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La La Lie

Iggy and I had been flying for what seemed like a millennium and a half, against raging winds. The sky was darkening and frothing, and cars bellow us were skidding across the sheets of water collecting on the gravel from the rain.

Honestly, I thought I was going to die—against the weather.

I realize how pathetic that sounds considering I was considered one of "the most dangerous clones," but give me a break man!

Here's a little secret, when it starts raining, bird kids have to land.


No, you stupid people in the back, it's not because birds can't fly in the rain. Our feathers have this special little oil that repels water.

It's because balancing in the air becomes a thousand times more difficult, not to mention visibility tends to go to hell.

So Iggy and I landed, cursing like sailors and shivering because on top of being wet, it happened to be cold.

Go figure.

It was one of those strange days in Florida where the wind flashed around and the sun was hiding, probably laughing at all of us, while we turned into birdy-flavored popsicle sticks.


After a while of trekking through the muddy swamp and muttering something totally not nice about how the blind kid could maneuver through twigs and snags better than I could, I came to my senses and gathered up my huevos to say something to the unruly and love stricken bird boy.

"Yo! I don't think we're gonna get anywhere by contracting pneumonia!"

Iggy whipped around and regarded me with his pale, unseeing eyes. His strawberry blond hair was sticking to his forehead and pronounced cheeks, his pinks lips snarled up in defeat, showing off perfectly movie-star white straight teeth, "I know!"

"So?" I tried to sound as menacing as I could while shivering down to my toes in the cold; I crossed my arms and glared at him anyways. Not as if he could actually see how pathetic I looked at the moment.

His snarl melted away and what was left was a peaceful look on his face after a pregnant pause.

"Tally doesn't seem to be saying anything else, she muttered something about going back to sleep, but I guess it'll be alright to rest for a bit, maybe eat a bit."

I was about to open my mouth to retort when it sunk in that he actually agreed with me. Then, I just threw my hands up to the sky and said, "Finally! The boy sees reason!"

That was when the snarl came back so fast, I think I got whiplash and frostbite all in one go.


Tally tried her best to make it seem like she was sleeping on the bed in the back of the van.

The person who was driving…it wasn't Iggy.

It wasn't her Iggy who would have smothered her with kisses and stupid puns and had blind eyes and would have been able to hear her thoughts.

The first thing the impostor did when he got her out was say, "Damn, Violet, you're really messed up kid."

Of course, her name wasn't Violet, so Tally detected the first clue right then and there.

Then when she tried to freeze this freak with glowing eyes, it didn't work.

And judging from the cryopreservation tank behind her, she evaluated that this whole situation was the result of the white coats.

But, she didn't have the energy to fight at the moment. The machine said she had no sedative left in her system, but in reality, she felt more tired than ever, more tired than after she broke out of the Facility.

So, she did what some people do in movies and pretended to pass out again when she flopped out of the tank.

And once more, the impostor grabbed her in an awkward way and pulled her over to the sleeping bag opposite the tank.

That was the final clue.

He grabbed her in such a way that suggested that he had never carried a girl, and awkwardly groped her to get her to the craptastic sleeping bag that looked like a black garbage bag stuffed with synthetic fluff.

Iggy had carried her numerous times and knew exactly where to put his hands on her body so that her wings wouldn't be bothered or any injury she had would not be jostled. It was because he was blind that he was such an expert at carrying her—he just had to be, he always tried to be the best at what he could do to make up for what he couldn't.

But this one seemed like he could both see and was making the best out of the awkwardness of carrying an unconscious bird girl.

So she feigned sleep.

And while she feigned sleep the impostor at some point opened the back of the van and dumped the preservation tank out into what she could see was a swamp, but Tally didn't mind.

That meant that in the event of a scuffle, she would have more room to move around and kick some serious butt.

But as she turned to her side and contemplated where the Flock was, she thought, Iggy, please come back to me.


When Iggy jumped up after devouring a bag of beef jerky and trail mix, I leapt to attention.

Rubbing my tired face, I moaned, "Jeezums, where's the fire dude?"

"I heard Tally!" He exclaimed, his eyes wider than ever looking around like a madman for what looked like the thousandth time since we had abandoned the Flock to look for our partners.

"Oh my Lanta are you a freaking broken record, you've been saying that for the entire day!"

And he just turned around, his eyes spitting blind sparks at me, "She's on the road! I can hear her so clearly! And that means your stupid Gunner is there too!"




In less than what seemed like seconds I had gathered my things, zipped up our backpacks, and was standing next to him saying, "Well what are you waiting for then, Mr. Smarty Pants?"

So that was how the both of us ended up flying close to the road, the kid having me scan while he acted like some strange canine hearing a dog whistle, directing me in the general direction that he could hear Tally.


In the end, Max had managed to get the Flock the heck out of the hotel. And for that, she was extremely relieved.

Being attacked by Goblins was one of the worst things that could happen to them considering their injuries, but getting attacked by Alex clones too just about broke all of them.

They had managed to blow a hole through the main defenses of the enemies with a huge cannon that the Gasman had managed to fix up with some help of Fang.

The fire extinguisher looked like some strange abomination with a ton of kitchen utensils and bathroom utensils attached to it, and none of the flock really wanted to challenge Gazzy and ask him how in the name of heck he had managed to even start that with Iggy, let alone finish it, but he did.

It even had letters on the side that read "The Terminator," and when Max gave Fang a questioning look, he shrugged and answered, "They saw a couple of the movies a while ago."

And so, they wrenched open the door to the motel, Iggy fell onto his knees with the cannon on his shoulder and cackled, "Hasta la vista baby!"

With that, a huge ball went speeding out of the cannon's mouth and into the horde of goblins and Alex clones.

Max let out a whoop of victory when it blew a hole right through their defenses, but son after, she yelled, "Up and away!" so that the rest of the flock could escape.

She scooped up Angel and threw her into the air while Fang threw Gazzy into the air and Nudge picked up Total so that he wouldn't be left behind with the speed they would be going at to escape the Goblins.

But one question remained on Max's mind, would they ever be able to escape the demons of the School and Facility?

A pang of horrid anger hit her with that thought, and she stopped mid air when she saw that the Goblins were following them in that eerily staggering speed, and that they were about thirty seconds away from a construction site.

Max may have lost her ability to go into full Super sonic speed, but that didn't stop her telekinesis from kicking in.

She looked like an avenging angel when she turned around to face the Globlins, the clouds behind her were darkening dangerously and her blonde hair was whipping all around her. Her lips twisted into a snarl as she lifted her arms at right angles, palms down and slowly.

Behind her, with a series of clangs and rumbles, the construction site began to lift clear out of the dirt, streams of sand falling from some of the tractors and bulldozers.

The earth seemed to quiet as she made everything hover about fifty feet in the air, right above the treeline.

And when the Goblins were right in front of her, Max let out a loud, vicious war cry, hurled her hands in front of her into an almost-clap.

The Flock watched wide-eyed—and a couple of humans who were on the road stopped, one of them conveniently a news van—as their leader made one square mile of construction equipment crash into the Goblins and clones, then squish them like pesky cockroaches.

Breathing heavily, Max turned around and looked at her flock.

When they just stared at her like gasping fish, she frowned and said, "What are you looking at?"

At last Gazzy said, "Holy sh—!"

"Language!" Angel and Nudge yelled, while Fang sneaked over to Max and whispered as best he could over the wind, "That was hot."

Max turned beat red and the yelled at them to keep flying.


We had been running through the swamp for a while when we caught up to a parked van.

We were about to go busting into it when I saw a girl whoosh out of it.

She had long flowing black hair, with bangs that covered her dark gray eyes—she almost seemed blind to some extent.

She was wearing a blue halter dress that dropped to her knees and flowed around her legs. She was that weird shade of skin that people with olive skin get when they aren't exposed to the sun.

She had wiry, well-toned muscles, a pouty mouth set into a frown.

But here's the good part, she had dark, almost black wings jutting out from her shoulder blades.

She whipped around to look at us, and then went sprinting into the arms of Iggy.

I frowned at the couple when he grabbed her and spun her around in a circle, peppering her face with kisses while she rasped out a rough, "I-I-Ig-Iggy."

I could have smiled if it weren't for the fact that this meant the end of the adventure with the blind bird boy.

I hated to admit it, but it was sort of fun chasing his girl half way around the country.

I turned away, and despite the rain, gave myself a running start before launching into the air.

Looking at a happy couple wasn't going to make me any happy, because a cursory glance of the terrain told me that Gunner wasn't there.

So me being a pathetic little emo landed on a tree branch half a block away from the couple and stared out at the clouds blankly, my eyes burning with unshed tears.

After a while, I guess Iggy remembered that he had indeed flown to his girl with a companion who was her carbon copy.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and when I looked up, I saw my original staring down at me with a soft frown on her pretty lips.

Iggy was right next to her, an arm wound around her waist.

He almost looked sympathetic to the girl he had ridiculed and probably hated for the entire trip.

I shrugged her hand off and looked away from her, "What do you want? I don't need you to rub it in, I didn't get to Gunner."

Iggy frowned, "Look we don't need attitude. Tally just wanted to tell you what happened to Gunner."

I cocked an eyebrow, "But she's mute."

Really, that tic Iggy had in his eyebrow was starting to turn into a twitch, "She can send pictures. She told me that Gunner and her were attacked in the middle of the road by a roaming band of Goblins and Alex clones."

"Yeah, so what?"

He could've chucked something at me, I could tell. "She hid in the van, Gunner went out and start chucking balls—of light?"—Tally nodded here in confirmation, twirling her long inky hair around her finger—"And the goblins over took him. So that means that they might be taking him to a Facility."

I winced then aimed my purple eyes at Tally's, and she stared back at me with equal intensity, "You're sure of this?"

She gave me a quick jab of a nod.

"Then…we'll find Gunner?"

Tally knelt in front of me, then nodded her head yes, her gray eyes full of all the determination in the world.

I smiled, and tucked a stray lock of hair behind my ear to hide the one tear that fell down my cheek, "Alright then, we're going to save Gunner, Oh-Apocalypse Children."

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