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Chp 5 Skeletons

Zack and Cody looked at each other, shock in their eyes. They couldn't believe what they had just heard. Something sinister was going on in the room. Cody brought his hand down from it's ready to knock position. He pulled Zack aside.

"What...what are we going to do?" He asked.

"I thought we were going to go in and ask for an interview." Zack said.

"So you do listen. No I mean about that. Something is going on, I can sense it."

"Hold on Spiderman." Zack said. "How do we know something is going on?"

"Did you not hear that in there?" Cody said. "That was Travis and he sounds like he is not a nice piece of work. He was threatening Jackson."

"I am sure it wasn't..." Zack started.

"It sure sounded like it." Cody said. Before the brother's could do anything else, the door of the room opened and Travis walked out.

"What are you boys doing down here?" he asked.

"My brother here wanted to ask Jackson some questions for a school project. It is really important." Cody said.

"Not right now boys." Travis said.

"It's okay T, I can spare 5 minutes." Bullet said.

"5 minutes only." Travis snarled looking disapproving to Zack and Cody as he walked away. The brothers walked into the cabin.

"He is a breathe of fresh air now isn't he?" Zack smiled. He stood and looked around the cabin. Bullet's personal belongings were all over the room, he was really making it like his own home. "Oh my god I am standing in a room with the legend." Zack said.

"Please excuse my brother, he has only gotten close to one celebrity he liked and he managed to cover her in cake." Cody said.

"Well no cake in here so I am safe I guess." Bullet replied.

"That is the game winning ball from the epic final of..."Zack mumbled.

"Zack. Remember why we are here?" Cody said. Zack turned to look at his brother, a sneaky smile across his face.

"Oh right. Sorry." Zack said. "So what is it like to have that many girls liking you?"

"Zack, not exactly the type of questions we should be asking." Cody looked at Bullet and gave him a 'I'm sorry' look.

"Just ask me what you want boys. Anything I can do to help in your education." Bullet said. With help and an occasional smack from Cody, Zack was guided through the interview gaining some good knowledge on Bullet.

"Thanks so much for that." Zack said as the brother's got up to leave. Cody had been wanting to ask Bullet about Travis. His connection to Bailey was playing on Cody's mind and he needed to learn more.

"So Travis, is he your assistant?" Cody asked.

"Erm yeah, he...he is." Bullet said.

"How did you meet him?" Cody asked. Bullet looked at the young boy, a little uneasy.

"Not...not too sure I remember. Been a while. Why are you so interested?"

"Has he ever mentioned Bailey...a Bailey Pickett. She is my girlfriend and she knows Travis..."

"Cody, Jackson here doesn't want to talk about your girlfriend and her issues." Zack said.

"No he hasn't." Bullet replied. Cody, not one for letting things lay untouched for long, looked at Bullet.

"We heard Travis talking to you before we knocked. Is everything okay?" Cody asked.

"Cody, that is Jackson's business." Zack said.

"It is my business boys. Stay out of it. For my sake and yours." Bullet had raised his voice and Cody was more worried then before. "Now leave." He escorted the brother's out the door and slammed it shut behind him. Cody and Zack stood in the corridor, puzzled and alone. Zack punched Cody hard in the arm.

"Owww, what was that for?" Cody asked rubbing his sore arm.

"Why did you ask him about that?" Zack asked.

"I had too, something is going on with him"

"So, that is his business not ours." Zack pointed out.

"It has something to do with Travis and he has a connection to Bailey. So in a way it is my business." Cody said. "I am going to find out what is going on."

"Since when did you turn into the Hardy Boys?" Zack asked.

Bailey sat on her bed in the cabin, she had been trying to write her project but was distracted and somewhat entertained by London who was trying to get her money to talk back to her.

"London, how many times have I told you the money isn't going to talk back. You really need to find someone else to do the project about." Bailey said.

"But no one else has influenced me." London sat in her chair dejected.

"There must be someone." Bailey said. " A family member, a friend."

"No, there is no one." London said.

"Who do you go to when you are upset?"

"Tiffany." London replied.

"Great, then talk about her, why do you go to her?" Bailey asked.

"Well I can get great earrings, and lovely necklaces..."


"It's a store." London replied.

"London, come on work with me here." Bailey buried her head in her book exasperated by her. A knock sounded at the door.

"Oh someone's at the door" London had quickly changed the subject and ran for the door. "Look, look it's Cody. Got to go bye." London ran out of the room.

"London this isn't over." Bailey yelled after her.

"Something wrong?" Cody asked.

"London is determined there is no one that influenced her."

"With London, that is probably the truth." Cody said.

"So how is your project coming?" Bailey asked him.

"Haven't really started it, I have been helping Zack on his."

"Really? Zack is doing homework?"

"Surprising he is enjoying it. He interviewed Jackson." Cody said. Bailey stopped smiling and went quiet.

"Why?" Bailey was taken back by Cody's revelation.

"Because that is who has influenced him." Cody replied. "Makes a change from the man who lives down the street from the Tipton who used to get Zack to steal my lunch money. He doesn't really put his all into anything. This is the first time he has shown interest in doing his homework. I really should call mom." He pondered.

"Was Travis there?" Bailey asked.

"For a minute yeah, he disappeared when we turned up." Cody replied. Bailey walked over to her desk and fiddled with the papers on the top, straightening them up and then fanning them again. Cody noticed the behaviour Bailey was exhibiting. "Something wrong?" He knew the answer but needed Bailey to talk to him.

"No, why would something be wrong?"

"Because when you are nervous, you fiddle with things, normally with your desk. Or mine. Still can't find that calculator you moved the other day. Bailey reached for the calculator and handed it to him.

"Sorry." She said.

"Oh Callie, how I missed her." Cody said. Bailey glared at him and Cody realised what he was doing.

"What is going on with you and Travis, Bailey?"

"Nothing." The tone in her voice was more harsh, something Cody had never heard before.

"I know you Bailey, and you wouldn't use that tone of voice if everything was okay."

"Cody, there are some things best left in the past. I am sure you have some skeleton's in your closet that you would rather not bring out again."

"Not really, all I have in my closet is neatly folded sweaters and perfectly ironed shirts."

"You know what I mean" Bailey said.

"Yes I do. I have no skeletons. But obviously you do. I want to understand Bailey." Cody said.

"You can't know everything about me Cody. For once trust me when I say leave it alone." Bailey turned and walked out leaving a flabbergasted Cody alone in her cabin.