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And there they were, across the yard from them. They were at least a hundred yards away from them. All of them wearing a look of determination on their faces. This would be the battle that would decide the fate of the four nations. This would be the battle that would decide the fate of the whole world.

This was the Final Battle…

Naruto, for his part, was wearing his trademark manic grin. His eyes reflected insanity and bloodlust but at the same time a calmness that could only be created from battle experience. His clawed hands were beside him and if you were any other person, you would notice his hands flinch now and then. But in reality, Naruto was doing one handed seals with both of his hands. When given the order, he would unleash one of his more… powerful techniques.

"Is this how it's going to be Azula?" Zuko started as he clenched his fists. "Is it really impossible for you to just surrender?"

Naruto looked at Azula who was wearing her own smile, or was it a grin?

"Those words can only come out from a coward!" Azula shouted back the same time she slowly started walking towards Naruto. She stopped when she was in front of him and spoke again. "You already know that this won't end well for you. All of you know that you cannot defeat me and Naruto at the same time!" As she said this, she gently caressed Naruto's face, which in turn; he wrapped his arms around his lover.

"Love, be a dear and take out the trash will you?"

"With pleasure…" Naruto replied as he went around Azula and faced the enemies.

With both feet planted firmly on the ground, he raised both his hands up and formed a triangle with both of his pointer finger and thumbs. Everyone was on bated breath at that point. Suki and Sokka stood side by side, brandishing their weapons along with Mai and Ty-Lee. On the other side were the benders; Aang, Katara, Toph and Zuko were in their respective battle stances.

Naruto let out a sigh as he began to talk, "It's really a shame that it has to end like this but…" His arms went rigged as energy started to gather in between his hands. "Are you guys ready? Don't blink or else you might miss it!"


A bright light shot out from his hands and engulfed the whole area with pure white. Everyone was ready and dodged out of the way of the triangle shaped beam of energy. They were blinded for a few moments until the color of the world returned. In the space between Team Avatar was a gaping hole. It was like something literally dug out the ground and the building behind them sported an enormous triangle shaped hole.

"Hey, you weren't supposed to move!" Naruto whined as he waved both arms up and down in a very ridiculous manner. This in turn made Aang angry that they weren't being taken seriously and lashed out at Naruto.

"Stop playing around! For once fight us seriously!"

"Oh, you want me to fight seriously you say?" They all shuddered at seeing Naruto's grin go wider. "Fine then, I'll fight you SERIOUSLY!" In a second, Naruto looked deep inside of him and harnessed the pure form of the chakra's Kyuubi. In another flash of light, Naruto had transformed into, what can only be described as, an ethereal like being. His body was covered with pure energy and various markings appeared on his body. Naruto looked at himself and let out a soft chuckle. "It's been a long time since I used this form…" He looked at his right hand and suddenly flicked it, causing the ground to shake violently. "Now then, why don't we get this party started?"

With unmatched speed, Naruto slammed both of his fists into the ground and caused a fissure to appear. It raced towards the avatar and as soon as the fissure was a few feet from them, spikes of earth erupted from it. They raced towards the group but were blocked by Toph's stone wall. Acting quickly, Naruto thrust both of his hands forward and in turn, caused the wall to explode, sending Team Avatar flying backwards.

Aang was slowly standing up but was forced to roll out of the way when Naruto came crashing down on the ground with a super powered Rasengan in hand. "Too slow!" Naruto shouted as he flipped in mid air and delivered a devastating heel drop on Aang. Before the full force of the attack could be felt, a fireball sent Naruto rolling on the ground backwards.

"Aang!" Katara exclaimed as she helped Aang. Zuko stood in front of them with his fist raised in front of him. The smoke cleared just enough for Zuko to dodge an uppercut from Naruto before he was kicked in the gut and was sent flying backwards.

"You're getting sloppy Zuko!" The ground beneath Naruto shook as four walls of earth rose from the ground and encased him inside a prison of stone. Acting quickly, Toph pushed both of her fists together, causing the prison to tighten and crush Naruto.

"Did I get him?" Toph asked to no one in particular but was soon answered with a powerful elbow drop on her skull. Before she could hit the ground, she was stopped by Naruto's knee and was sent back painfully. Naruto, however grabbed her arm and threw her at Katara, sending them sprawling on the ground.

"Hey Azula, fighting these children to a bloody pulp is not fun at all." Naruto rubbed the back of his head before a few of Mai's stilettos' found their mark and were buried deep inside of Naruto's flesh. Before he could even comment on what had happened, Ty-Lee had rushed in and was successful in cutting off his Chakra. He stumbled back and was greeted by Suki's sword. Team Avatar thought they had won when they saw the sword poking out of Naruto's chest but was soon shocked to see Naruto looking at them with the same insane smile that he always wore.

"You guys really think that would kill me? What part of immortal don't you understand?" With minimal effort, Naruto broke the sword in two and grabbed Suki by her neck. As if she weighed nothing, Naruto lifted her up high into the air and prepared a Rasengan in his other hand. "Goodbye Kyoshi warrior!"

"Suki!" Sokka screamed as he watched, in slow motion, the deadly ball of chakra and air make its way towards his girlfriend. But just before the ball of death could even touch her, something barreled into Naruto, knocking him to the ground and letting Suki escape certain death.

"Your fight is with me, Naruto!" Aang exclaimed as he got into a battle stance with his glider in hand. Aang didn't even give Naruto a chance as he started to bombard Naruto with Air, Water, Fire, and Earth attacks simultaneously. Naruto, to his credit, didn't even move a single inch from where he was standing. His crimson eyes fixated on Aang's form through the growing dust cloud.

At the end of it all, Aang was kneeling down, sweat pouring down from his face. He was visibly shaking from exhaustion caused by the all out attack on Naruto. His eyes were half lidded a sign that said he was going to faint sooner or later.

"All four elements without the avatar state, now that is an impressive feat!" From the other side of the cloud of smoke, clapping could be heard accompanied by joyous laughter. "I could see that you have improved… if only by a pinch."

A hand shot out of the cloud and grasped Aang's neck tightly. The sheer force of the choke was causing Aang's eyes to roll back into his skull.

Across the battlefield, Zuko was seething. Naruto was just toying with them, that was obvious. They could not even put a scratch on his new 'form'. Zuko had to think! What could distract him long enough for Aang to use his Energy bending? He quickly scanned the battlefield and found what he was looking for.

"Guys, I'm gonna need your help in this!"

Naruto was enjoying the look the Avatar was expressing. Just a few more seconds until the light would leave his eyes. "That's it Aang, just go to sleep. Let go of all your worries…" Just a few more seconds and he would be dead. That is until; he heard the familiar crackling sound of lightning. "You have got to be kidding me…"

Just as Naruto thought, when he looked behind him, Zuko was actually lightning bending. Of all the times he could bend lightning, he was doing it now! And by how his body was positioned, Zuko wasn't aiming for him but…

"Damn it, Azula watch out!"


In a flash, Zuko's lightning was literally cut in two, making it swerve away from a stunned Azula. Damn it! Thought Naruto as he made to move towards Zuko but was unable to move. He looked down and saw that his legs were encased in a mixture of rock and metal. Before he could do anything, two rock pillars caught both of his hands and spread them apart from each other. Just as things looked grim, Mai threw more than a handful of knives at Naruto which was followed up by Ty-Lee's pressure point combo. After that, Zuko followed up by blasting Naruto with lightning over and over again.

"Aang, do it now!"

Not even giving the smoke a chance to clear, Aang charged towards Naruto in all of his Avatar state glory. With his whole body glowing green he punched Naruto on his forehead and stomach.

"THIS IS THE END!" Aang exclaimed as green light engulfed the whole palace…

And just as soon as the light appeared, it started to fade, revealing Naruto and Aang who were still frozen in their respective spots. "I… I won…" Aang said in between labored breathing. Naruto gave a weak smile at Aang…

… Before he poofed out of existence.

"A clone? We… we were fighting a clone all along?" Zuko exclaimed as his muscles screamed at him for some rest. Their attention was drawn towards Azula who was laughing so hard that she was clutching her sides.

"You… You actually thought… he would fall for the same trick twice! You and the avatar are dumber than I thought Zuzu! But enough of the jokes already. Naruto kill them."

Seemingly out of nowhere, Naruto appeared in front of the Avatar and delivered a punch to his stomach that sent a ripple to go through his whole body, before blood started to erupt from his mouth and nose.

"One down," Spinning on the balls of his feet, Naruto delivered a round house kick that sent Zuko through a few buildings.

"Two" With the last of the serious threats dealt with, Naruto leisurely went through a few hand seals before saying the Jutsu's name;

Nehan Shōja no Jutsu (Temple of Nirvana)

In the visions of Katara, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Ty-Lee and Mai they were seeing an endless rain of feathers and for reasons they could not comprehend, their eye lids started to droop before all of them fell unconscious.

"Ten seconds… ten seconds to beat all of them." Naruto said to Azula as he walked towards her. "Ten seconds to bring the whole world to their knees. A new record I think…" Naruto wanted to just scoop up Azula in his arms and carry her off to the bedroom but had to stop in his tracks as Aang was back in his Avatar state along with the sphere of Fire, Wind, Water and Earth surrounding him.



Aang crashed into the outstretched hand of Naruto who didn't even look tired. His hand was successfully stopping the deadly ball of elements from reaching Azula. He looked into Aang's glowing blue eyes before scoffing.

"You just won't give up huh?" He raised his right hand and created an ordinary Rasengan. He looked back at the enraged Avatar and smiled, "Bet you that this palm sized attack could decimate yours~"


The attacks met head on… and for a moment, they seemed to be even with one another. Until Naruto's Rasengan started to push through Aang's defense. "This is the end AVATAR!" Naruto exclaimed, and with one final push, Naruto carved a bloody gaping hole in Aang's chest where his heart should be. Naruto smiled when Aang started to vomit blood while he was still impaled on his outstretched arm.

"Bye bye pathetic Avatar."

Naruto threw Aang into a pile of rubble a few feet away before returning to Azula's side. "Now that everything's done, why don't we celebrate?" He wrapped an arm around Azula before heading towards the palace.

"Oh wait…" Naruto stopped mid-step and turned to the body of Aang. Going through a quick succession of hand seals, he called out the name of a familiar Jutsu;

Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Great Fireball)

Naruto watched Aang's body burn for a few seconds before turning to leave.





10 years later…






Azula stood atop the podium, overlooking all of her subjects. A smile was present on her face as she raised a delicate hand to silence the crowd.

"Today," Azula started as she let her voice echo throughout the crowd, "We are celebrating the ninth anniversary of the Fire Empire's creation!" This elicited a thunderous applause and cheers from the crowd. Azula let them and spoke only when the crowd had settled. "This is a joyous day indeed, for it marked the supremacy of our country, the supremacy of our people and the supremacy of your leader!" This caused the crowd to burst into another round of cheering and applause. "Enjoy the week long festivities! And let the Fire Empire continue its prosperous reign!"

Azula left the podium and entered the palace, the sounds of celebrations and fireworks could be heard echoing throughout the Royal Palace.

"An excellent speech my lord…" Naruto appeared beside Azula as if he was always there. Even though it had been ten years, Naruto still retained his sixteen year old body at the request of Azula. It was probably because Azula wanted to be the 'superior' person inside the relationship. Naruto just thought she was a closet shota… but that was straying off topic. "So, what are your plans for today Azula? Watch the Fireworks? Or perhaps binge drinking? I remember when people started drinking in my village… it somehow always ends up with me in the hospital though…" Naruto was actually caught off guard when Azula slammed him into a wall and said two words;

"Shut up"

With that, Azula started to kiss Naruto passionately, running her hands through his hair and grabbing a handful from time to time. Naruto himself couldn't help but run his hands inside Azula's robes. She had filled out quite nicely; she had maintained her lithe figure but was taller than Naruto by at least a foot and a half. Her body wasn't overly muscled but maintained its 'fit' look. Her assets also grew to an extent that would even make the late Hinata blush red.

"Oh, so feisty Azula!" Azula started to trail kissed from his neck down. She stopped when she saw Naruto's pants.

"I told you I hated belts!" Before she could go any further, a hand stopped her, specifically Naruto's.

"Why don't we continue it in the bedroom?"

As they entered the bedroom, they were greeted by a few familiar faces namely the faces of Mai, Ty-Lee, Katara, Suki and surprisingly Toph.

After the battle, Azula had ordered Naruto to brainwash these three girls. Apparently, Azula swung both ways. Naruto couldn't help but feel left out at times when she preferred her little over him. But live and let live I suppose… But that didn't mean she wasn't loyal to Naruto, in fact Azula was very loyal, and overly protective. She would always bark at any women who looked at Naruto in that way and always made it a point to show him off to others.

Naruto watched as the girls swarmed Azula, covering her in kisses and soft caresses. Naruto just stood at the side and waited for his turn.

Thinking back at things, Azula wasn't lenient to everyone. Zuko and Iroh were locked up in the deepest part of boiling rock where the sun couldn't even reach them. Her father was probably already dead or something… As for the other rebels… well Azula made sure to make an example of them by burning them alive in public.

Yup, things were right in the world and in the end, Naruto was still able to fulfill his dream of being the Hokage. Like how the past Hokage's served under the Fire Daimyo, he was serving under the Fire Empress.

Naruto saw Azula's bare back and smiled. Unseen to anyone, there was an invisible seal array placed on her back. It was a variation of a Time-Space Jutsu that Naruto had created. Bearing that seal on you meant that you were…


Naruto made sure that it was perfect and the end result would be both of them, and possibly the girls too, would live out the rest of their eternal lives ruling over the world. And on the sides would be the partying, the orgies and any other things that would pop up in Azula's mind. With Naruto's transformation abilities, he could play out any fantasies that Azula wanted, which was actually fun most of the time.

"Naruto, my love, why don't you join us?" Azula's soft yet seductive voice snapped Naruto out of his thought as he saw his lover, along with the girls already ready to receive him on the bed.

"About damn time things started looking up for me!"


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