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Since there are two characters with the name "Max", one of them will be divided as "Max G." - the first letter of "Goof" to avoid confusion.

Hope you'll enjoy reading the story.

This is how I dreamed up a beautiful little world called "Planet Drool", because the planet was so beautiful and so fun that it could make any visitor drool. Even in their sleeps.

When I walked to the ocean, I noticed a half-shark half-boy swim up to shore. He had gills, sharp claws and teeth, and a large fin that stuck out from his back. The boy called himself "Sharkboy". He told me that he'd lost touch with his father at sea when an electrical storm blew apart their laboratory long ago and had been looking for him ever since he learned to manage on his own.

After he told his story, a girl whose hair was so pink and her body glowed in light, strong and warm like fire, appeared to us near the shore. Her back faced a far off, eruptive volcano. I called her "Lavagirl". She smiled at me, like I'd called out her real name. The smile on her face glowered like a bright shooting star flying past a dark night sky.

This was my dreamworld - Planet Drool. This was the world I was staying in, where I would finally escape from my undesirable home world; a place that I despised more than anything else. A place where my parents were often quarreling with each other, a place where I would often be teased by schoolmates. A place where my dreams were called useless. This will be my home world now, I will escape reality once and for all to get here. I rested on a wide soft meadow, accompanied by Sharkboy and Lavagirl. The ground underneath cradled my body in a motionless way, a breeze blew past the meadow silently. When I opened my eyes again...

Today was a regular day for daydreamer Max. A day at school, where he would get bullied by classmates as a misfit, a day where he wished that he could escape his world and dream of his lovely fantasized place: "Planet Drool". If he could sleep in class, he would. But sleeping would mean he was an unattentative student who hated school and getting suspended would be the result, and he'd promised his parents to be on his best behavior.

"I wish something would happen so that I wouldn't have to go to school," he muttered quietly, and then went toward school where the bullies awaited him.

"Hey, Max," said the head bully Linus on the school yard. "What's dreaming?"

Max eyed him with the same annoyance and hatred that he'd had since he first began school with him and his fellow classmates. He ran toward the gates with as much speed as he could manage when they started throwing folded paper at him. For some reason, Linus had always teased his dreams even though he had done nothing to his. As soon as he rushed into the hallway, the throwing stopped.

What's his problem? Like I care either way. He's probably dreaming of dominating the world. Max thought on his way to his locket.

"Hey, are you okay?"

He turned to face Marissa, the daughter of his home teacher, and his only potential friend. She was the only one who had ever been nice to him at school. "Yeah, I'm fine," he answered casually though he was anything but.

She smiled widely.

"Wanna go to class together?"

"Yeah, sure," he answered with a grin.

The teacher, Mr. Electricidad, and his parents have suggested that he try to make new friends this semester. They talked the whole way to classroom about the day's research team. The restoration committee of Radiant Garden.

"You wouldn't believe what Mr. Leon has to contain. He and Mr. Cid are researching something big, and I hear it's nasty too."

"Oh, really?" He hadn't noticed anything other than the joy of talking to a friend at the moment. Maybe this isn't so bad after all, he thought joyfully.

"Max," the teacher called as soon as they walked into the classroom. Marissa made her way to the seat while he went to Mr. Electricidad.

"You, uh, trying to make some friends?" he asked widely.

"Yeah, just like what you told me."

"Good." Then his grin fell and became a frown as he added. "Just not with my daughter."

Max was shocked. He did not know that he wasn't allowed to be friends with Marissa. "But didn't you," he started.

"Back to your seat," Mr. Electricidad interrupted as if he hadn't heard him.

A staring into the teacher's eyes for a second, he went to his seat in the farthest back, feeling disappointed at the disapproval.

Marissa had been his only potential friend in the entire school; she was nicer to her than most children there. If she wasn't allowed to be her friend, then who will be? Only Sharkboy and Lavagirl, his only two friends that merely exist in his dreams.

He didn't notice Linus was in front of him, nor the foot he consciously set out to trip him.


"Linus!" he thought in response to the fall. Laughter filled the room now. He turned his head to the left side and up to face the mock smiling Linus before setting his legs straight again.

"Watch out where you trip, dream-boy," he said, smiling wider.

"Linus, that's not very funny, you get a minus for that," the teacher said.

Max ignored the laughter and Linus's very-unfunny-joke and headed to his seat, walking slightly faster than before. Flames scorched his heart, but did not escalate to open fire. For the rest of the hour, he looked out the window rather than listening to the teacher, dozing his mind into subconsciousness with his eyes open. He was there again, Planet Drool, where he swung around the Mount Neverest endless fun coaster, ate the treats of the Land of Milk and Cookies and rode on a Sharkboat with turbo boosters alongside Lavagirl and Sharkboy.

"Dreams?" Sarox echoed.

"Yes, and some pretty powerful ones as well," Merlin said. He took a sip of his tea and then started again. "But something is changing..."

Sarox turned to PJ and Max G. on the left side of the table, and then Marlene on the right. He turned back to Merlin again. "What do you mean by something is changing? And what does that have to do with anything?"

"Oh-hoohoohoo, I see you still have much to learn," he acknowledged.

He held out his wand and summoned up four cups of tea, and pieces strawberry cakes on plates and a fork in front of each of the kids. With another sip from his tea, he explained.

"There are many things in this world that fuel our existence. You see, dreams are part the essence in the hearts of children. When they grow up, those dreams shape their own forms by the dreamer's desire and personality, and thus give them power to become who they are meant to be or want to be."

Sarox nodded at the information.

"And like a person's power of heart, sometimes the dreamer's dreams are so powerful that they become a reality on their own. But it requires some deep attachment to generate such power."

They waited a minute. Sarox began the conversation again.

"But you said something is changing..."

"Oh, yes, that is why I'm worried. You see, there is a child in Radiant Garden who has the potential of making his dreams come true, but something is blocking him. Like someone is trying to infiltrate his dreams and corrupt them somehow."

"WHAT?" the kids yelled out in shock.

"They can do that?" Max G. asked.

"How?" Marlene added.

"Oh, well, they usually can't. But sometimes a dreamer can fuse his dreams with some objects. By sharing his feelings with those objects, they become the representations of the dreams, and so creates a dream portal. I doubt he knows he's doing it though."

Sarox thought for a minute. "So you're saying someone is trying to infiltrate some kid's dreams by accessing the representatives?"

"Yes, uh, precisely. Someone of bad intentions, maybe even a child with strong dreams of his own. And I'm afraid it's going to happen soon. And Sarox, I can sense that this child is rather particularly special in your case. That's why I summoned you back here. I want you to help him clear the blockage so he can see his full potential."

Sarox nodded. "Got it. Where is he now?"

"Well, only one place at this hour. The Radiant elementary school."

He left the table and went to the black bag in the corner. His hand searched the bag for a moment before taking out a scroll of paper, and returned to the table. He unfolded the scroll on the table. There was nothing, and then it began to fill itself with lines of black ink. Soon it became the diagram of a map; a big castle in the center. The lines stopped after a minute, formulating a huge circular city. Prominent places were marked with names.

It took them a minute to find the name they were looking for.

"Here it is," Max G. pointed on a spot entitled Radiant Elementary.

PJ traced the map's names and pictures until he finally their location. "Oh, man! We'll have to go all the way across town."

Sarox frowned. The day had been long enough. First, they were fighting Heartless roaming the Lanes Between after they located a new Keyblade Master in some distant world, then they were magically pulled to Radiant Garden before the battle could finish. And now, they were about to look for a child whose dreams are in potential danger. Long as it may have been, it was as though it wasn't going to end, just like the past months since their limitless mission began.

Sarox straightened his thoughts and gathered his spirits. "Alright, let's go," he said aloud, the doubt in his heart disappeared. "If someone needs help, then that's what we'll do. Right?"

He turned to Marlene for support. She smiled in encouragement. Their awareness of others in the room disappeared.

Max G. broke the sharing. "Gwarsh! They seem to have forgotten about us," he said out loud purposefully.

Sarox and Marlene turned away in embarrassment. Blushes wore their cheeks. PJ and Max G. shared a mock-smile, but said nothing.

"Oh," Merlin yelled without warning. "I almost forgot. Marlene."

"Yes," she responded politely, but the confusion was apparent.

He pointed his wand at the bag. Its mouth opened and a white crystal floated up in midair, and then flew to Marlene. She didn't need an explanation to know that it was a Summon Crystal. "Princess Garnet asked me to give you this Summon Crystal. She found it outside the city and believed you should bear it. That's why she asked me to hand it to you when you were in town. I had thought about letting her give it to you personally, but now that she's busy, I suppose I'll have to honor her request."

She smiled at the thought. She and Garnet hadn't been close until recently when they discovered that they were both part of a private bloodline: they were Princesses of Heart. Aside from that, they were also skilled in the power of summoning. It was delightful to her that Garnet thoguht of her as a friend.

"I'll have to thank her later," she muttered delightfully.

Sarox, PJ and Max G. grinned as well.

There was this saying: "Everything that is or was began with a dream."