Vampire Knight: Forbidden Love Chapter One

Summary: Their love is forbidden. Because he is the enemy to all vampires and she is the princess of the purebloods

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"KYA! KYA!" The Day Class girls said outside of the Night Class's Dorm Rin opened the curtain and peep outside and sure enough there was a least 100 girls out there and one of the guardians was there trying to keep them back she closed the curtain and sighed.

"I wish my brother will hurry the sooner we get to class the better." She said looking at the other Night Class students.

"You know Kaname-Sama he has things to do my Princess." Aido says and bowed when he spoke Rin looked at him and nodded and then looked at her roommate Ruka who was looking at the top of the stairs and giggled slightly.

"Waiting for him again Ruka you know what he does." She said Ruka looked away from the stairs.

"Sorry to make you wait my sister." Said a deep voice everyone turned around and looked up to see Kaname and Seiren walking down the stairs they bowed when they had reached the bottom Rin crossed her arms and glared at her older brother.

"Your late yet again." She said Kaname rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Shall we take our leave at last?" Kaname asked everyone they nodded and got off the couch and grabbed their books and Rin opened the door. The screaming was getting louder every time they were reaching for the gates and was waiting for it to open. Adio chuckled and lick his lips.

"My are they energetic today." He chuckled again and Rin punched him on the shoulder.

"Control your hunger Adio or you'll get the Hunter after you." She said and smiled when she said Hunter and was thinking of her secret boyfriend Zero Kiryu and sighed sadly Adio noticed and looked at her.

"Is something the matter Rin-Sama?" He asked out of the corner of her eye she can tell that Kaname was looking at her Rin shook her head at Adio and put on a smile.

"No nothing's wrong." She said the gates finally opened and when it was wide enough the screaming of the Day Class were louder a level and they even form two single lines in front of them a girl with shoulder length brown hair wearing a Day Class uniform. The girl turned around and realized that she didn't get the girls away from the gates in time and moved out the way.

While she walked towards her class she noticed that the girl was Yuki the one that Kaname had saved ten years ago from a bad vampire. Her and Yuki sometimes spoke when she was with Kaname other than that they are not close friends.

Yuki was trying to push some girls back so that they wont get in the Night Class and she fell to the ground and looked up when she saw Kaname helping her up Rin walked over to them enough to hear their conversation.

"Thank you for all your hard work Yuki." He said as Rin step next to him Rin smiled when she looked at her.

"Ah no problem I am a guardian that's what we do! Yup! Protecting the Night Class." She said happily and then laughed nervously Rin rolled her eyes and it was obvious that the girl was in love with her brother. Kaname smiled.

"When you are so formally to me it makes me rather lonely." He said Rin stiffen slightly when he said that and Yuki blush and scratched her head.

"Well, I guess that's because you saved my life Kaname." She said Kaname reached over and shuffled Yuki's hair and she blushed.

"Don't worry about that it was so long ago." He said suddenly a hand grabbed his wrist and Rin looked up and saw Zero the other Prefect and her secret boyfriend. Kaname and Zero was glaring at each other.

"Your class is starting. Kuran." He said letting go of his wrist Kaname frowned and began walking.

"Your so scary. Mr. Prefect." He started walking towards the others and Rin was still there.

"Oh great Zero you should have never done that." Rin said to him and run gracefully towards her brother and the others.

"Everyday is the same thing the Day Class is all over them." Zero said shouting at the Day Class to go back to their dorms Yuki glared at him.

"Oh yeah but whenever Kaname's sister is around you act different." Then it had hit her and snap her fingers. "I got it! Your in love with her!" She said happily Zero wide his eyes and slam a hand over her mouth to make her be quiet.

"If any of the vampires heard about us it would cause another war. So keep your mouth shut understand?" He questioned her Yuki nodded and Zero let go of her mouth and walked over to the tree and leaned against it.

"So how long have you two uh you know?" Yuki asked

"About a year now." Zero said closing his eyes and sighed and grabbed his gun. "I was suppose to hate vampires but when I started seeing the pureblood. She is the only one I wont hurt." Zero walked away telling Yuki that he was patrolling inside the school building.

"Gone again." Adio says looking back in the classroom and noticed that Rin wasn't there he was scribbling in his notebook.

"This is the six time sense this month." Shiki says taking a bite of a chocolate pocky and crossed his arms and leaned back. "What could she be possible be doing at this time of night?" He question everyone looked at one another and Ruka flipped her blonde hair and walked over to Adio to see what he was drawing and snickered.

"Looks like someone is in love with a Pureblood." She said Adio glanced nervously at Kaname who was sitting by the window in a big chair and was reading a book.

"Give it back Ruka I got bored." He begged trying to grabbed it from her but Ruka was out of his reached and Ruka was flipping through pages. "RUKA DO YOU WISH TO DIE?" He shouted at her Ruka shrugged and gave it back getting bored herself and walked back over to her seat.

"You know you seem pretty interested in that girl Lord Kuran." Ruka says looking at their leader. Kaname stopped mid page of turning the book.

"Yes that's true." He said everyone gasped Kaname looked at Adio before speaking. "Adio go fetch my sister and bring her back here. I cannot afford her to miss class again." He said Adio nodded and got up and bowed and quickly walked out the door and was closing it behind him.

Rin and Zero were kissing passionately holding to each others arms while leaning against a tree they would normally meeting in the evenings. They broke apart and was breathing heavily.

"I hate lying to him Zero he will figure this out." Rin said sadly Zero reached over and pulled back a string of her dark brown hair behind her ear and kissed it.

"I know but you don't want to start another war do you?" He asked her Rin shook her head no and leaned against his shoulder.

"I just wish that we don't have to hide out relationship any more." She whispered and nuzzled against his shoulder. She heard Zero sighed and wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close. Rin looked up at him looking into his purple like eyes and smirked. "I think I figure out why I fell for you Zero." She said Zero smirked back at her.

"Oh yeah why's that?" He asked Rin shrugged against him.

"Its because of your eyes that had captured me there so beautiful." She said Zero chuckled and finger combed her hair.

"I hope that's not your only reason." He said Rin shook her head no and closed her eyes and they were quiet.

"Damn it! Where could she be?" Adio asked himself walking around campus looking for Rin he was on the other side of the Night Dorms checking to see if she would be any where around there and noticed that she wasn't there so he was now walking around the Sun Dorms.

"What could she be doing right now?" He questions himself and then stopped when he heard a giggle that sounded like Rin. "Rin?" He asked out loud getting closer when he heard a giggle again he walked towards the sound and noticed a big tree. Adio couldn't see well so he walked behind a building of the Sun Dorms and looked closer using his vampire eyes and wide them when he saw Rin and Zero the vampires enemy sharing a passionate kiss.

"Rin and Z-Zero no way I have to get out of here." He said and walked quickly away making sure he wasn't seen and ran back to the Night Class Dorms still couldn't believe that Rin was with Zero. "Wait until Kaname found out." He said.

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