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"His eye brows are HUGE!"

"They are not that big, Bella. You're over exaggerating," Rosalie responded to my outburst dryly.

We always got into this argument when Drake's, the singing, rapping, songwriting actor, music video came on TV. I feel like his face looks like someone stapled a guitar strap above his eyes, while Rosie believes his eyebrows are just manly. She probably means more monkey-ly, but who knows.

"It doesn't matter what his eyebrows look like anyway," she continued, "because his songs make up for what he lacks in…physical-ness."

"Damn straight," I said agreeing. Drake is probably my favorite artist in the whole hip hop genre. His lyrics inspire me and I swear his voice makes panties go swimming. "His voice is like pure fucking sex. I still don't understand how one man can sound so fuck-hot, but look so fuck-not."

Rosalie laughed at me, but I was dead fucking serious. As the next video came on, I heard my cell phone ringing. It was that dumb song about the Barbie girls in a Barbie world so I knew it must be Alice. I'm not sure why I let her set that as my ringtone for her. It irritates the shit out of me every time I hear it.

"'Sup, Alice," I said into the phone. I had to pick up a pillow and throw it at Rosie because she found the scowl I had on my face, because of the aforementioned ringtone, funny as hell apparently.

"Bellyboo!" She practically yelled back at me. I quickly pulled the phone from my ear and made a what—the-fuck-is-wrong-with-her face at Rosalie, who once again found this so fucking hilarious. "I found the perfect guy for you!"

"Alice, baby girl, number one you need to stop with the fucking yelling. I can hear you loud and clear if you talk like a normal person. Number two, I told you there are going to be no more blind dates. Last time I had to tape a stranger's dick to his ass crack because SOMEONE forgot to mention said stranger moonlighted as a drag queen."

"Ugh, Bella I said I was sorry. I thought it would be…different for you." Did she just fucking say different?

"Dude! Different is going to McDonalds for lunch instead of Burger King. Different is wearing a dress on a date instead of pants. Forcing me to go out with a weird ass man who TAPED his fucking DICK to his ass is so far from DIFFERENT-"

"Belly," she cut me off in her quiet, almost whispering voice. "I'm sorry for that. You know I wouldn't have picked him for you if I knew he was going to take you to that show. "

Alice knew that whenever she used that voice with me I couldn't stay mad at her. I groaned and looked over at Rose who was shaking her head with a smirk on her lips.

"Fuck, I'm sorry Alice. Don't feel bad. It was pretty funny and we did get a great ass laugh off of that one."

"I'm going to make it up to you, Belly! This man I discovered is completely normal and very sexy. I promise you'll like him."

This made me cringe. If he was as sexy and fuck hot as Alice says, then there is no way he would go for a girl like me. I was nowhere near sexy. The muffin top that was showing on top of my jeans proved that. I am 5"4 and I wear a size 16 in jeans on a good day. I'm too big to consider myself sexy. Pretty, maybe, because pretty only told about the face. Sexy, on the other hand, included everything between my hairline and my toes, and nothing about that screamed sexy.

Rosalie saw the look on my face and started looking really irritated. She knew what I was thinking and it pissed her off. Both she and Alice told me daily how beautiful and sexy I was, but they were my best friends so they had to say that about me. Even Emmett, Rosalie's soul mate (lucky bitch, don't tell her I said that) says that I'm sexy. He always tells me that I have "an ass so big its like the sun" and that is apparently so sexy.

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea, Alice," I finally said after a few moments of silence.

"Please, Belly. I know you are going to love him because he's just like his brother!"

"Who is his brother, love?"

"Oooh," she chuckled, "I guess I did forget to mention that. He's Jasper's brother from Chicago!" Jasper was Alice's boyfriend. They met at some diner because Alice "felt" like she should introduce herself to this man and now they are soul mates (lucky fucking bitches). Jasper was really cool though. He stayed quiet most of the time, which was strange to me because Alice was so fucking hyper. He was tall, almost 6"3, and towered over Alice's tiny frame of 5"2. He wasn't extremely muscular, but had a nice lean body and crazy blonde hair. The thing I loved, and hated, about Jasper the most was his ability to read people. There was no hiding ANYTHING with him.

"Wow. I didn't know Jasper even had a brother. Fine, Alice. I guess I'll go on this date but it's the LAST one."

"Thank you thank you thank you BELLY, I promise, you won't regret this!" Alice squealed then hung up the phone. I groaned and looked over at Rosalie who just shrugged and turned back towards the TV. I have a feeling that what Alice said isn't going to be exactly true; I am going to regret this.


When Alice got home that night, she got right to work on making me pretty for my blind date with Mr. Fuck hot. I was poked, prodded, waxed (in places I didn't even know I had hair) and abused. Rosalie fixed my hair while Alice bitched about my wardrobe until she found a suitable outfit. She then forced me to put on a dress I didn't even know I owned while holding out a pair of shoes that just screamed "fuck me silly". When I refused to put on those fucking deathtraps, Alice gave me the sad face again and I finally agreed.

"I hate you." I said to her as I tried my best to walk in them.

"Belly, you look so sexy!" she squealed.

"Bella, mama, you look so beautiful." Rosalie said next.

"Well I just hope he feels the same way when I no doubt fall on top of him trying to walk in these damn stripper poles you have on my feet. For fuck's sake Alice it feels like I'm trying to balance in some damn stilts."

"You'll be fine," she responded as she handed me my purse and pushed me through the door. "Just turn on some of that Swan charm and get laid tonight!"

I groaned again, something that seems to be happening a lot today, and walked downstairs to my baby. When I saw my old truck I smiled. As soon as I was about to start Big Red up, Alice came flying into the garage.

"Belly, baby, I know you love that truck, but tonight you have to drive my car," Alice said when she finally caught her breath.

"Shit, that's fine with me. Hand over the keys to the Porsche."

"Isabella Marie Swan, you better not hurt my baby!"

"Oh I won't. A few cum stains never hurt anybody." I replied as I plopped down into the driver's seat.

"BELLA IF YOU GET CUM ON MY SEAT I'LL KILL YOU!" Alice screamed as I pealed out of the garage. I let the top down and pushed the car as much as I could, considering I was still on the streets. The restaurant I was suppose to meet Edward at was about thirty minutes away so I turned up the radio and started to sing along to the Lady Gaga song that was playing.

I finally made it to the restaurant and took the car to valet. After a few deep breaths, I walked in and went straight for the bar since I was a few minutes early. Actually, I was twenty minutes early. I guess driving like a bat out of hell made me get here a lot earlier than I planned.

"What would you like to drink, pretty lady?" The bartender asked as I sat on one of the stools at the bar. I was trying to cross my legs and look sexy, but I probably just looked like an ape trying to climb a tree. I groaned again and turned around to address the bartender.

"I'll have a water, please." I responded. Alcohol was definitely not an option tonight.

"Are you sure? The young man over there told me to fix you something sexy." I was utterly shocked at his words, but I didn't show it. I turned to see what young man he was referring to. At the end of the bar was a man who looked like he was Native American. He had a sexy copper toned skin complexion and his muscles were bulging out of the button up shirt he had only slightly buttoned. His hair was short and black, but looked silky smooth to the touch. He held up his glass and smiled a breathtaking smile at me. I picked up my drink from behind me and held it up to show my gratitude. He then walked over to where I was standing and introduced himself.

"Hello, beautiful. I'm Jacob." He said as he grabbed my hand and kissed my fist. He lips were so soft.

"Bella, "I responded back a little dazed.

"Bella, "he said somewhat dreamy. "That's so fitting. It's such a beautiful name for an even more beautiful lady." I blushed at his compliment. Things like this didn't happen to me very often if it wasn't obvious. "So what is beautiful Bella doing here all alone in such a pretty dress?" He asked while looking me up and down.

"Well, uh, I was actually here for a date, uh, kind of thingy, um.." I was out of it. This man was so beautiful and he was paying all of this attention to me.

"Does the beautiful Bella have a boyfriend?"

"Er, no. It's more of a blind date."

"Mmmm, is that so? Well, listen Beautiful Bella, when this "date thingy" is finished, why don't you give me a call." He then pulled out a card and handed it to me. He kissed my hand once again and walked away leaving me more dumbfounded than a mother fucker. I was still sitting in shock when I heard the hostess calling my name, telling me the other half of my party was here. I finally snapped out of it and stood up. I fixed myself up, as best I could, and followed the woman to the table.

As we made our way to the table, a man I assumed to be Edward, Mr. Fuck-hot himself, looked up from the menu. I smiled at him when he looked in my eyes and saw nothing but confusion in his. The confusion turned to shock, and I slowly saw disgust forming in his features.

I stopped in my tracks with my mouth hanging open at how blatant he was with his disgust for me. Usually when a man found me unattractive, which was always, he was more polite. This man, however, was nowhere near polite. As he looked me up and down, I felt the tears start forming in my eyes.

Should I stay or should I go?

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