This year for my 4th grade fieldtrip I went on a boat trip the first day to Charlotte Harbor. Our chaperone was . He worked for C.H.E.C which I think it stands for Charlotte Harbor Entertainment Center. We took a bus to Charlotte Harbor. I sat next to Matthew. We got off the bus and we stopped at the dock. We had to wait for Mr. Chris. Then got on the boat. At first I was afraid. But Mr. Chris helped me get past my we had to put life jackets on,each life jacket had a name on it. Mine was Gator. had to call us by the name on our jackets. He told us he was going to show us a surprise.

It was time to headed down the harbor. We saw wall structures that had little holes in them. So when there is a hurricane, little critters such as shrimp, crabs, and seahorses could hide in the little holes. Mr. Chris showed us his surprise. He showed us a seahorse he had in a bucket. I have never seen one before. Next we exited into the large bodies of waters. A few minutes later we measured the debth of the water. It was six feet was a hour long ride. We saw some mangroves. We passed a ship that crashed into the mangroves two years got to go under the bridge that was my first time I have never gone under a bridge. We stopped another dock where people are home schooled. That's where we ate lunch. I had a Lunchable for lunch. It was mouth watering delicious. Then we went back to Charlotte Harbor and went back to school.

The next day we went on a rode the bus to the C.H.E.C. Center. Mrs. Stone was our chaporone for the hiking trip. We arrived and had to go to this strange looking cabin. There was sword fish on the wall and inside it's mouth was a doll head that looked creepy. Then we started our hike we passed a plant call a Womens tounge. Then we passed a plant called Poison Ivy. You don't want to touch Poison Ivy it will give you a rash and make you very ichy. Then we passed a trail of footprints of Ferral Hogs. They are exotic species. Then we passed a tire with a tree inside of it. Long ago used that spot as a dump. The Governor hired people to clean the mess up. They left a tire there to show people that it is not good to found a spot a where there was a lake with picnic tables next to it. We ate lunch there. Then a hour later we followed a path to a museum.

The museum shows what some insects,birds,fish, and other animals look like. There was also a dresser with droors filled with shells to display. We sat down in chairs and there was a mobile with animals on it. The animals were a pelican,osprin,a bass, a swordfish, a dolphin, and a eagle. Later we took a shortcut and got back to the main center with a creepy cabin. We checked out a an another cabin that displayed a ferral hog, whale bones, a gator, owls, and other bones. Than we ended the day and went back to the bus and headed back to school.I had a great 4th grade fieldtrip.