WARNING: This should not be treated as a chapter in itself. Please read the entire story first before referring to this section.

This segment serves as a guide to all the mechs, equipment, weapons, items and terminology used in my fanfic. Since it is pretty extensive, I'm listing most of the stuff here to allow the readers to understand the usage of the new devices instead of a lengthy explanation in the story itself, unless the plot demands it. I will list them as the story progresses.

This list is ordered alphabetically:


(Mech stat guide:

HP: 25% [small]-100%[normal]-300%[high]-1000%[battleship level]

EN: 10% [low battery operated] - 25% [low] - 75% [normal] - 125% [high, improved engine capacity etc.]- 200% [near infinite]

Mobility: 10% [tank] - 25% [high powered automobile] - 50% [normal] - 75% [fast] -100% [very fast] - 150% [flash-like speed]

Armour: 25% [very light] - 75% [normal] - 125% [heavy] - 250% [fortified]

Customisation: 0% [unable to customise] - 25% [slight customisation] - 50% [customisable] - 100% [can alter everything from frame to engine parts]

Size: XS [jet] – S [tank] – M [normal mechs] – L [large mechs] – XL [very large mech] – SB [Small-sized Battleship] – MB [medium-sized battleship] – LB [Large-sized battleship]

Fixed weapons: Weapons that are fixed onto the mech and cannot be removed save for dismantling the mech.

Terrain rating: Ground/Air/ Water/ Space; D [almost non-functional] - C[sucks] - B [decent] - A [good] - S [excellent]

Combat rating: C[sucks] - B [decent] - A [good] - S [excellent]

Details: Information about the mech

HP relates to how much damage the mech can take

EN is how much juice the mech has [is not related to ammo]

Mobility is how fast and agile the mech is

Armour relates to how much damage it can absorb

Customisation, comparative to game mechanics, is akin to how much weapons you can equip and how much parts you can equip on it

Terrain rating relates on how good the mech can handle itself on the specified terrain )


HP: 200%

EN: 75%

Mobility: 50%

Armour: 125%

Customisation: 75%

Fixed weapons: -

Terrain rating: A/-/D/-

Combat rating B+

Details: The Destroyer is an older generation artillery mech, used to fire missiles and bombard enemy lines from a distance. It's bipedal, hosting arms which store rocket packs for weapons and guns, which makes it look bulky. Using older and easily utilised technology meant that the Destroyer can be easily maintained, but it is fairly weak compared to it's newer counterparts. However, the Destroyer is somewhat sturdy enough, with it's frame strong enough to carry more payloads than most, but not all, of its newer counterparts.



EN: 100%

Mobility: 100%

Armour: 50%

Customisation: 100%

Fixed weapons: -

Terrain Rating: A/A/A/A

Combat rating: A

Details: One of the mechs to be specifically built to utilize the ability of hybrids. It has two main engine enhancers, the E-frame and the Psy-frame, both built to run at the same time. This mech allows for hybrids to bring out their full potential in combat, but only in theory. Most of the framework is based off the original Soldats, but it's speed and capabilities far exceed its original with the inclusion of more expensive and high grade parts in its frame and engine.


HP: 25%

EN: 50%

Mobility: 75%

Armour: 10%

Customisation: 100%

Fixed weaponry: -

Terrain rating: -/ A/ -/ B

Combat rating: C

Details: Standard issue jet for the Imperial army. Due to being a mass-produced model, its performance isn't particularly spectacular, but it gets the job done.


HP: 75%

EN: 75%

Mobility: 100%

Armour: 10%

Customisation: 50%

Fixed weapons:

Reaper Multi-purpose Rifle: - Beam rifle 40 A/A/C/A

Shotgun 30 A/S/B/A

Auto-machinegun 50 A/A/A/A

Railgun 20 A/S/A/S

Terrain Rating: Ground A/Air A/Water C/Space A

Combat rating: B-


With the intention of making a self-sustaining mech without the need to attain full combat potential with a plethora of weapons, the Ghost was made to only carry one multipurpose weapon and still be able to function optimally as required in combat. The breakthrough weapon, the Reaper Multi-purpose Rifle, adds different types of weapons and ammo into one weapon to suit the need and purpose of its use. Improved armour parts and engine upgrades allow for better performance. The downside is this mech has almost little to no defensive capabilities, and can be easily shot down after a couple of hits, due to the initial focus on using the mech's mobility to its fullest capabilities


HP: 100%

EN: 50%

Mobility: 25%

Armour: 25%

Customisation: 100%

Fixed weaponry:

Scatter missile pack: 20 - B/B/C/B

Metal blade: - B/B/B/B

Terrain rating: Ground B/ Sky B/ Water D/ Space C

Combat rating: C


One of the mass produced models of the Imperial army. It has a basic humanoid shape, standing about 50 feet tall and weighing 20 tonnes. Its slight lack of durability, weaponry and mobility was due to it being massed produced to supply for the masses needed by the army, so less than perfect material and technology has been used for this mech. However, due to the simplicity of the mech, with simple basic materials and basic engineering, this mech can be easily assembled anytime, even on field, and since it is only a basic model, it can be highly customized to suit the needs of the current battlefield.


(Weapon stat guide:

[Weapon name]: [amount of ammo if applicable/level of EN consumption][terrain rating]

EN consumption: 1%[miniscule] – 5% [slight]- 10%[heavy EN drain] – 25% [EN guzzler]

Terrain rating: D [almost non-functional] - C[sucks] - B [decent] - A [good] - S [excellent])

A34 Shotgun: 20 – B/B/C/D

Notes: Standard issue shotgun

Beam rifle: 20 – A/A/D/A

Notes: Standard issue beam rifle.

Mech Issue Grenade Launcher: 10 – A/A/C/B

Notes: A multipurpose grenade launcher which can allow for different types of ordnance to be used. Can be easily retrofitted to fire other types of explosives besides grenades.

Gattling gun: 1 minute of constant fire – A/A/B/C

Notes: A mounted gatling gun that spews bullets, mainly used to fire against smaller sized vehicles, and mostly not suitable against mechs with heavy armour or shielded mechs.

M21 Machine-gun: 150 bullets – B/B/D/C

Notes: Standard issue machine gun

Metal blade: - B/B/B/B

Notes: A sharp blade with razor edges kept in arm slots

Metal flail: - B/B/B/B

Notes: A primitive weapon, where a fortified metal ball is attached to the end of a chain, used to crush mechs by swinging it against them. Can be modified to have spikes for extra damage, or have rockets attached to the ball for extra force in propulsion before impact.

Reaper Multi-purpose Rifle: - Beam rifle 40 A/A/C/A

Shotgun 30 A/S/B/A

Auto-machinegun 50 A/A/A/A

Railgun 20 A/S/A/S

A multipurpose rifle with four different armaments attached for different uses.

Scatter missile pack: 20 - B/B/C/B

Notes: A set of missiles that randomly whiz around at target area.


Tesla Drive: A separate engine part that can be installed on most mechs that allow for flight. Even some flight capable mechs can equip this engine part to allow for better control during flight. Most of the more advance mechs that are capable of flight come equipped with a Tesla drive in their engine. Heavier mechs may require 2 or more Tesla drives, depending on the weight.


Beam refractors: A small cylindrical module. When broken apart, it sets up a small shield which looks like a cloud of gold dust around an area, usually enough to cover a mech or two, and repels beam attacks, baring high powered ones. Lasts for only about 10-15 seconds at best.

E-converter engine module: An engine generator that allows a mech unit's pilot to use its elemental abilities, and multiply it's power several times over. Prone to overheating.

TK enhancer engine module: An engine generator that allows a mech unit's pilot to improve their psychic abilities, and to power psychic based parts or weapons, like the TK field.


M234 Type Ground transport unit: A massive ground transport unit, almost like a minaturised building. It's an old antique, as almost nobody uses it anymore, but in times when it was in service, it would be used to transport a good number of troops or mechs to areas. It is roughly 50 meters in width and 150 meters in length, and it runs on petrol.


TK field: Telekinesis field that blocks all attacks. Shield activation is based on active strikes (being hit by a missile will activate the shield once, while being sprayed by bullets will activate the shield multiple times). Minimal EN reduction unless it is activated repeatedly. Only usable by Psychics. Some level of concentration is needed to maintain it.


Elementals: Humans who can manipulate elements, such as fire, electricity and water etc

Psychics: Humans with enhanced mental abilities, which included 6th sense, precognitive abilities, and mind/emotion reading capabilities. The strength of the psychic's ability is mostly fixed, unless it is forcibly enhanced using machines or drugs.