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Azula watched as the bolt of lightning coursed through her arm and flew out of the tip of her fingers. It flew through the air with an audible buzz. If it hit… no, when that bolt of lightning hits its target it would mean the fall of Ba Sing Se. And that would mean one step closer to her goals.

Poor Aang didn't even know what hit him as he fell back to the ground, unconscious. The bolt clearly tore through his shoulder burning both his front and back.

"Aang, NO!" Screamed Katara as she raced to catch her friends falling body. Good thing Sokka was right beneath Aang, lest he plummet to his death. As soon as Aang was safely in his arms he screamed to his sister.

"We have to get out of here! NOW!" And with that they both ran but not before Katara shot a death glare at Azula.

"Should we go after them?" Asked Ty-Lee, arriving with Mai and a battalion of Fire Nation soldiers. Azula just smiled at where the trio disappeared to before saying:

"Don't worry; they won't get far, besides with the Avatar wounded… They won't stand a chance against any of us now." Azula was feeling joyous at the moment. This was practically the best day of her life. Well aside from seeing her brother burn at the hands of her father but it was close enough. Azula was about to turn and leave when a soldier called everyone's attention.

"Your Highness, I think I found something!"

'What is that?' Thought the princess as she was currently staring at a metal door of some sort. Her last attack apparently went straight through the wall causing a section of it to crumble, revealing the hidden door beneath it.

The door was HUGE! Not even in the royal palace has she seen anything like it before. The metallic door was decorated with pictures of a battle long ago and descriptions to faded away to read. But a part of the description was still intact and as Azula read through it, they sent chills down her spine.

After the 12 year battle between Avatar Kiore (Have no idea who the first one is but roll with me on this one), the Demon known as, at this point the words were to worn out to read until the last part. Beyond this door an ancient evil slumbers. May the spirits keep it here for all eternity.

At that moment Azula was feeling conflicted. Her base instincts were telling her to just turn around and walk away. Or better yet, melt the door so nothing can ever open it, ever. But there was this voice inside her mind telling her that it was ok to take a peek inside. For all she knew it might have been a trick that the Earth Benders were using to hide a great treasure.

'One little peek wouldn't hurt anyone right?' Thought Azula, looking at the picture on the door again.

The carving depicted the world being devoured by a darkness that possessed red eyes. At the bottom you could see people running away in fear.

She gulped before pushing the gigantic door open. Surprisingly, it was near weightless and just a light push from Azula made it swing open fully. With a loud 'BANG' the door hit the walls on the other side. As soon as the sound stopped, a gust of cold wind swept through the whole cave, blowing out a few torches.

"Uh… 'Zula what did you do?" Asked Ty-Lee from across the large cave. Both she and Mai, along with the rest of the soldiers approached the door warily, looking out for any traps that might activate.

But Azula didn't pay any attention to anyone as she went into the darkened area fearlessly. The door actually opened up to a spiraling staircase going downwards and ended up in a large room with a dome for a ceiling. She noted that in the middle of the room was a large cube made out of rock and it was covered, no, metal rods went through it. A waterfall from the ceiling drenched the cube, while a ring of fire surrounded it. Miraculously the fire and water didn't seem to extinguish one another. Azula also took note that a cold breeze filled the room and didn't seem to come from anywhere in particular. She approached the cube cautiously, the rest of the group behind her. Azula didn't know why but she was drawn to this object. Her mind was telling her that she needed to touch it.

As she got closer the four elements that surrounded the cube seemed to move away from her, allowing her safe passage.

"Your highness it is not safe for you to go near that thing!" Yelled out one of the soldiers. Sure they were afraid of her but if she got hurt or worse killed… They were more afraid of what would happen to them if the Fire Lord found out what happened to his favorite child.

"When I want your opinion I'll ask for it!" Snapped Azula as she turned to face the soldiers. They immediately fell silent after that. She turned around again and slowly placed a hand on the cube and almost instantly, all the metal rods shot back inside. This of course startled Azula as she took a wary step back.

Ever so slowly the cube began to crack. At first they appeared as thin as hair but as seconds past, they began to grow bigger and soon chunks of the cube started to fall off. But the whole cube did not crumble away, only the face that was in front of the princess crumbled. What was resting inside, however, surprised her.

A boy, probably not older than 19 was chained up inside the cube. Dozens of paper slips were sticking to every part of his body. His hands were also wrapped up in chains but small rods of metal and wood were painfully sticking out of them. His eyes were covered with a blindfold that had the same markings as the paper slips. His legs were treated the same way as his arms. In truth the only thing you could see was his blonde hair. It was long and spiky reaching the middle of his back. His skin was pale and nearly see through. Aside from not rotting you might believe that it was just another corpse. But the tell-tale sign of breathing meant that he was far from dead.

Everyone gawked at the sight. Was this some kind of prison? The Earth benders weren't known for this level of cruelty. Sure they were fierce warriors on the battlefield but they showed mercy nonetheless.

Azula reached out and touched the chains but as soon as she made skin contact she fell down on her hands and knees. She gasped for air, feeling all her energy being drained from her.

"AZULA!" screamed Mai and Ty-Lee as they rushed to help their fallen friend.

'W-what happened? As soon as I touched the chains… It felt like all of my energy was sucked out of me!'

Everyone held their breath as they heard the sounds of chains breaking apart and falling on the ground. They all watched as the body slowly got up from its kneeling position. The chains across its body and arms broke apart easily and carelessly fell to the ground. The blindfold seemed to burn off of his face and float away from him.

Everyone was on bated breath as they watched the boy slowly open his eyes; it revealed blood red Irises and slits for pupils. He raised both hands and showed off his clawed hands. His nails might have even been sharper than Azula's. Then the boy unexpectedly smiled, revealing his longer than normal canines.

"How long has it been," He started but his voice was raspy, not being able to use it for a long time, "A millennia or was it longer than that?" He breathed in deep and surveyed the people around him.

"Are you… friends… or enemies?" The room's temperature suddenly dropped significantly, enough for Azula to see her breath.

"We mean you no harm." Replied Ty-Lee raising both hands in a placating manner and soon enough the temperature was back to normal. "In fact Azula here was the one who broke that box of yours!"

"Azula…," At this point the strange boy knelt in front of Azula and lowered his head, "Thank you… I am now free… I am in your debt… until my death…"

Azula finally stood up to her full height and towered over him. This was the supposed 'demon' that the first avatar locked away? He was a mere boy! Surely he isn't that strong right? At that point Azula remembered the current Avatar was also a boy. And if the markings held some truth in them, then this 'demon' was so powerful that even an Avatar was afraid of him.

She couldn't help but smile inwardly. By sheer luck she had found a weapon that was possibly stronger than the Avatar. Things just kept getting better and better for Azula.

"What is your name?" She asked, head held high. Her hands were on her waist.

"My name… I was once called … Naruto…"

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