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"So mean Edward, I am telling Bella when she gets up" he announced before marching out of the room.

All I could do was chuckle in amazement at how having Bella back had brought the family back to normal instantly.

_End Recap_

Edward POV

Shortly after Bella was asleep Carlisle called a family meeting so that we could all discuss what would happen now that Bella was finally back where she

belongs. Everyone was of course overjoyed at her return, but there were still so many unanswered questions as to what had happened to Bella over

the past ten years.

"We should be sure to take things slowly," commented Carlisle. "Scaring her or making her uncomfortable will do more harm than good at this point."

"I agree, but we need to know the whole story," Argued Jasper.

"No, I can't tell exactly what will happen if we take that approach, but I can guarantee that her reaction will be anything but good," confirmed Alice.

"Then what do you think we should do?" I asked in frustration.

"Why is it such a big deal?" came a almost silent whisper from the top of the stairs. All heads whipped around to stare at a very tired looking Bella

standing at the top of the stairs, a frown playing on her lips. "Can't we just move on, I want to forget," she said brokenly, sounding like she was on the

verge of tears. "Please," she pleaded, a tear slipping down her cheek.

"Oh Bella…" muttered Esme as she moved at vampire speed up the stairs an engulfed her in a gentle hug. "I know it will be hard, but you can't move

forward until you've dealt with this," assured Esme as she comforted a now fully sobbing Bella. "Do you think that you can do that for us, we will be her

supporting you 100% no one will judge you". Bella didn't respond for a while, she just stated emotionlessly at the wall in front of her. She continued to

stare for what seemed like forever and just as I was beginning to panic she started to speak.

"It wasn't so bad at first," she began. "I got a few beatings here and there, but mainly I was just forced to cook and clean," she explained. We all

stiffened at the mentioned someone beating Bella and Rose and Esme both let put a sob or two. She continued with her story explaining how things got

worse once James killed Victoria. I forced myself to remain calm as she talked about how he would do inappropriate things to her or forget to feed her. I,

along with the rest of my family, felt more a more guilty as her story went on. It saddened me so much to see her eyes go blank as she described how

James would make her watch as he drained his victims. Finally she told us about how she had escaped, but by that time she was shaking so bad that

she could hardly talk. I was having an internal battle over whether or not to comfort her or if that would just scare her more. As another sob escaped

her still shaking body I couldn't stand to see her suffer alone any longer so I quickly pulled her onto my lap and wrapped my arms around her. Her head

found its way to my shoulder as she continued to shake and cry.

"Promise I never have to go back, promise that I will never have to see James again?" she pleaded desperately against my chest.

"Never." I promised, if I had anything to say about it Bella would never have to so much as hear the name James again.

"Thank you." She whispered, already half asleep in my arms. I just cuddled her closer to me and marvelled at the feeling of having her in my arms again. I

promised myself that no harm would ever come to her again if I had anything to do with it.

"You should take her to bed." Commented Esme as she ran her head through Bella's hair softly. I could tell just how much Esme had missed her

youngest daughter and how thankful she was to finally have our family back together.

Carlisle came over to Bella and placed a hand on her forehead a frown appearing on his face.

"What?" I demanded worriedly.

"I think she may be getting a fever, it's only a small one for now but we will have to keep an eye on her."

I was suddenly reminded of the first time she was sick. It felt like another lifetime ago, but I remembered hating that I couldn't save her from being sick. I

hated that all I could do was sit and watch her suffer. A hand came down on my shoulder and gave me a reassuring squeeze.

"It will be fine son." Assured Carlisle.

I gave him a silent nod before gathering Bella up in my arms and taking her to bed. My mind was racing as I went over everything that had happened in

a short period of time. The story Bella had told about her time with James was enough to drive me insane, I wanted nothing more than to kill him so that

he could never harm Bella again.

As I placed her gently on the bed and tucked her in I once again was simply in awe of her beauty. I moved some hair from her face and placed a gentle

kiss on her forehead. I then placed my hand on her forehead trying to determine if she had a fever or not, but with my cool temperature I wasn't exactly

a good judge.

Bella POV

I awoke to a pounding in my head and cold sweat engulfing my body. My night had been filled with nightmares of James brought up by me being forced

to remember them the previous night. My throat felt like sandpaper and it hurt to breathe. I had a feeling that my guess about me having a sold was

correct. I took a moment to fully wake up only to discover just how shitty I actual felt. I was so tired I just wanted to go back to bed, but I just couldn't

get comfortable, I was either to hot or too cold. An exasperated sigh escaped my lips just as the door began to open.

"Bella?" came Edward's voice at the door.

I wanted to greet him, however only coughs came out. The door was immediately opened and two seconds later Edwards's cool arms were around me. I

laid my head against his cold chest and couldn't help but remember when I had done years ago the last time I was sick.

"Carlisle will be here soon." He said while rubbing small circles in my back trying to comfort me. Not two seconds later Carlisle came through the door

carrying his black medical bag. Silently he took my temperature and checked y throat.

"You appear to have a cold, a bad cold, but a cold just the same. So lots of sleep, soup, and try not to talk too much so that your throat will heal." He

then gave me a small smile before telling me he was going to get me some medicine and get Esme to make me some soup.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with me and Edward cuddling on the couch, while watching movies. He held me in his arms the entire time and I

never felt so safe. I don't even remember half the movies because I was too busy staring at Edward to pay attention.

I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up I was in Edwards's room alone. I sat up slowly and looked around; it was odd because I never

usually woke up alone Edward or Alice were almost always there. I decided to go search. I made my way slowly to the door and carefully pulled it open.

The hall was dark and I could feel my panic rising as I continued down the hall. The house was silent as a made my way down the staircase.

"Edward?" I called out softly knowing that he would hear me. There was no answer. I was now in the kitchen where once again not a single light was

on. I suddenly felt really stupid for not attempting to turn on a light, but now I guess I could relate to all those people in horror movies who I always

thought were stupid because they never turn on the lights. I tried to flick the switch on in the kitchen only to discover that the power was out. This while

situation was really turning into a horror movie, all that was missing was some deranged psycho to attempt to murder me. Suddenly a crash echoed

through the house and I had the sick feeling that I had spoken to soon about the whole psycho thing.

"Bella!" called out the voice that I had never wanted to heart again. Fear took over my body and I collapsed to the ground, my legs shaking to bad to

support my weight. James! He was here, how could that be? Edward promised I would never have to hear him or see him again.

"I know your there Bella, I can hear your heartbeat, did you miss me?"

He was coming closer; he was purposely making noise so that I would know. He was trying to scare me and it was working.

"The Cullen's will be back soon and then they will kill you." I lied hoping that he wouldn't be able to tell.

"Oh Bella, did you really think that I wouldn't have already thought of that? Your precious Cullen's are all out chasing what they believe to be me. They

think they are protecting you as we speak, ironic isn't it?"

"No!" I whispered, this couldn't be happening.

"Oh yes Bella it is happening." His hand was now at my face and I could feel in fingers trace softly under my jaw as he forced me to meet his eyes. They

were the same blood red I saw every night in my nightmares, the eyes I feared so much.

"Tonight you die Isabella."