The Torchwood Files 2

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Chapter One

Torchwood Cardiff

"How long has he been like this?" Janto asked "since 2009" said Jack "really" Janto put his hand on the glass again "has he woken up at all?" he asked. "no his eyes fluttered a couple of time but" Janto licked his lips "h-how long do you intend to keep him like this?" "that's why I bought you here" Jack looked at him.

"Me" Jack nodded "yes…6112"Jack said the water in the tank starting to go down the water disappeared all together Janto stepped back "ok" it opened "come and help me" Ianto's head dropped down "Let's get him on the bed and into something" they picked him and put him in a pair of pyjama bottoms and laid him down.

Jack moved hair form his eyes he had a smile on his face "it's ok you can wake up now" he said Ianto's eyes fluttered opened revealing blur eyes "j" he went to speak "you've been asleep for 7 years it will take time" Ianto licked his lips "didn't I die?" he said in a scratchy voice "yeah kind of" "kind of" Jack nodded "oh god your back"

Janto moved slightly Jack looked at him "it's ok" he said Janto moved forward again "Ianto" "hm" Ianto had his eyes closed "Ianto I'd like you to meet someone" Jack said. Ianto's eyes opened suddenly "This is Janto he's" "I know you'd replace me but his name is similar to mine and he looks like me" "no…Ianto don't you remember?" "Remember what exactly?" "our son remember we named him Jack- Ian" "Jack-Ianto Harkness-Jones" Ianto finished "I" he closed his eyes "rest" Jack kissed Ianto's forehead.


"Yes colonel Marsters I'll be sure to tell him when he returns… I agree we do need more… yes sir I understand bye sir" Ryan put the phone down. 'where the hell is he' Ryan paced the office he sat down in the chair and leaned back Ryan picked the mobile up and dialled a number there was no answer.

"The person you are calling is in a different time line" Ryan looked at the phone.


Janto took his coat off and placed it down he removed the suspenders and untucked his shirt a doctor walked over "I'd feel better with my own doctor" Janto rolled his sleeve up "that would be pretty hard he's not here" Jack said "get him here then I'm sure he's wondering where I'm gone…again" "is this the boss talking or the boyfriend?" Jack asked.

"Both" Janto beamed "ok ok"


Ryan was still in Janto's chair feet up on the desk arms behind his head a figure materialised Jack smiled "hi" Ryan fell back "shit" "are you ok?" Jack asked "I need a doctor" Ryan rubbed his head "aren't you one?" "yeah I can examine my own head" Ryan stood up "where's Janto?" "he's fine he is with me and he wants you"

"oh" Ryan had a clueless look on his face "get your Kit and lets go" "kit?" "you're a doctor?" Jack asked hands in his pockets "I just hit my head"

"fair enough".


Janto was still in the chair from before Jack and Ryan appeared "Janto there you are" Ryan walked up "I went to get you and you had disappeared again" Ryan said "yeah sorry about that" "I've had that weevil face on the phone again 'you need six people working at Torchwood' I couldn't get a word in edgeways" Ryan ranted "yeah…I got you here to take my blood"

Ryan raised an eyebrow "ok ok but no lollipops" Janto rolled his eyes "get on with it" Ryan took out a needle and tapped Janto's arm doing it a few times to find a vain "got it" Jack sat down and watched Ryan took some blood "how much do you want?" asked Ryan "2 test tubes" "coming up"

Ianto opened his eyes he had a drip in his arm "were the same blood type" Ianto turned his head Janto sat on a chair in the corner of the room "where's Jack?" "he'll be here in a minute" Ianto licked his lips "how do you feel?" "like I've died" Janto smiled "do you need a glass of water?" "please" Janto helped him sit up.

Ianto looked at Janto "you really do look like me apart from the chin and hair" Ianto sipped the water Janto held it for him "I know auntie Gwen said" "Gwen how is she?" "good" Ianto nodded. The door opened Jack walked in "hey" he walked closer "so me and our son are wondering how you did this" Ianto croaked "you really wanna know?" Jack asked "ok"

"The last kiss we shared I gave you enough life force to keep you with me till the end" Ianto nodded "once I gave Janto to Gwen I came back and worked the toxin out of you" Jack paused for them to take everything in "eventually I placed you in embiotic fluid so I was like you were in a mothers womb" Jack looked down at his hand "I debated to do this"

Jack looked up at Janto "I'm sorry I never told you Jan but I didn't want to get your hopes up I didn't want it to go wrong" "Jack come here" Ianto said Jack walked up to the bed Ianto sat up "just hug me" Jack wrapped his arms round him "I love you Jack Harkness" "I love you too Ianto Jones".


Ryan paced, the door opened Janto walked out and shut the door Ryan stooped and looked at him "well what's going when we leaving?" he asked "I'm not" "excuse me?" Ryan asked "I'm staying here, I don't belong in Cardiff, I belong here" Ryan shook his head "don't be stupid".

"My home has always been here never there" Ryan clenched his fists "I see" he said and looked down "ok fine stay like I give a damn" he walked to the door. "wait" Janto took a hold of his arm "get your hand off of me" "Ryan I want you to stay with me" Janto whispered Ryan had his eyes closed "Cardiff is my home it's where Leila is"

Janto let go "Leila's gone" "I know that" Ryan said "don't you think I know that if" the door opened "am I interrupting something?" Jack asked Ryan looked up "I'm ready to go home" "ok" Ryan took something out of his pocket "I bought this for you" he held the wrist strap "I'm guessing you won't need it anymore" he marched past Jack "lovers tiff?" Jack asked.

"Ryan" Janto followed him "buzz of tosser" "I'm still your boss" Janto said Ryan stopped "no actually not anymore Sir" Ryan said "Sir you've never c" "things change Mr Harkness-Jones" "Ryan" Jack watched with a small smile "what's all this noise?" all three looked Ianto stood with his arms crossed leaning against the door frame "Tad" "Ianto you shouldn't be out yet" Ianto smiled "I'm fine honestly"

Ianto looked at Ryan "hi we haven't met" he held his hand out "Ianto Jones I'm Janto's Tad and you are?" Ryan's eyes widened "I…I" he swallowed "d…dead I thought you were" "I was" he said "oh…I'm Ryan O' Conner sir…pleased to meet you" Ryan stood straight "you too Ryan"

Janto stepped forward "Jack saved him" Ryan looked at him "oh ok…I'm ready to go home now" "ok" Jack walked up to Ryan "goodbye sir" Ryan said to Ianto "you too Ryan" Ianto looked at Janto, Jack and Ryan disappeared "you do know you can go" Ianto said "but" Janto started to say "no we've got ages to catch up"

"Torchwood is your job…it's not something for my son but It's you and it's in your blood" Ianto walked up to him "we could pass as twins" he held his face Janto gained a smile "hey if any one asks we could just say that we are" Ianto smiled "now use that time agent device and go home" he said "ok…I'll be back sooner or later"

"I know" he wiped down Janto's coat "you've got your Dad's dress sense" "actually this is for when I battle I usually wear a suit, more" "professional" Ianto smiled. Jack appeared "I'm back" he looked between them "am I missing something?" Jack asked they both looked at him and wore identical smiles "now that's freaky"

"okay I'm off home" Janto stood in front of them "ok safe journey then" Ianto said "I will…I suppose I have to deal with colonel weevil" Janto rolled his eyes "have fun… and see you" Jack said "right"


Ryan sat in the autopsy bay legs swinging "I have to face the weevil face thanks a lot Janto" "Hey" Ryan looked up Janto leant on the railings "what I thought you wasn't coming back" "I wasn't but" he stood up straighter and opened his arms out "here I am" Ryan got up and walked up to him "you're an arsehole you know that" Ryan stated "I've been told"

Ryan smiled.


"Colonel Masters please sit" Janto gestured to the chair, the Rather tubby man with a scrunched up face and beady eyes "Mr Harkness-Jones down to just you and Mr O' Conner here" "great deduction Watson" Janto commented "now is not the time for cheek I am still your superior son and I have already got your next team set up" Masters explained.

"Excuse me… when I agreed to do this I was specifically told I was to pick the team" Janto said "you took too long" Masters stated "they will be arriving soon" Janto stood up Masters looked at him "give me a week" he said "are you sure only two of you can handle things for a week" Masters stood up "yes"

"ok you have one week to get a team" he left Janto sat "phew" he rubbed his neck.


"Where do we start?" Ryan asked they sat in the conference room "no idea" Janto sighed "what would Jack do?" Ryan asked "no idea" there was a beeping sound "the rift" Ryan stood up, Ryan left the room Janto leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes "boss there's a giant rift spike at Cardiff train station and bus station" Ryan called "ok lets go".


The SUV pulled up and both of them got out "over here" Ryan pointed "how'd you know?" Janto asked "because people running and screaming over there" Ryan pointed "ah" they ran "don't go in there" a guy said

"Were Torchwood"


"U.N.I.T reports on a couple of people suitable for Torchwood" Ryan placed folders down on Janto's desk he looked at them and raised an eyebrow "oh that's" "a lot I know" Ryan went "better get started then" he took the first folder off the pile.


A tall light haired guy in a leather jacket, black jeans and t-shirt he had a pair of sunglasses on he walked into the tourist information centre "hello anyone around".

There was no answer "hello, my names Leon Pryce I'm from U.N.I.T" he said out louder Ryan walked out "hi" "um hi I'm to report to Jack-Ianto Harkness-Jones" Ryan smiled. "he has been expecting you" he turned "right this way" Leon followed Ryan in.

Janto was in his office 'it's only been a couple of hours you stupid weevil face' Janto smiled there was a knock on the door "enter" Ryan and the guy walked in "please have a seat" the guy sat Ryan left "I'm Janto Harkness-Jones leader of Torchwood that was Doctor Ryan O'Connor we're part of Torchwood Cardiff"

"Leon Pryce ex-Unit hopefully" Janto looked at the piece of paper "you understand what is involved?" Leon nodded "I was in the firing line for the sontarans 8 years ago so I think I understand" Leon said "hm" Janto watched him "I like you already" Leon smiled.


"Janto" Ryan walked into his office he looked up" "I'm heading home" Janto nodded Ryan went Janto put the folder down and leaned back into the chair "Janto" a voice said he jumped out of his skin "Jack" Jack smiled "sorry we scared you" Janto raised an eyebrow "we?" he asked Jack nodded and smiled.

Ianto Jones walked in "this place has changed".