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Summary: so basically my attempt at a Cullen's finds Bella as a baby and raise her story. I know that it has been doe a number of times but I am going to do my best to make it interesting.

Edward POV

It was snowing; large flakes fell gently from the sky. It was pretty for now, but Alice had a vision earlier that a major storm was coming. With that information i had decided that it would be wise to go out a hunt before the storm hit.

I was just finishing up when I heard a sound; it was silent almost nonexistent whimper. I cautiously approached the area that the sound was coming from. Suddenly there was a rustle in the bush and a tiny thingemerged. To say I was shocked was an understatement, I took I quick step back. Inspecting the thingmore carefully I saw that is was in fact a tiny little girl no older than one. Her messy brown hair jetted out in every direction, her clothes were torn and messy and she seemed to be missing her shoes. I approached slowly not wanting to scare her, then without warning the wind blew violently causing her full sent to hit me like a ton of bricks.

It took everything that I had not to suck her dry right there. I was fighting the monster in me for control and was slowly loosing myself, but then her eyes met mine. They were huge bottomless pits of brown, so innocent and caring. Everything seemed to just disappear at that moment, the monster in me was gone and all I wanted to do was protect this little girl.

I took a tentative step forward and her face broke into a huge grin revealing a toothy grin. She then proceeded to crawl towards me, I quickly moved towards her meeting her halfway. I let my instincts take over I gently scooped her up. She clung to my neck and rested her head by my neck. After a few seconds she pushed ever so slightly away so that she could look at me. She smiled again and pointed at me with her tiny hand, giving me a questioning gaze.

"Hello, my name is Edward" I said with a smile hoping to reassure her.

She looked up shyly before replying "Bewa" and pointing at herself

After that brief introduction she once again put her hear on my shoulder and after a few minutes her breathing evened out indicating that she had fallen asleep. I smiled I don't really know why but it made me happy that she was this comfortable with me.

It was only then that the recent events finally came crashing down on me. I was shocked, questions were racing trough my brain; who was she? Why was she I the forest alone? And in the snow no less! No sooner had that though registered did I realize that she should have felt warmer to me than she currently felt, how long had she been out here? Without so much a second thought I was running back to the house to get Bella warmed up.

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