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Warnings: not worksafe.

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It wasn't an everyday occurrence for Yuusei to get bent over his own D-wheel. Yet that' s exactly where he was right now, with his pants down and Crow leaning over him. With his shirt pushed up to his armpits, his arms wrenched behind his back, and his chest pressed down to his bike's leather seat, Yuusei wasn't allowed much room for movement. Not that he needed to, because Crow was doing all the necessary moving on his own. Yuusei groaned and pushed back against his friend.

"Don't stop."

"Not going to," Crow grunted in reply and leaned over him to lightly bite his shoulder through the fabric of his black shirt.

"You're getting that back later," Yuusei warned through a moan, hands straining in Crow's hold while Crow himself lightly rocked against Yuusei's backside.

"That's what I'm counting on," Crow whispered hoarsely. He shifted his weight a little and ran a hand down Yuusei's back. Crow was getting all too addicted to the way he responded to his touches, the way he made him feel inside at moments like this. It also made him not want to share Yuusei with anyone else.

Yuusei moaned and bucked against him, wanting more of his touch, wanting more, harder, faster, and he made it known to Crow. He didn't need a lot of convincing to speed up, taking care of himself prior to getting around to Yuusei because Yuusei would kill him if anything got splattered onto the bike.