Chapter Thirteen

It's a Twin Thing

Janto Harkness-Jones – one month old

"This little piggy went to market this little piggy went all the way home" Ianto trailed a finger up the babies leg he giggled, Jack walked in the room "I don't want to leave him Jack" Ianto didn't look up from what he was doing.

Jack walked up and placed his hand on his shoulders "neither do i".

"He is just so" Jack smiled "come on, this guy I know will protect our son until we come back" Jack said "okay" he said.

Janto Harkness-Jones – 6 months old

Gwen took the baby "I need you to take Janto for a while I have….some things to do" "what Jack" she asked "just a little thing" Gwen nodded "were look after him Jack" stated Rhys.

Jack nodded "that's Ianto's son…our son".


Janto Harkness-Jones – 15 years old

"Dad how?" he looked over at Jack "like this" he rearranged the gun in his hand "and fire" Janto let of a couple of rounds "wow" he smiled "I'm so kick arse".

"Language" Jack scolded "oops sorry" Janto said "hey dad" he looked at the gun "who's was this before mine?" he asked "your Tad's" "cool" Jack nodded "I suppose it is, I'm holding Tad's Torchwood issued gun".

"Yeah Torchwood".


Janto Harkness-Jones – 19 Years old

"Dax Widget, right?" Janto placed the bag on the bed the guy reading looked up "yes that is me" he said ad they shook hands "the names Jack-Ianto Harkness-Jones" Dax nodded "you're the commander's son?"

Janto nodded "yes" "well are you hoping for the Torchwood Cardiff job?".

Janto shook his head "truthfully I just want to be a time agent".



Ianto cried.

"No not you" he held Janto's head "nooooo" he cried "sweetheart" Gwen kneeled "Ianto I am so sorry" she stroked his hair "not Janto" Jack cried "Jack please" Ianto looked at him "there's nothing I can do" Ianto shook his head.

"You saved me you can save him" he told him Jack shook his head "there's nothing" Ianto looked at Janto "I'm sorry Torchwood has done it again hasn't it" he laid Janto's head down and stood up

"His own daughter did this" he looked at Leon he nodded "fuck…..Emry" Emry stopped "T-Tad" he cried and ran up "Taaaaaaad".


Ryan curled into a ball tears streaming down his face the door opened "rise and shine sleeping beauty" came Aerona's voice "ah cheer up it's not the end of the world, actually it will be when I have finished" she said.

Ryan closed his eyes 'Janto'.


Janto lay on the table Emry's head was on the table by Janto's hand 'my twin sister did this?' he closed his eyes Ianto and Jack sat the other side "why couldn't Tad be immortal like you granpa" came a small voice "immortality is not natural" he told him Emry sniffed.

"I guess your right" he said "It would be good huh?" "yes" Ianto stroked Janto's hand "wait?" he moved it to his face "Jack his hand, it's warm" his eyes widened "what?" they looked Janto fingers were combing through Emry's hair they looked up and his face and his eyes were opened.

"I was shot" he said "Tad" Emry sat up "hey" he licked his lips "easy" Ianto helped him up "last thing I knew I was shot right here" he touched his forehead "it's gone" he said "miracle" Emry whispered "yes I do believe it is" Jack said.

"Ryan" Janto said "Aerona took him again" Rosina walked in "oh Jan" she walked up and hugged him "easy does it" he laughed "I am glad your back…..wouldn't be the same without you" she told him "don't I know it" he replied.

"So it looks like we do have something In common" Jack stated Janto smiled and then his face changed "we need to find Ryan".


"Here" Aerona pulled Ryan up he just stood there "hey cheer up just one more absent father of the planet" she laughed Ryan blinked and she tutted "you're not very good talker are you" she took a knife from her side pocket "maybe I could send the remaining Torchwood a piece of you".

She trailed the knife down his neck "not even a flinch dad's death has really affected you" she said.


Janto shed the RAF coat he looked in the mirror "I'm coming to get you Ryan" he looked at the ring that was attached to a necklace he held it "I'm coming I swear" he said there was a knock on the door "come in" the door opened "Janto sir" he turned round Miley walked in "me and Ryan did not really get on so well" she said.

"But when turned into that horrible killing machine and all that crap that happened our relationship changed and we became best friends….and I'll follow you anywhere to get him back".

Janto looked at her "Miley" she nodded "I have said it once and I am going to say it again if you follow me you will die" he told her she nodded "then so be it" he nodded.

"Are you ready boss?" Leon asked "as I'll ever be Leon" he walked down.

"When Dax turned up last year and planted those bombs to get my attention" he opened up his wrist strap "to protect my new team I planted a tracker device on each of you" Gareth raised an eyebrow.

"Miley yours in in your left earing the ones you always wear" she touched said ear "Gareth in your phone, Leon would you believe me if I told you in your ipod" he said Leon sighed "yeah I guess I would…" he said.

Janto nodded "Tucker in your custom issued U.N.I.T magnum and Ry" "well" Jack asked "in his left butt cheek" they all stared at him in disbelief "only bloody a Harkness" said Ianto "I'm kidding…..but when I told him that boy was that a slap" Miley snickered.

"No you know that necklace he wears…even in bed" his face went starry eyed "Janto trouble at hand" Rosina mentioned "oh okay…..sorry….in the necklace charm and if my calculations are correct" he pressed a button a huge screen appeared behind him and there was a red dot.

"There is Ryan O'Connor".


The SUV parked up "this is right" Leon looked out of the window Janto nodded "yes Ryan is in there somewhere" he said "I hope he's okay" Miley said "Ryan can watch out for himself" "boss he still thinks you're dead" Tucker stated "I know" he whispered "okay how do we do this?" Gareth asked.

"Okay here is the plan".


Aerona sat in a chair "well Torchwood you still manage for your fallen boss" she looked at the screen "sorry but it's over" she turned it off and stood up.


"Boss" Leon got out of the SUV he looked at him "yes" "she could be watching us" he said Janto smirked "let her…off you go" Leon went to leave "one more thing" he looked at the others "how are you going to stop her without killing her?".


"Dad" Janto said "sit down I need to talk to you" "o-o-okay but I have not got the time" he said "Aerona is your daughter you won't be able to kill her" Janto sighed "I know…..what do you think?" Janto asked.

"Well when Gray…..your uncle came and did what he did I sent him to sleep and froze him Janto bit his bottom lip "do you think I could do it?" Jack shook his head.

"I don't know".


"Come on Torchwood" he walked coat billowing behind him "let's go" "right".


Ryan stood up he wiped his face he walked to the door 'I need to get out of here' there was a breeze that ruffled his hair the place was still empty.

Ryan turned back to the door and tried the handle it opened his eyes widened.

Janto walked he opened the door he walked in "Aerona" he called "Aerona you've been a naughty girl it's time for bed" he called.

Ryan froze on the spot 'Janto that was Janto' there was another breeze the door opened he walked to it.

"I have not got all day" he called out "I'm not a patient man" Janto placed his hands on his hips the door opened he turned to it and looked Ryan stood in the door way "Janto" he said,

"Ryan" a huge smile appeared across his face he ran "Janto" Ryan ran toward him he caught Ryan as he fell "I s-s-s-saw you…..she shot you" Ryan cried "shhhhhhhh yeah she did but here I am shhhh" "Ryan" a voice said.

They both looked "Leila" Leila stood off to the side "hello" they stared "don't come near me I am still dead…I guess my spirit was still with you" Ryan's eyes started watering "I knew there was something I stayed around for".

"Yeah" she nodded "too bring Ryan and Janto together again" Ryan wiped his eyes "you know I hate chick flick moments" he told her "I think I found it just the right time" Leila started fading "this is really good bye" she said and was gone.

"Jan" Ryan said "hnmmmm" "how are you still here?" they looked at each other "truthfully I don't know once we sort this out were find out" he explained "boss any luck" came Gareth's voice.

They looked at each other again "main building I have Ryan" "on it" "why are you still alive?" Aerona screamed she held a gun aimed at them they turned to her "I guess immortality runs in the genes" Janto turned and put Ryan behind him.

"I killed you, I killed you" she said "look I'm sorry Aerona they was things turned out but I knew nothing about you or your brother Dax never told me" he told her Aerona laughed "like I will believe that" she said her hand shook.

Janto looked behind her Tucker stood by the open door way he aimed the gun at her "well I'll just kill you again and again" she said "no" said Ryan.

Tucker fired the gun.


"Aerona Widget" said Janto she was on a table "she's out for the count" Ryan check her vitals "I'm sorry Aero" Janto kissed her forehead "even though you killed me, kidnapped my Ryan, poisoned your own dad's mind I in a way love you" Emry walked up "that her?" he asked "yes".

Emry swallowed.

"I remember her" they all looked at him "you do?" Janto asked "yeah when it was adoption season as we ophans call it she turned up" Janto rubbed his face "let make sure she is out and freeze her".


Janto placed the ring back on Ryan's finger he was in bed "hm" he opened his eyes "what time is it?" Ryan asked "12.30" Ryan nodded "Janto" "hm" he leaned down "what happened today was the reason I didn't want to get married?" Ryan sat up and drunk some water.

"I know" "but let me finish" Janto nodded "but the other hand the same reason is why I do" he told him "that makes me happy" Janto told him.

"Good because once we say I do you are stuck with me….are you sure you can handle that?" Janto kissed him "I think I can…but the question Mr O'Connor can you handle me?".


Ianto placed Eric down and stood up he stretched "Yan" Jack walked to the door "yes" he said.

"Marry me?"


"Okay one date" came a voice Leon looked up "really?" Tucker nodded Leon smiled "good" he stood up "can we do it now?" Leon asked.



"You're a softy Gareth George" Rosina drunk some wine they sat in a restaurant "I have been told, sooo will you?" he asked.

"Yes Gareth I will move in with you".


Ryan had his head on Janto's chest "love you" he looked at the ring.

'Leila was right everything is going to be okay".

The End