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[I yelled, screamed, moaned, cried, and made every other noise I could. There was no way to hold it in. My body had never felt anything like this and every spot Edward's tongue touched was the right spot. My pussy clenched around him and it made him lick me harder. When I felt one of his thumbs move to massage my clit and the other massage the opening of my asshole, my orgasm ripped through me like a fucking electrical shock. My toes curled, my hips raised off the table and my mouth opened wide. No sounds would come out. The only thing my body could do in response to such an orgasm was cry. Tears fucking fell from my eyes as I rode out this fucktastic orgasm Edward had just given me. I wanted to make him feel the same way.]

Now usually I am not a man who gloats, but simply put . . . I just tore that pussy up.

Bella is so beautiful. Everything about her makes me want to just be . . . better. Better for her, better for myself, better for our future babies. Yes, Bella and I will be having future babies. She doesn't see herself clearly. Definitely not physically. She can't see the way her breasts have that perfect amount of perky that makes a man go weak in his damn knees. Her hips, obviously made for pushing out our future babies, are so perfect. The natural curves of her body just scream," I am mother-fucking-woman and hear me mother-fucking roar." Her legs are to die for. They look like they're 2 miles long and her thighs are so fucking juicy. So what, Bella's stomach isn't super flat with a six-pack? That shit is for the birds. Everything about Bella makes her perfect the way she is, and I wish she could see that. I wish I could make her see what every man sees when they look at her.

While I was getting ready to go to Bella's for dinner, Jasper came in my room with one of those looks on his face. You know the look that says "I'm about to say something that may or may not fuck up your entire evening".

"Edward, before you go we need to talk," Jasper said while leaning against the door frame.

"Alright, but make it quick asshole. I'm leaving for Bella's place in a few," I responded. "And don't say anything that's gonna fuck this night up for me dude. I will be pissed and will not be held responsible for my actions."

"It's not that serious, bro." He said back while walking over to bed and taking a seat. "I just wanted to talk to you about Bella. How's everything going?"

"It's going awful, Jasper. It's so bad that she's been seeing me for the past month at least four times and week and she even invited me to her place for dinner. Terrible. It's going just terrible."

"You're a fucking riot, Edward. Seriously dude, tell me how it's going. Are you serious about Bella, or is this just temporary. You're only going to be here in Washington for –"

"Jasper, stop. I know what you're thinking. Every other girl I've been with in the past I fucked over. Used them for the pussy and moved on to the next girl, but it's different with Bella. Everything is different with Bella, even me. It's funny because I never thought I'd meet a woman who'd make me want to change my man-whore ways, but she did. Jasper, I really love this girl and I really want to make her happy. I know Washington isn't permanent, but this thing with Bella is and somehow I'm gonna make this work. I still have a few months before it's time to go back anyway so I'll just think of something by then."

Jasper smiled and I felt like he approved. He's such a pussy sometimes.

"Alright, Edward. Bella hasn't had the best luck with boyfriends, so fuck her over and, to put it simply, I'll kill you." Jasper patted me on the back and walked to the door. "And by the way, that cologne is too fucking strong. You smell like a fucking perfumery." With that, he walked out.

I finished getting ready and headed for my car. All the way to Bella's apartment I wondered what the asshole ex-boyfriend did to her. Must have been horrible, and it's pissing me off. Bella is such a awesome girl and I just don't understand how anyone would want to fuck her over. Whatever man she decides to be with, and I'm praying to the good Lord Jesus that it's me, will be one of the luckiest mother fuckers on earth. That woman is nothing but God sent.

I smiled to myself when I pulled up in front of Bella's apartment. Just the thought of seeing her made me genuinely happy. I think I'm turning into a pussy now too, but I'd do it for Bella. I'd turn into a troll, a smurf, even one of those sparkly ass vampires from Twilight for Bella.

After getting out my car and almost skipping to her door, I knocked a few times and waited for her to open up. I ran my fingers through my hair, like it would help, and jiggled my keys in my hand. Oh my God, am I nervous? Why the hell am I nervous? Edward Cullen does not get nervous. I am a fucking boss. I almost made her cum on our first date and I barely touched her, but I'm nervous now? I am seriously the conductor of the train to turn-into-a-pussy-land.

While trying to mentally get off the train to pussy land, I heard Bella unlocking the door. When she opened up, I couldn't even speak. Not to her and not even to myself. This woman wants me to fucking die. Even in an outfit as simple as the one she had on, my dick nearly broke the zipper of my jeans and I'm pretty there was drool pooled in the corner of my mouth. I'm a man, so naturally the first thing I noticed was the way she had her bra situated so that some of it peaked from under her shirt. I then noticed how delicious the breast, that the aforementioned bra was covering, looked in that perfect fitting shirt she had on. I can't help but wonder how much better the shirt would look thrown across the room somewhere. I then notice those gorgeous hips and those beautiful legs. Being the gentleman I am, I remembered that I should probably say something to Bella rather than just stand there and rape her with my eyes, so I brought my eyes back up to her face (taking a stop at her breasts, again) and tried to say some real words. Really, I tried so hard to say words but I couldn't remember how to speak. This woman had knocked the fucking words out of my mouth and she hadn't even touched me yet.

Bella gave me a sexy smirk, grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me into the apartment, shutting the door at the same time. I couldn't force my legs to move off the door, and Bella sauntered those sexy ass hips over to me and I put my hands around her waist. I love the way my hands fit perfectly around her waist. I wasted no time in crashing my lips against hers – first softly, and then more passionately. Like I said before, I'm a fucking gentleman. I used my tongue to feel the underside of Bella's (I'm weird, I know) and nibbled on her lip a little. I had completely forgotten about breathing, and Bella was in the same boat, so I left her lips only to suck a little on her earlobe. I don't care who you are, the earlobe makes anybody's private parts do a happy dance.

I whispered to Bella how sexy she was, and politely explained to her that if she didn't make me stop at that point then I would never be able to stop. Even Isaac Newton knew that. Where do you think the laws of inertia come from? Once my sex drives are in motion, they are pretty much staying in motion.

Bella told me to never stop and I almost came right there in my pants. I think a "fuck" escaped from my lips, too. I slid my hands to the sweet curve of her ass and lifted her up so her legs could wrap around my waist. I turned around so that she was against the door, started kissing her again, and I rubbed my cock around that jean-covered pussy like a mad-man. My hands slid up under Bella's shirt and she froze.

I fucked up. I just know it. She hates me so much.

"Bella?" I stopped, unfortunately, the happy dance my cock was doing on her vagina and asked her what happened. I can be a little rough without realizing it and I didn't want to fuck this up already.

Bella got self-conscience. She told me I wouldn't like what I would see when she took her clothes off.

I wanted to show her how I see her, whether she be naked (the preferred choice) or clothed, so I took her to the kitchen, laid her on the table, took her clothes off, confessed that I loved her, and to work on that sweet pussy.

I could have stayed in Bella's vagina all night. Even besides the fact that she tasted like the sweetest candy ever, the way her body responded to my tongue was outstanding. What really sent her over the edge was when my thumb "mistakenly" found her asshole. There are some serious make-a-girl-cum nerves that live in the butt, and I found them and made her cum like no tomorrow. I thoroughly enjoyed making it, and wanted to see it happen over and over and over again.

While Bella was on recovering from after-orgasm body spasms, I stood up to turn off her over because whatever was in there was burning and it smelled awful. I walked back over to Bella and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Do you see what I mean now?" I asked her with a slight grin on my face.

She moaned a little and nodded her head. While she was still catching her breath, I picked her up bridal style and asked her for directions to the bedroom.

"It's, uh, to the left and uh, to the last on the right?" She responded back almost as if she was asking me. I laughed at her inability to make sentences that made sense.

"Do you mean the last door on the right, love?" I asked her. She nodded again and relaxed in my arms.

After getting her to the room, I laid her down on the bed and took off my shoes and socks. I didn't want to take off my pants because that seemed just a little too forward, you know? I didn't want it to seem like I assumed we were going to have sex, although I think it's obvious she wouldn't regret it physically. It didn't matter to me anyway, because I would have been content spending all night eating that pussy up.

Bella was laying there on the bed still trying to recover so I took the opportunity to really look at her. Fucking gorgeous, beautiful, and every other word that describes something extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Bella could probably feel me staring at her, so she tried to cover herself up.

"Bella, please don't try to hide yourself from me."

"Edward," she started, "I'm trying really hard not to, but you have to understand how weird it is to have someone just staring at you. Well, maybe not you personally because you have a body created by the Lord himself, but most people."

I snickered at her and nodded my head. I did understand, but I still just wanted to look at her.

After letting me stare at her for awhile, Bella grabbed my hand and asked me to join her on the bed. I have no idea if she was trying to be sexy or not, but she was. She was definitely sexy and not-so-little Edward wanted to do his happy dance all inside her vagina. I got on my knees on the bed and pulled Bella up on hers. She scooted herself up until her body was flush against mine, and kissed me. I mean she really kissed me. I felt her hands slide up my shoulders and into my hair, and then she tugged it just enough to make me almost cum in my pants at that moment.

She moved from my lips to my neck, and whispered my name.

I moaned in response.

"Edward, can I ask you something?"

I let out a weak "mmhmm" because the way she was assaulting my neck with those beautiful lips had me in a near orgasmic state.

She stopped kissing my neck and looked in my eyes. "Can I, uh, try to um, do you, too?" She asked with a small voice.

I didn't understand at first. "Do me what, Bella"

"You know," she said back with her cheeks getting brighter by the second. "What you just did for me."

"What do you . . . oh. Ooooh." I finally got it. "Bella, I didn't do that just so you could return the favor. I really wanted to do that. In fact, I'd do it again and again and . . . " I trailed off while sliding my fingers between her legs to find her clit.

"Mmmm, God Edward, please wait . . . I just, no mmm fuck, Edward seriously I just,"

She couldn't make complete sentences again. I am the fucking man.

Bella pushed my hand away from her. "Edward, I want to try to give you head," she said with a nod of triumph almost.

I laughed a little. She looked like she got a little upset. "Bella, what do you mean by "try"?"

"Well, I've never done it before."

"Why start now?"

"Because I fucking want to. Now are you going to let me, or do I have to tie you to the bed because either way it's going to happen."

I wanted to fuck with her for just a little. "What's going to happen?"

"Either way, I'm going to, uh, do it."

"Do what, Bella?"

"You know."

"Tell me. I want to hear you say it."

"I want to, uh, give you head." She got quiet at the end, but the thought of my dick between Bella's lips made all of the funny of this entire situation disappear and in its place was pure lust.

"Say it louder, Bella. Please, say it louder."

"I want to give you head." She said it a little louder, but it was good enough for me.

"You do realize how awkward this is now, right?" I asked her.

"What do you mean?" She said as she nonchalantly began unzipping my jeans and undoing my zipper. She pushed me so that I was laying down.

"I mean most people don't ask can they give someone head."

She was pulling my jeans down my legs now.

"Well you sort of asked me earlier."

"Yeah, but that was different."

Once she had my pants off, she skimmed her nose up my legs and to the bulge in my underwear. She them skimmed her nose along the length of my penis. I almost came undone.

"No Edward," she said as she grabbed my underwear at the sides and slowly started pulling them down my legs. "It's pretty much the same thing."

I was going to respond but the minute I felt the tip of my dick against her lips all of my words disappeared.

"Bella are you-" I couldn't finish the statement because she licked around the tip of my cock. Twice.

"Fuck, hnnn, Bella you-" Bella's mouth slid down my cock. Her tongue massaged the underside of my dick on her way down and I almost blew my load right there. She brought put one hand on my thigh, and the other wrapped around the base of my dick and pumped the part she couldn't fit in her mouth. Someone, the inside of Bella's mouth got wetter and the suction got . . . suction-ier and I could only focus on my dick going in and out of her mouth while her hand worked at the same speed.

Bella released my dick from the heaven in her mouth and smiled sexily at me. "So what were you saying Edward?" She asked with a newfound confidence.

"How did you, but you said you never, and then you just-"

"It's OK Edward, don't hurt yourself baby." She winked at me and licked all around my dick before putting it back in her mouth, and working it with something new. My orgasm was close and I could feel my balls tightening.

"Fuuuuck Bella shit, its, I'm, move . . . " I tried to hold it off until she moved her head, but instead of moving she slid my dick further down her throat. That was the breaking point.

"Aahhhhh, Bella, "I screamed, like a bitch, her name loud and multiple times while my orgasm rocked through me. Bella's mouth stayed on me the whole time.

Dead. She wants me to die from a dick sucking. How can someone who had never given head be that good at it. While I tried to catch my breath after that orgasm, Bella patted my leg, kissed my lips and jumped off the bed.

She came back a few second later with my flannel on, buttoning it up.

"It doesn't really fit around my boobs, but it's fine." She said as she tried to adjust it to cover her tits.

"You should just take it off and be naked like me then."

"Edward, stop being a dream killer. I've always wanted to wear my boyfriend's shirt around the house."

I smiled at her. "Baby, you're so beautiful."

"Edward, stop being mushy."

"You make me mushy."

"You make me happy."

"You make me breakfast for dinner? What Bella, you're the best baby."

She laughed at that. "You know what, only because I want some, too. And because you made me burn the real dinner."

Soooo, yes, no, maybe so?

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