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Chapter four

Show me the way to your heart

"Trusted me," he answered honestly hands once again reaching out to grasp the side of her face.

But she turned away from him, her back was all he got and it confused him. Was she telling him that she didn't want him that despite all their time together she still didn't find it in her heart to forgive a foolish man. The sound of squeaking brakes distorted the silence around them harkening the presence of a vehicle outside.

It felt like lead dropped into his stomach the sound reverberated around the kitchen and he knew in the second that he'd truly lost the most precious people in his life.

I got an empty feelin' when that moving van pulled up
It got a whole lot emptier as I watched them fill that truck
And when they carried out your clothes It took my breath away
Now they're headed for that bed
The thought keeps runnin' though my head

Aaron stood back studying Haley's stiffened back and realization hit home as if he'd been hit in the head with a baseball bat. "You really are leaving aren't you?"

"One reason Aaron just give me one," she answered but didn't turn around to face him.

"So I love you isn't enough then?" he asked anger starting to boil in his veins.

A deep shutter raced through her body she didn't want to answer a question she didn't have the response to.


"I don't know Aaron," she finally confessed softly grieved by her own admission.

Sagging back into the countertop he tried to find the right words to tell her, to explain how this would tear him apart if she left. Yet no answers seem to form in his mind total and utter blankness filled his thoughts at the moment. In that second his whole world came crashing down around his ears.

"You want me to change?" Aaron asked finally a touch of vulnerability in his voice.

"No, yes, I don't know any more Aaron," Haley confessed whirling around to face her husband knowing the movers where there.

"If you don't know then I can't help you," he stated carding a stiff hand through his hair once again. "If this is what you want then I'll give it to you. I'll pack my things and find a hotel till something more permanent comes along. You and Jack stay in the house."

Without farther disagreement Aaron turned from his wife leaving the room with a heavy heart. Not knowing how to fix what was right in front of him grated on his very nerves ones that many figured were made of steel, but in fact were not.

Baby, maybe, we should just sleep on it tonight
And give our hearts just one more chance to change our minds
I could be wrong but goodbye just don't feel right
So baby, maybe, we should just sleep on it tonight

He thought for a fraction of a second that he saw a shadow of doubt that they could make it work in spite of the walls that seem to have cemented themselves between them. He thought their lives together meant more to her but instead he found the way barred and locked. She didn't want to give an inch either way, didn't want to confirm nor deny the simple bleak fact that she wanted him out of her life. Just as he started up the stairs Haley's voice made him pause.

"Aaron wait," she called out sprinting towards him anguish masking her face.

"For what?" he bit out tramping down his anger.

Haley came up short eyes raised searching the face of the one man whom never lied to her, never intentionally hurt her, never raised his voice or hit her. Rather he made her laugh, brought her flowers on their anniversary and her birthday. Had helped find the perfect assisted living room facility close to their home for her mother, even got along with her, not to mention the attention he bestowed upon Jack when he was home trying with everything in him to make up for being gone.

If she really thought about it, no she didn't want him to leave, didn't want either of them to move out. Yet, what about the times he was gone for work, the phones calls that dragged him away from his family? Could she push all the lonely nights aside, all the worry and heart ache to stay with him forever just like their vows stated? Would her own heart be able to take the pressure of not knowing till it's too late?

The loud heavy knock broke them out of the silent eye contact.

"Just give me…" she began holding up a hand to stop him from leaving.

Swiftly she turned her back and went to answer the door as Aaron fed up with the miscommunication and mixed signals started back up the stairs.

I'll pay them boys to stop right now
And leave that truck out on the curb
The TV and the phone's packed up
So we won't be disturbed
There's not a light left in this room Just a shadow of a doubt
So let's make sure we don't give up
Before we've thought this through enough

Opening the door to, two burly men both dressed in a brown long sleeved button up shirt with the company's logo emblazed on the left side, black jeans and work boots.

"Ma'am," the lead mover said with a tip of his bald head, mocha skin glistening in the morning sun light.

Haley tried to smile but found no joy in her heart and it only came out half cheerful. "I'm sorry gentlemen," she began twisting her hands in front of her. "I've made a terrible mistake and won't need your services this morning."

He smiled kindly while pulling out a business card, "If you change your mind ma'am give us a call."

"Of course," Haley answered going to close the door.

Leaning against the hard wood she contemplated her next move as her eyes searched for Aaron and found him gone. Her heart beat faster inside her chest an ache settled that became increasingly painful with every breath she took.

'He couldn't be gone already could he?' she asked herself taking the first step away from the entryway towards the stairs.

So many memories, their first night in this house, the night they made Jack, that day they brought him home, the parties and celebrations with family and friends. Could she really give that all up? Cause no matter if they were still together or separated she'd still worry, still wonder if he came out in one piece and if he wound be coming home to Jack.

Shaking her head, she couldn't do it, couldn't throw away the best ten years of her life for nothing but what ifs and maybes. They were just too good.

With that thought coursing through her mind Haley rushed up stairs to stop her stubborn husband from completing her foolish mistake.

Baby, maybe, we should just sleep on it tonight
And give our hearts just one more chance to change our minds
I could be wrong but goodbye just don't feel right
So baby, maybe Baby, maybe Baby, maybe
We should just sleep on it

Slowing down she stopped at the threshold of their bedroom watching silently as Aaron packed clothes into his suitcase a grim look on his handsome face.

"I sent the movers away," Haley stated quietly.

Aaron nodded but didn't stop his progress.

"You're not going to say anything."

He looked up, "What's more to say that hadn't already been said."

"I'm sorry," she confessed ardently tears chocking her voice.

That got Aaron to look up hands passed in midair. "For what?"

"For thinking that it would be a good idea to leave, to abandon what we have for nothing," she answered stepping forward. "But I'm scared Aaron, terrified that you're going to wake up one day and leave. That you'll finally see that I'm not the woman you need in your life."

"Stop Haley," he commanded dropping the hand full of clothes in his hand and determinedly strode towards his wife.

"I can't," she stated tearfully tears slipping down her cheeks. "All I see when I close my eyes is our last fight you leaving with bag in hand, but this time you don't come back. You leave for good."

He raised a hand to cup the side of her face tentatively thumb brushing away a few spilled tears. "That is one thing that won't happen Lily bells I will never leave you till my dyeing day."

"You sure?" she asked brown eyes alight with freight and pain.

"Positive," he confirmed hauling her willing body against his in a tight fierce hug.

"Promise?" she mumbled against his chest.

He nodded the word stuck in his throat. He'd always knew her father's departure had affected her more than she's ever said and now he knew the extent of the damage one man had wrought on a young girls psych.

"With all my heart I promise," he breathed placing his lips against her forehead. "In fact you have my permission to sic Garcia on my if I ever do."

A bubble of laughter rose in her throat and rumbled out as a hiccup which turned into giggles.

"Something funny Mrs. Hotchner?" he asked an eyebrow raised in amusement.

Haley shook her head, "No Mr. Hotchner there's nothing funny." Her face grew serious again, "I love you Aaron."

"I love you to Haley," he responded just as serious, but then a mischievous light entered his eyes. "You know with Jack not here we could put this bed to come good use."

"Oh I love the way you think" she grinned as he released her and went to unpack. But she beat him to it pushing the suitcase to the floor, then pushing him back into the bed. "Later, we have all the time in the world for that. Right now I want my husband."

"And you have him forever."

The End…