Tiny fangs bared in a manic smirk, staring eagerly at the news report of a Mark-III Fusion Generator.

Veins pulsing slightly faster at the thought, unlimited power for the Technodrome was within his reach!

That is, if bucket head could do something right for once...

Tiny fangs clenching as he turned his gaze from the screen to the slumbering ninja lord, legs resting lazily on a terminal as he snored.

How i loathe that human...

Acting as if they were equals, sometimes even as if HE were the boss!


Where had that miserable mammal been without me?

His constant backstabbing, incompetence and obsessive hatred of those amphibians and their rodent master only hampered their progress.

Sure, they may have gotten lucky every now and then. Damaging the Technodrome and foiling their schemes seemingly once a week nowadays.

They were nothing in the long run, there have always been those trying to stop me.

And none had succeeded so far.

From my old archenemy Maligna and her children, the only real contender to my rulership of dimension X.

The cunning Doctor and his acursed Tardis, now there was someone worth obsessing over... Popping up at any given place and any given time, past and present, before and after.

I have faced far more competent opponents than those toad-ninjas, the loss of my flesh was somewhat, crippling.

`Oooh, if i had my body i could tear the turtles, And Shredder to pieces!`

But i don't have...

I'm just a lump of talking meat...

Lifting a tiny limb to his tiny eyes on his tiny face, coiling it as he used to clench his mighty fist in days past...

Stronger than any rock soldier and faster than Shredder could even dream of becoming.

Used to be...

Limb going limp, hanging from the opening of his androide-body's belly.

His strong and bulky substitute-body, designed by himself and built by buckethead...

Slithering his limbs back to the controls, bringing the red gloved robot hand down to his face.

Clenching the by far stronger limb tightly, feeling no satisfaction in operating a fake limb on a fake body.


Manipulating the controls with a snarl, lifting the fist high up in the air.


Destroying the computer console and waking the ninja lord with the same, violent gesture.

`What's wrong this time Kr-haaaang?` Stretching his arms with a loud yawn, furiously Krang eyed the insolent human's undeserved limbs.

`What is wrong, is that you are still here!`

Moving the bulky feet into a stomping march, away from still not quite awake Shredder.

`Drama brain...`

`Stupid ape...`

One of the greatest villains created deserves at least one fanfic dedicated to him, it might not be long or fate changing, but i think the characters are in character... so to speak