Bella POV

"We're leaving" he said, when he says this I can't help but be shocked, I thought we'd have more time. It was only the other day that Alice threw that birthday party for me at their place, a train wreck that turned into with the incident that happened afterwards.

"Well...ok I'll need to pack my stuff, but I had hoped to stay a little longer to say goodbye to Charlie" I say. But then I see that look in his eye, like he's singling my out of something.

"When you say "we'" I say, from this he looks at me directly,

"I mean my family and myself"

"But...y-you can't leave me - Edward you can't. I love you" I say, desperate for him to stay or take me with him. I'm nothing without him, I love him and he loves me. Why is this happening? Why now?

"I don't want you to come" he says, when he says this I feel like my heart pierced.

"You...don'" I say, knowing that this is what he means,

"No. I don't, you were just a passing interest. A curiosity to me, I couldn't read your mind so I thought I could after spending time with you. Your blood seemed different too and I was curious as to why. But not anymore" he says.

The more he says this, the more I feel like my heart is being killed. I feel myself shaking fiercely from what is happening now, my tears over-running and my breathing is deepening.

"Well that changes things" I breathe out raggedly, feeling myself shake from this unbearable pain inside me.

"I'm sorry this lasted so long. But please just promise me you won't do anything foolish or reckless. And in return I promise that you'll never see me again. It'll be as if I and the family had never existed" he says.

He quietly kiss' my forehead gently then in a sudden rush he disappears from my sight.

And out of my life...forever.

"I thought he'd never leave"

I look behind me from when I heard that voice to then see Victoria standing there casually looking at me with a bored expression on.

"What are you doing here Victoria?" I ask, trying to hide my pain, but I know that I'm doing this badly. Tears are flooding down my face like a waterfall and I'm still shaking violently.

"Here to finally exact my revenge. But I've just found an even better way to do so. Since your heart is obviously broken, I'm going to turn you, so that you can roam for the rest of eternity knowing that you can never be with the one you love. Just like me" she says, suddenly I'm being thrown against a tree with her hand supporting me up around my throat, blocking my air supply.

And without warning she bites my neck.

Suddenly she lets go of me, and when she does I fall to the floor in a heap, already beginning to feel her venom pumping through my veins and it's like lava is scorching my entire body inside and out.

I hear a scream from near me, but I can't look to see what's happening I can only think of the pain.

Suddenly two red eyes are looking down at me, belonging to a very handsome face.

"W-who a-ar-re y-yo-ou?" I stutter, barely able to speak now.

"My name is Demetri. I'm going to take care of you," he says. But as soon as he finishes I suddenly black out, feeling nothing only the pain that's in my veins, and the distinct feeling of the air rushing past me at an alarming speed and being in strong arms.