope looked up at him, "I'm ready now stud lets motor outta here."

Derek nodded handing her a bright pink helmet to don while he took the dark blue. Jumping on first then feeling her hands grasp his shoulders as she slide behind him, her body fitting perfectly up against his, her arms coming around his waist.

"Hold on tight mama," he tossed over his shoulder turning the key to start the engine.

Seconds later the wind was in their faces as Derek navigated his way down the beach side road the smell of salt in the air, bright cloudless blue sky above them a picture perfect day.

Burrowing in close Penelope rested her chin on his shoulder watching the scenery fly by enjoying the sensations of being pressed so close to the one man she couldn't ever forget or get enough of. Knowing that he felt the same way made the journey all the more sweeter.

Coming to a stop light Penelope leaned in close to ask, "Are we there yet?" impishly taunted him to say something.

Instead of him saying anything he just rested a hand on her tight squeezing pleasurable before running the inside length feeling her shiver behind him. A smug smirk that she couldn't see lit his features, but the light turned green and he had to move stalling anymore of his fun.

Twenty minutes into their ride Derek started to slow down and pulled off the road into a parking lot and cut the engine turning just a bit to look back at Penelope who was taking her helmet off.

"I probably look a mess," she whined playfully trying to smooth out a few miss placed strands.

"Never a mess Goddess always beautiful," he returned watching as she stepped off the bike lust licking at his gut as he watched her shapely legs and ass. A sight he knew he could watch every day for the rest of his life and never get tired of seeing it.

"See something you like honey bun?" she asked catching the look in his eye.

"More like something I love sweetness."

"Be still my heart," Penelope swooned putting a hand to her chest. "You say the most beautiful words seems like your trying to woo me you big hunk of tasty man candy."

However, when Derek stood to get off the bike her mouth went dry at the sheer power and strength that filled her vision. Even without trying the man looked good and she had to lick her lips at the thought of him naked and spread out on her bed ready for her to devour him.

Derek chuckled swinging one leg over the bike then turning to see Penelope staring at him. "See something you like baby girl?" he asked reiterating her words.

"Oh I definitely see something, something I wouldn't mind taking a nice long lick to," she answered darken honey eyes looking up at him. "In fact I wouldn't object to turning this boat around and going back to our little oasis so I can have my taste."

Damn her words and saucy look, sorely tempting him to do as she asked cause he'd like nothing more than to crush her willing body to his and stat the growing hungry he had for her that would never go away as long as they both lived.

Shaking the lusty fog from his mind, Derek took her hand and pulled her along towards the little sea green beach house trying to remember that he had plans after all.

Not being able to help herself Penelope reached out and grabbed a hand full of the tight hard as steel ass in front of her and almost fell over backwards when he came to a sudden stop.

"Did you just…" he began to ask after turning to face her.

"That I did and damn I thought it couldn't be that hard, but I was wrong it is and mama likes," she answered licking her lips seductively.

"You tryin' to make me forget about all the plans I have for us woman?" he growled yanking her into his body feeling the soft curves and equally soft breasts press against his chest.

"But the real question is, am I seceding," she impishly tossed back running her free hand down the length of his chest.

Once again he shook his head trying to clear the haze her words brought over his mind. But he found it was getting harder and harder to say no.

"Don't you want to know what I have in store for us?"

"Of course I don't do," she replied grinning up at him.

"Crazy woman," he grinned unwrapping himself from around her and starting back towards their destination.

"You know love bunny that I do it just to see what reaction I'll get from you."

"Of course you do baby girl that's why I love you and wouldn't change a thing."

At his words Penelope stopped making Derek halt as well and turn to see what the problem was.

"You really…" she couldn't get the words out. Yes she'd believed him when he'd said it earlier but right in that second everything hit her that in reality he really did choose her over every other woman he could've had. The thought made her heart swell with emotion and love for him.

Sensing the trouble, Derek cupped the left side of her face stroking her cheek. "I love you," he simply stated seeing the goofy grin slide across her lips.

"And I love you, ya big lug now let's go," she returned this time pulling him along for the ride.

He laughed a full rich sound that rang out in the warm breezy air around them as he followed enjoying the view from behind.

Halting at the entrance looking up at the sign which read "Slippery when wet" Penelope started to giggle. "Nice a Bon Jovi reference I like it all ready."

"Just wait sweetness till you get inside," Derek tossed back turning the knob and opening the door for his lady.

She preceded him in taking in everything around her trying to figure out just what the surprise was.

"Derek Morgan?" a deep timbered voice called from somewhere in front of them.

"In the flesh," he answered stepping forwards to grasp the hand of a fifty something man with salt and pepper brown hair, laughing green eyes and a bright friendly smile. "Mr. Gibson?"

"Richard please and I take it your both ready for the ride then huh?"

"What ride sugar daddy?" Penelope asked slightly worried but knew he would never get her hurt.

"Parasailing," was all Derek offered with a deep grin as Richard started walking them towards the back of his shop explaining the dangers while they walked.


"Wow like oh my God handsome that was," she had no words to describe what feelings were flowing through her veins as they made the trek back to the bike.

"So you liked then huh?" he questioned wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her flush against him.

"Liked it," she chided softly reaching up to encircle his neck with her arms. "I loved it the wind in my air and smell of the salty ocean below seeing you topless muscles rippling under the hot summer sun. Wanting nothing more than to lick every inch of your sexy edible body."

"Penelope," he groaned feeling his cock twitch inside his jeans. "You don't play fair do you woman?"

"Has nothing to do with playing fair lover boy and everything to do with getting you to take me back to our cottage."

He shook his head wanting that himself but knowing the last of his plan wouldn't be in place if they left now. "Not going to happen sexy mama now come on we got one more place to stop before heading back."

Before he could throw a leg over the bike Penelope said, "Derek?"

He looked down at her noticing a dark cloud hanging over her features. "What is it princess?"

She twisted her fingers resting against her stomach unsure of how to ask. So being blunt took the course, "Don't you want to have sex with me?"

Thrown for a loop at her question Derek had to take a quick sideways seat on the motorcycle beneath him. "Were in sam hell would you get an idea like that from woman?"

Toeing the sand underneath her orange flip flop searching for the words to tell him, not wanting to sound as if she didn't believe his words or actions but unsure as to why he wanted to wait so long.

"Talk to me Penelope what's going on in that big gorgeous brain of yours."

"I just feel like you don't want me that way. I don't know I'm probably just over reacting really but most men skip strait to that," she answered down casting her eyes in shame.

Grasping both of her hips Derek pulled her to stand between his parted legs and raised her chin so he could look into her eyes when he spoke. "I'm not them sweetness never will be."

"I know…," she went to say more but Derek shushed her with a finger over her lips.

"Believe me baby girl right now all I want to do is toss your sexy ass over this bike and speed back to our cottage so damn fast hell I wouldn't even wait till we got inside before devouring you whole. But more than that I want to show you how much I want to be with you and not just in the bedroom either. I want everything between us and for years to come."

Smiling down at him as a single tear slipped from her eye Penelope concurred, "I want that to Derek and so much more."

"Good," he answered brushing the single tear away with the pad of his forefinger before cupping her face and brought her lips down to his level. "Here's a preview of things to come," Derek whispered against her lips before claiming them.

He nibbled first her bottom lip running the tip of his tongue across the seam eliciting a deep groan from her throat. His hands resting on her ass trekked up wards trying to bring her into closer contact with his body wanting her to feel what she did to him. While her own hands fisted in his shirt then let loose and smoothed up to wrap around his neck pressing her lush breasts into his chest getting a returning growl from him.

Finally not being able to stand the slow pace Derek plunged his tongue passed her lips into the deep recesses of her mouth mimicking what he would do to her once they were alone and no clothes separated them trying to leave no doubt that he wanted her.

Sliding his hands back down to cup her shapely ass forcing her closer letting her feel the growing bulge in his jeans all of which she caused. Disregarding the fact that they were in the open and that he was sitting on their barrowed motorcycle having left his at home, but he didn't care his hands itched to feel warm skin beneath his palms and he was getting what he wanted. As one hand slipped under the stretchy cotton fabric to come into contact with warm flesh making him groan against her lips.

"Damn," he managed to exclaim then dove back under sucking, biting and licking every inch of her mouth he could.

But then Penelope was no slouch either she gave back just as good. Running blunt sky blue nails over the exposed skin of his neck feeling his cock twitch against her stomach. She bit down softly on his bottom lip in response to him licking her tiny pink tongue over the bite. Hands flatting out down his back slowly running the strong muscled length wanting to feel skin under her palms instead of fabric, but knowing it wasn't the place for that kind of display despite the fact that Derek now had his own resting underneath the fabric of her jean capris on her ass squeezing and massaging.

Then vixen in her wanted a feel to. Therefore she brought her right hand up and over his shoulder then down his well-defined chest stopping at the junction of his waist. Slowly she ghosted her hand over the prominent bugle, before cupping and squeezing the hard length feeling the vibration as he grew in her hands.

Tearing his lips away, a deep groan falling from his lips as he tried with every last piece of his control to move her away or else they would give the people around them a free show.

"Goddess," he tried feeling her fingers massage his jean covered cock.

"Something you need my rock candy piece?" Penelope asked fingers sliding away and brushing his thigh with her hip.

"You beautiful lady," he started removing his own hands from inside her jeans and placing them outside. "We got to go."

"Where to next?"

"Dinner," was all he provided her with while moving her back just a bit so he could stand and get on the bike right feeling her slip in behind him once more. "Ready?"

"To go where ever you take me sexy," she purred wrapping her arms around his waist and flatting her palms against his abs.

Derek chuckled replacing his own helmet before taking off.


A short drive back to town they stopped off to have dinner enjoying each other's company. Long lingering looks, short caresses and sharing each other's food punctuated their time together and before long the sun had set, a gentle cool breeze blew in as they made it back towards the bike for the journey back to their cottage.

Penelope pulled him to a stop just outside, "Thank you!"

He gave her a quizzical look, "For what?"

"Being you, tracking me down and sharing this time together. I don't think it would've been anywhere as fun and relaxing without you," she answered first looking down at their joined hands then back up into his dark eyes.

"Wouldn't have missed it for the world baby girl," he exclaimed wrapping her up in his arms giving her a long tight hug.

"We go now?"

He laughed, "Yes."

"Good," she returned rubbing her arms once he left her go.

He took the long way back slowly winding he way down the coast line. Enjoying having the time together without the world then worked and lived in invading to destroy the peace they'd found in their little hide away. But like all good things the drive came to an end right back at their cottage.

Being the gentlemen his mother taught him to be, Derek helped Penelope off first before dismounting letting her take lead towards the front door.

Digging the keys out Penelope unlocked and opened the door, flipped on the lights and gasped seeing a trail of red rose petals trailing outwards from the door.

She turned, "How did you…"

Derek shrugged, "A little help from a friend," he answered his heart melting grin spreading over his lips.

"But…" she began then cut off.

"No questions baby girl," Derek said embracing her face gently. "Now there's a present in our bedroom waiting for you. Go put it on and I'll be waiting for you."

She nodded and without further questions took off as instructed. While Derek made quick work of his boots, socks and shirt then headed towards the stereo to find the perfect station of R&B tunes to play.

Five minutes later, his back to the door, Penelope cleared her throat, "I don't know if it looks right handsome."

"I'll be the…" the words stopped flowing when he turned around to see her standing there, emerald green floor length thin strapped satin night grown incased her body, fitted at the top so that her breasts over flowed just barely the top creamy white skin illuminated by the full moon and the many candles he'd set up. He noticed she'd untied her hair letting the red locks cascade down her back her face devoid of makeup and never had she looked more seductive than in that minute.

"Derek say something," she pleaded feeling just a touch funny. "It looks all wrong right?"

He shook his head clearing the cobwebs and taking several steps forward. "It looked beautiful Penelope, you look hummm," Derek closed his eyes savoring and burning the imagine into his mind. "I almost hate to take it off you."

She grinned up at him, "But you will."

"Oh honey," he growled voice dropping an octave arm shooting out to snake around her waist and pull her flush against him. "Of that I can promise you and before long you will be begging me to never stop."