Life and Times.


Note: I know that there has already been a Christmas/snow chapter, but it is nearly Christmas and this one follows a different storyline :)

It was a cold Saturday night in mid December, and for some strange reason, me and Em were sat in a crowded room, full of jocks and tarts. Well, it wasn't that strange, it was just the annual Tribeca Alternative High School Christmas party. The strange thing about it is that Em persuaded me to go.

Usually, the party would take place, and had this year taken place, on the Saturday before the end of term; me and Em would go to the cinema or play video games at her house. But this year, when Whitney had strutted up to the front of class to announce the party, Em had turned to me and whispered "I'm going to that. Come with me?"

I'd been so confused at the time that I simply nodded, and now we were sat in the middle of a packed room while everyone got off with everyone else, or puked in a hedge, or sat gossiping with friends. We were the only people there who were quiet, mostly because I couldn't think of anything to say. I could comment on Em's dress, but then...well... I'd probably say something I'd regret later. She did look gorgeous though – she'd scraped all her hair up into a bun, and was wearing a strapless blue dress that ended just above her knees, and I remember wondering where she'd got it from, 'cause I'd never seen it before.

"Christopher." Said Em, completely out of the blue, and I nearly fell off of the couch in surprise.


"I'm just gonna go to the bathroom, okay?"

I felt myself redden slightly, and mentally screamed at myself to grow up. "Okay."

She got up and wandered over to the bathroom, which gave me a little more time to think. What could I do? I was too uncomfortable to be my normal self, which pretty much got rid of any conversation and actions. I just wished we'd never come, because then we could be at her house, playing Journey Quest, or we could've gone to see the new Bond film, which I really liked the look of. But instead, I was stuck in a room full of people I despised, with the exception of Em.

"You're a selfish bitch! I hate you, I hate you!" A loud shout interrupted the 'celebrations', if you could call them that. I turned my head to see Em and Whitney locked in an argument that had clearly been going on for at least five minutes, judging by the redness of their faces.

"Oh really?" retorted Whitney, smug expression on her face. "It doesn't really matter, does it? Everyone here prefers me to you...except your little boyfriend over there." She gestured towards me. "And, by the way," she added, just to add a little more insult, as if there wasn't enough already. "That dress really doesn't suit you. Bitch." And at that, she sauntered off, and Em stood for a second, a little shocked, and then burst into tears and ran out into the cold.

I grabbed my coat from next to me and rushed after her, opening the door and running into the harsh December cold. I knew exactly where she'd be.

Climbing up the steep hill to the top of the park, I pulled by coat tighter around myself to keep in the warmth, and, upon approaching the bench, found a figure huddled on it. Em. I sat down next to her, and observed her, taking in the tears that escaped her eyes and the small shivers she let out. I took off my coat, inhaling swiftly at the sudden burst of cold, and placed it over her shoulders. She pulled in over her more, and turned slightly towards me, noticing me for the first time. I moved up the bench towards her and put my arm around her; she snuggled into me in return.

"Em, what's up?" I asked softly, and she looked up at me, tears in her eyes.

"Whitney...I presume you heard the shouting."

"Yeah...She was really harsh..."

"Yeah...It's just that...My Nan's in hospital at the moment, and the last thing she said to me before was that she wanted to see me become more...feminine. So I wore this dress to get used to it...And Whitney just...destroyed all of my confidence." She finished, still sobbing quietly.

"Hey, don't listen to her." I told Em, hopefully reassuringly. "She doesn't know anything – she just struts about like a tart. All of the time. She knows nothing about being a person. All she cares about is looks, but you, you have an amazing personality, and she can't stand it, because her personality is so...bland!" I finished loudly, making Em giggle.

"You really think so?"

"I know so." I reassured her. "...And you looked beautiful tonight..." I trailed off, but it really wasn't necessary, because the girl with the amazing personality and beautiful looks had fallen asleep against me. I kissed her softly on the forehead, and looked out across the park. "You'll be okay, Em." I muttered. "We'll be okay."

Was that significantly fluffy enough? I hope so :D People have been asking about a chapter with a proper kiss, and it will happen, I just need to sort out a plausible situation; also, I need to work out how man of these I intend to write, because a) there needs to be an end, at some point, and b) I need to spend a lot of time on the Sherlock fic I want to write :)
Merry Christmas/Other holiday, if that's your thing :)
-JF x