Bella POV

Good god I remember this, I remember this pain, I know I've been through it before.

I'm becoming a vampire – again.

But I feel bursts of more pain every so often, like fire eruptions through my body. I feel like I'm screaming on the inside. I want to scream, shout and thrash, but I feel like a building is placed on top of me.

Where's Demetri? Where are my babies? What happened to Edward? What's going on?

Suddenly I feel like a wave of freezing cold water has been splashed all over my body and gone inside me.

Then finally I open my eyes.

Again I gasp at how sharp and clear my vision is again, able to see everything again, human eyes miss out so much.

Slowly I sit up finding myself in an empty room, lying on a queens sized bed, finding I'm wearing knee length denim blue jeans and a white dress top and black converse.

Slowly I stand up, then suddenly I sense a presence in the same room. I look to my side and there seeing the most wonderful man I will ever know.

"Bella" he says, then in an instant I hurry into his arms, when I'm there he wraps his arms around me like he never wants to let go, I know I can understand this as I don't want to let go of him either.

"What happened?" I ask, looking up in question, seeing him look down at me when I I do,

"The army was defeated, the Romanians were destroyed, and so was Edward" he says, I nod at all this, but then I remember something,

"Iris? Something happened to her? What?" I ask looking at him worried, what happened to her?

"She…one of the newborns that got into the room with Edward, he bit her" he says, but as soon as he finishes I cry out loud, from the pain in my chest, my baby! Not even long before she was born?

"But baby…something wonderful happened" he says, I look up at him from this,

"She lives sweetie, I don't know how yet but she lives" he says. I look at him at first as if he'd gone mad, but then I smile in astonishment, my babies – all of them – are alive and safe.

"Demetri, take me to hunt? I want to make sure they are safe when I see them" I say, from this he nods in agreement with that handsome smile of his on.

We jump out of the window, thankful that its night and no-one can see us.

I must have drained three people before I was completely sure that I was fully sated, then turning to find Demetri not at my side like he would normally be.

"Demetri?" I say, but within half a second he's back holding some of my clothes,

"You kind of ruined your clothes sweetheart" he says, I look down at myself to then realise that I was covered in blood. I look up and smile at him in appreciation and then quickly get changed, thankful that we're in an alleyway where no-one will see me.

Finally I'm finished wearing cream leggings, a black flaring mini skirt, an elbow length cream top and my knee length black boots.

He takes my hand and then we run back to the castle, I can't wait, I get to finally see my babies.

When we get to the entrance I see Aro, Caius and Marcus standing there waiting for us,

"Bella, absolutely wonderful to have you back, do you feel fully sated?" asks Aro, I nod while smiling back at them,

"Come on, let's go see our children" says Demetri, I nod enthusiastically, following him towards the room where we had decided they would be and also where we had let Alice free in.

Finally at the door Demetri squeezes my hand which I appreciate, I'm as nervous as anything, I'm about to meet my children.

He opens the doors and we walk in and I see three cribs inside the warm cream painted room. I look around me for a second until I look back at the cribs, and walk over to them, taking each step with care. Then going to the nearest one I see a while crib with a baby inside with white cotton sheets wrapped around it. I look at the head of the crib to see an engraving of their name, Angel.

I smile at the baby, remembering her to have been my last one to come out, our hidden baby we knew nothing about.

I slowly and carefully lean over and bring her up into my arms, cradling her in there, then amazingly I see her opening her eyes and when she's looking at me she smiles and giggles.

If I could cry I would right now.

"Angel, you're so beautiful sweetheart" I whisper, as if she understood she smiles wider if possible and giggles again.

I walk over to the other two cribs and see my other little girl and my special little boy.

I look to Kyle and surprisingly he looks to me as if knowing I was looking at him and smiles wide, I smile back. Then I look to Iris and see something very odd.

She doesn't look like a new-born, she looks more like a five month old baby. I look to Demetri behind me confused to find him smiling at me,

"We're not sure how sweet heart, but we think that the bite may have caused her to age faster, I'm not sure how but it just is" he says, I nod at this, the only thing that means most to me is that I have all my children and family with me.