Hello again!
I think I'm on a roll after not writing anything for years!

Anyway, this time it's a Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's fanfiction, a series that I personally love. :)

This has YAOI in it (in the next part actually) and STRONG language.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's or its characters.

Sorry for this being so short, I promise the next part will be longer!


There were several- no, fuck that- a lot of things that pissed him off. For example, waking up so damn early. Some reject keeps tampering with his alarm clock setting it at absurd hours of the morning: at one point last week he woke up at 4 A.M., then another time, like this morning, he woke up at 6. Whoever the hell keeps sneaking into his room at night just to make his life a living hell (the sick, sadistic bastard) was going to pay- big time. Nobody messes with Jack Atlas' beauty sleep; no cosmetics product, no hair product can provide the precise amount of mere perfection that Jack Atlas himself exudes every freakin' second of his life. Obviously he, since Jack Atlas the goddamn King is so incredibly brilliant, knew who it was. And that human was going to pay, oh indeed he was...The orange-headed freak of nature was like a freak of nature hawk always out circling around him, striking down at various, unseen moments, gnawing at his skin at the same damn spot just to agitate him. No, oh no would he ever eat him alive for that wouldn't be entertaining- it'd be too easy! Instead that damn boy constantly nagged him and knew exactly what to do to do so. Bitch.

Whatever. Jack Atlas knew what to do, and of course it was to seek revenge. He'll plan something so diabolically sinister even Crow wouldn't know what hit him on his dumb face. Ah, but he shouldn't worry about that now, especially this early in the morning (he had thrown the clock at the wall so he didn't know what time it was exactly), some other time will do. For now, since he was wide awake, Jack figured he would take a nice, warm shower, heat up some water for some delectable ramen and relax, maybe go chat with Yusei-


Yusei Fudo.

Jack couldn't help but roll his eyes as he walked into the bathroom. A smirk formed on his lips. The "trap, humiliate, kill, then skin the hell outta Crow" plan will definitely have to for later for he had other plans for the day.


There were a lot of things that annoyed him. For instance, how the older male would stomp around upstairs in an obvious bout of anger every damn morning like some spoiled little brat, not giving a damn if there are others in the house. What Yusei was working on required the utmost amount of concentration. If he fucked up just a little bit, just a little bit, he would have to start over. And he was not about to do that. There were other, what he felt, more important objects to work on, like his D-Wheel, to prepare for the WRGP tournament. But in order to finish the repairs, that required extra parts, and in order to get these parts that required money, and in order to get the money, he had to work. Which he didn't mind of course for his job was fixing broken appliances and other D-Wheels, a little something up his alley.

Except the blunt rudeness coming from upstairs was screwing up his focus. The loud slamming of doors, the unnecessarily heavy footing as he walked across the floor, the random thuds every now and then-

You know what?

Jack deserved the disrupted sleep.

Thinking that didn't help remove the smirk on Yusei's face.


Next part will be up hopefully within 2-3 days :)