It was time. They had come. And I still had not been changed.

Tears welled in my eyes at the sight of them, and I did my best to blink them back. I would not cry in front of them.

It was a last minute decision, and so Alice had not seen them coming. Not that she would have been looking for the Volturi, anyways. She was too preoccupied with the newborns to worry about the vampires all the way in Italy.

The group consisted of malicious Jane, her twin brother Alec, the tracker Demetri, and brawny Felix.

Demetri had picked up on the tremors in Edward's mind when he had been at my house earlier in the day, so that they knew where I lived. They had waited until Edward had left before they arrived.

I couldn't really say that I was surprised that they didn't ring the doorbell or knock. I had been in my room, all alone in the house since Charlie was somewhere I did not remember, and had been looking out my window, staring at the night sky and the full moon, hidden mostly behind clouds. I had turned around, and there she was. Jane, in all her glory, was just staring at me with no expression.

I had nearly had a heart attack from the surprise of finding her there.

I had blinked, and then the three others had appeared near her as soon as my eyelids opened again.

Edward was too far away to be able to hear any of their thoughts.

No one even knew they had come.

I took a step back and clutched my desktop with a death grip. Were they going to kill me? Most likely. Contrary to popular belief at school, I wasn't stupid. I couldn't wish or hope for life now, because I knew it would never come. The Volturi weren't merciful, the Cullens had made that clear.

"You're not changed," Jane stated simply.

"No," I breathed. "We have the date set up, after my graduation."

"You were supposed to be changed immediately after our last meeting."

Her eyes were so empty, that I had to look away. There was no life in them, no hint of a soul anywhere in her cold, unfeeling body.

"Edward wanted to wait."

"There were other vampires that could have changed you. One of the other Cullens would have been more than happy to, I'm sure." She said.

I swallowed. "I wanted Edward to be the one."

"When it comes to life or death, you cannot be picky." She stated. And then she took a step forward and my eyes immediately went back up to hers. Chills went down my spine as I stared into her eyes. I felt like they were stealing my own soul.

"You have had more than enough time to be changed. Aro was beyond generous in his offer to let you leave Volterra human. And you have repaid that generosity with insubordination." She paused and I felt my hands become sweaty, and the tears came back up to my eyes. I didn't know if they fell or not. I couldn't feel them anyways.

"You will die, Isabella Swan. And it will be painful." She turned her head lightly to her right, where the tall Demetri stood, staring at me. "Demetri."

It was but a single word, and, before I knew it, Demetri was behind me, and his teeth were biting down onto my neck. I heard a crunch, and then everything burned up in flames.

My attempt at a Caius x Bella fic. Be warned: This will not be the light fluff that you've read before in other fics of this pairing. And they will not be together right away, nor will they find each other to be "soul mates." In fact, they will very much hate each other for a good while. You have been warned.