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After our little fiasco in the bedroom, Edward and I made our way to the kitchen for some breakfast.

"Pancakes or waffles?" I asked him while rummaging through my cabinets.

"Hmm, is both completely out of the question?" He came up behind me placed his chin on my shoulder. Please don't let him get too much closer. He makes my girly parts cry tears of joy.

"I guess that can be arranged," I sighed while turning around. My eyes met directly with his. "I'd enjoy whatever we ate so much more if you cooked it, though."

I did my best impression at puppy dog eyes and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"You sly little devil," he responded with as he turned around to start getting breakfast ready. "I'll cook you breakfast, but I'll be expecting a nice massage for all my hard work."

"We'll see what happens!" I slapped him on that perfect ass and skipped happily towards my bedroom. I sat on the bed and pulled out my phone, ready to send a quick text to Rose and Alice. Thinking about this time I've been spending getting to know Edward, I can't help smile like a kid in a candy shop. He's so damn perfect. He's sweet. He's funny. And he sees me past this fat body of mine. Not to mention that he's sexy as all fuck. That hair, those eyes…those lips. God, those lips. Those sweet, sweet lips that, might I add, had a girl seeing stars the way he wrapped them around my clit…

Anyway, it's been a long time since someone made me feel organically beautiful. It's never a "you'd be so pretty if…" or a "you'd look so much better if you…". With Edward, no matter the circumstance he looks at me like I'm the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. He looks at me like I'm the only person he notices on this planet. He looks at me like he loves me.

I had to text Rose and Alice before I ran to the kitchen and proposed to Edward right then. Compose yourself self, Bella! I opened out group message thread.

'Sup bitches. – B

Look who it is! I thought for sure you'd have a dick down your throat for the rest of the night. – R

Hi Bella! - A

Well hello to you too, Rose. You're a bitch, you know that right? - B

Bitches get shit done, Bella. – R

How's your night with Edward going?! Give us ALL the details! – A

It's going really well. I may or may not have had his dick down my throat….he may or may not have licked my girly parts on the kitchen table…he may or may be in there cooking breakfast with no shirt on… - B

You nasty girl! – A

You little whore! I love it. Did you make him cum? Did you swallow like I taught you? – R

Lmao, Rose, a girl never tells…..of course I did :-) – B

Well we're staying out for the night so you and Edward can have the place to yourselves. Don't do anything I wouldn't do – R

That really doesn't leave anything out now does it Rose? – B

We love you Bella, no go pay attention to that hot piece of dick cooking for you – A

Yeah Bella, we love you and all that. Just don't fuck on the couch. That is MY couch and I DO NOT want cum stains or vagina juices all over it! – R

I love you guys too. And Rose…it's a little too late for that :-) – B


I laughed and turned my phone off. Rose has no idea how many cum stains or gallons of vagina juice are probably soaked into that couch. And that's just from Alice and Jasper. I wonder if we'll ever break the news to her…

"Bella, everything's ready."

Edward's voice broke through my random thinking. I slipped on some house shoes and made my way to the kitchen. Edward looked at me and smiled. I stopped in the doorway and smiled back. You're so perfect, Edward.

"Far from perfect, love." He responded with a slight laugh. I really need to get a hold of saying things out loud.

"I have reason to believe you're perfect for me." I whispered to him. I watched him fix our plates and place them on the table. He set our places with silverware and cups, and asked if I preferred syrup or honey. He made a pot of coffee and set it, along with some orange juice from the fridge, in the middle of the table. I watched the muscles in his shoulders and back every time he reached for something different. I was mesmerized every time he rubbed those goddamn fingers through that mess of hair atop his head. My pussy damn near leaked when he would mindlessly bite his lips while trying to find something in our cramped little kitchen. Fuck me. I just really want him to fuck me…

"Are you gonna sit down and eat or what?" He asked. His voice broke through my thoughts.

"Uh, yeah. I just didn't want to get in the way while you were getting stuff ready."

"You could never be in the way." I smiled at his comment. I was always in his way.

I made my way to the table and took a seat. Edward sat across from me, and we ate. There wasn't much conversation, but in that moment it wasn't necessary. He read the paper, and I was left to my own inner mulling. I would look up and catch him smiling at me. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks every time I caught his stare. When he would look away my eyes would linger on the shape of his jaw and his cheekbones. My eyes would move up to his hair and I would think about his natural color was one that girls all around the world are looking for at the bottom of a plastic dye bottle. I needed some friction between my legs. I pushed my thighs together.

I had to get my mind on something else.

"Edward this is fucking delicious."

He smirked. "You bet your ass it's delicious. I can't cook anything else aside from a mean bowl of Top Ramen and a one-of-a-kind turkey sandwich, but breakfast is my shit."

"I underestimated your abilities, sir."

"I'm not one to be under estimated," he smirked at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and continued eating.

Once we finished our meal, we made our way back to the bedroom. I asked him if he wanted to watch some TV or something and he responded with anything that anything was fine as long as he was doing it with me. I turned on Spongebob.

"Greatest show of all time." He said as we settled down. He cuddled me from behind. We fit together perfectly. I sighed with contentment.

"Definitely is. I've watched this show faithfully everyday since it first started."

"How do you just keep getting so perfect?"

I laughed at his comment. We settled into a comfortable silence and watched the cartoon. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't paying a little more attention to the way his thumbs rubbed small patterns on my stomach, or the way his nose felt against me when it would rub against my shoulder. I haven't been this comfortable with someone in so long. Is now the right time to tell Edward about…him.

I felt the movement of Edwards fingers stop, and assumed he had fallen asleep. I turned over to see that his eyes were closed, and he was snoring softly. I snuggled up closer to the warmth of his body, and closed my own eyes. If only this moment could last forever…


I woke up to find that the TV was off, and Edward was still sleeping next to me. One of us must have rolled onto the remote in our sleep.

I turned on the desk lamp next to my bed and found my glasses.

"I really did mean to fall asleep," Edward's groggy voice said behind me. How could this man even be sexy in waking up? I thought everyone was ugly when they woke up. Even Rose looked like she'd been beaten with a sack of nickels in the early hours of the morning.

"It's fine. I dozed off a little myself."

"What time is it?"

I looked at my phone. "Almost midnight. We were sleep for about an hour."

Edward stretched and yawned. I feel like this may be the best time to tell him about the past.

"Can we talk Edward?"

His eyes widened a little with fear. "Awww man. You're breaking up with me already!? Was it the food? Did I snore too loud?"

"What!" l snorted. "Edward, honey, no one is breaking up with you."

"Good. If you had tried I would have had to tickle you until you changed your mind."

"That's just wrong Edward. So wrong."

"Gotta do what I gotta do, Bella."

We sat silent for a moment. I mulled over his words. "Breaking up". The phrase required that something be together in order for it to break up. Are we officially something? Are we really making this happen?


"Yes, love?"

I hesitated. This is scary as fuck. The last time I agreed to be this with someone, shit turned out super terrible. I'm not even sure about how permanent Edward's presence in Washington. I do know, however, know three things for sure: he's sexy as fuck, he's making me more happy than any man in this world ever has, and I'm in love with him.

Edward scooted closer to me and cuddled me in his arms again. "Is there something you wanted to say?" He whispered into my shoulder.

I sighed and closed my eyes tight. I'm a grown woman who can't even ask a perfectly legitimate question without closing my eyes. I may as well be passing Edward a note with two boxes and instructions that say "do you want to go with me, check one"! Fuck it, I have to ask.

"Edward, are we…officially together?" I tightened my eyes even more, as if that would affect my hearing in any kind of way. He's probably going to say no just because he can see how ridiculously nervous this is making me.

"Bella please open your eyes," Edward laughed at me. He's fucking laughing when I'm clearly over here freaking the fuck out. Fuck you Edward and your sexy laugh. I opened one eye just a little and peaked out at him. "Open both of them, pleaseeee."

I did, just to appease the beautiful man in front of me.

"Bella, I'd like to think we were officially together. That's what I had been assuming, at least. All this time we've been spending together these past couple of weeks has been amazing. You, Bella, are amazing. You make me happy. Pure happiness, which isn't something I've been able to feel in a very long time. And you're beautiful. Even though you don't believe me, Bella, I swear I'd wake up everyday and tell you as many times as you needed me to until you did. To be quite honest with you, I've never been the settling down kind of guy. I don't like commitment. I didn't like commitment. But I like this, and I love you. I honestly believe that one month is a really short period of time, and had we been anyone else I would have said its too soon to be in love and to make things official. Had you been anyone else I would have blocked your number the minute I felt something more than an attraction. There's something about you, about us, that just feels so…right."

I. Was. In. Tears. I really wasn't expecting all that. A simple yes or no really would have sufficed. Now I'm over here tearing up like a little bitch.

"Damnit Edward. Now you have me crying. You really could have just said yes or no, and left it at that."

He laughed at my response and wiped the tears from my eyes. His fingers straightened up my glasses and made their way, gently, down the side of my face. "It's all true though. It'd make me the happiest man on Earth if I could officially call you my girlfriend."

"You're such a sap, Edward."

"Its only one of my many talents."

"Blah blah blah."

"Is that your way of saying 'Yes Edward, I'd absolutely love to be your girlfriend!'?"

I smiled a little. This man is perfect. I needed to be completely honest with him about my past, though. "I'm damaged, Edward."


"Yeah, damaged. I think that's a good word choice at least." I felt Edward pull away. He situated himself so that he was sitting almost directly across from me, looking me straight in the eye.

"What kind of damaged are you?"

"Emotionally and mentally mainly. My last relationship wasn't…the best. He was abusive. Only physically abusive once, but verbally and emotionally and mentally all the time. The whole thing started off great, or what I thought was great. My self-esteem had reached an all-time low and I was in my senior year of college. We met at a café around campus. I could tell how possessive he was initially, but it was honestly more flattering than anything. It was the first time I had ever felt like someone wanted me as their own. When you live life feeling like nothing but an old shirt at the Goodwill, constantly being passed over and no one ever seeing who you really are, someone like him coming along is really a miraculous event. You start to think to yourself, maybe I am beautiful. I stood a little taller. I laughed a little harder and smiled a little brighter. And it was all okay for the first couple of months. Eventually though, he started not to like it. He preyed on me because I was weak and the fact that I was becoming stronger upset him. So he broke me down piece by piece, until I was less than I was when he first met me. He would tell me how no one could love someone as fat and ugly as I was. How my bland personality meant nothing because men would not see past the fact that I was utterly disgusting and therefore would never want to know anything about me. How he only put up with me because he felt sorry for me. He would tell me how stupid I was. How lonely I would be if I ever left him. He cheated on me constantly, and didn't even have the decency to pretend like he was faithful. He would say things like 'I had to fuck her because I needed to see something that looked nice naked'. He would laugh at my tears like they were the funniest thing he had ever heard. When I tried to leave him on my own is the one time he put his hands on me. I told him I couldn't take it anymore and he punched me. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in. I called Rose and Alice and they came over with Emmett and Jasper. Rose and Alice banged on the door until I unlocked it, and the last thing I remember of him is his bloodied face telling me how sorry he was."

I looked over at Edward once my story was finished and saw him staring at me. Besides Rose and Alice, no one knows the specifics of my experience with him. I'm numb to the tale now. It doesn't foster any emotions aside from anger inside of me now.

Edward broke the silence first. "What was his name?"

I hadn't actually said it in a long time.

"James. James Witherdale."

"Bella, all I want to do right now is find this James guy and rip his balls to shreds. I don't know what to say or do. I want to hug you and kiss you and tell you that nothing that poor excuse for a man said was ever true, but I see that you already know that. Despite how you see yourself I know that you don't believe his words now, even if you did then. I see your strength Bella, and I see the woman this experience has made you."

"Edward you really don't have to do that. It happened, and now its over. I haven't seen or talked to James since that day." I stood up from the bed. "I just felt like I needed to tell you that before we really agreed on being together officially. You should know what you're getting yourself into."

"Bella that story didn't make me want to do anything but love you more. My mind or my feelings haven't changed. I'd love to sit here and say that I can be your superman but that spots already been taken. You saved yourself, Bella. You made that call. You took the liberty in saying that you didn't want to put up with his shit anymore. You survived. You made it out. Damaged or whatever you want to call it, you're here with me today."

"I was weak, Edward. I allowed him to do that to me for so long." My eyes filled with tears once again. Numbness and a tinge of anger at him were no longer my feelings now. I remembered how angry I was at myself for being so weak.

Edward jumped off the bed and pulled me into his chest. I refused to let a sob come out of my body. I sobbed enough for James already. I couldn't stop the flow of tears but I could and would force myself not to sob. "You are not weak."

"I was."

"You never were."

"You don't know shit about who I was back then, Edward."

"I know who you are now. I know you made it out. I know making it out of hard situations either scathed or unscathed requires strength. Tell me you want to be with me, Bella."

I didn't even hesitate. "I want to be with you, Edward."

As soon as his name left my mouth I felt his lips crash against mine. Edward grabbed my hips and brought them directly against his, so that no space existed between us. My hands were in his hair, pulling at the soft strands that straddled the back of his neck. I felt him slide his hands to the small of my back, and then to the bottom of my ass. My body shivered in pleasure and anticipation.

Edward picked me and I straddled his hips. His hands were supporting me as he carried me to the dresser. With on hand he swiped everything off and sat me down. His eyes met mine and something inside of them ignited every dim fire inside of my body. The look he was giving me screamed desire, and that was something I hadn't experienced in a long time. My breaths were heavy and he smirked a little. Leave it up to Edward to be smug at a moment like this!

His fingers glided up arms and around my shoulders, making their way to the part of my breasts where his shirt wouldn't button up anymore. He then ripped the shirt open. I do not even know how to explain the amount of pleasure that swept through my body at that point but I do know that I could feel the wetness from my pussy on the insides of my thighs. Edward used both his hands to push my legs open. I leaned back on my dresser mirror and decided to watch ever put on whatever show he was ready to perform. He licked the tips of two fingers and slid them from my pussy to my clit. I closed my eyes willingly, but my back arched on its own volition. Anywhere Edward's hands moved on my body I felt an intense feeling of pleasure that I didn't even know existed. His lips found mine once again and I felt him slide one finger inside of me while another went to work against my clit. Edward's lips left mine and found themselves attached to my neck. He licked and sucked his way down to my nipples, and made his way back and forth from my nipples to my neck until I felt that tiny bit of pressure in my stomach. He must have felt me getting close. He kissed me again, swallowing all of my moans. Instantly, he dropped to his knees and his tongue replaced his fingers between my legs.

One of my hands held on to the dresser for leverage, while the other moved to grip that beautiful mess of hair. Edward's hands grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to his face. I felt my orgasm building even more. I opened my eyes and saw Edward staring right at me. Something in them was animalistic and I felt another wave a pleasure shoot through my body. He held my body against his face until I came all over him. Being the nasty girl I am, I pulled him back up to me and kissed every bit of myself off of his lips. He moaned. I smiled.

Edward took my hand and helped me off the dresser. My legs were just a little wobbly, considering the mind-blowing orgasm I was just freshly getting over. He walked me to the bed and lay down, bringing me with him.

This was not over yet.

I sat up and placed my wet pussy right on top of Edward's hard dick. His eyes darkened just a little.

"I want to fuck you, Edward." I moved my hips in a circular motion so that he could feel how ready I was for him. I wanted him to know what he did to me; how much I wanted him. "Please Edward. Please fuck me." I begged just a little…he loved it.

I exaggerated my movements a little more. I slid my hands up his chest, using his body as the leverage I needed to get his cock to hit that sweet spot on top of my pussy. I kept my eyes locked on his and noticed them get a little darker once my movements got less gentle. "Take me, Bella."

I definitely wasn't expecting that as a response, but I got what I needed from it. I turned around so that my ass was in Edward's face and heard him groan. The smirk that made its way to my lips couldn't be stopped. I slid his jeans and boxers down his legs in one movement, then licked my way up his velvety cock just for good measure. The audible moan I heard behind me gave me the motivation to continue. I situated myself above his dick and slid myself onto him. The feeling of Edward inside of me for the first time is something I'll never forget. He filled me up perfectly, and I felt my pussy tighten again in anticipation of another orgasm.

I remained still for a couple seconds, relishing in the pleasure of Edward and I being this close. I arched my back and moved my hips, feeling his dick hit that sweet spot inside of me every time.

"Fuck, Bella baby just like that," he moaned. He slapped my ass. I fucking loved it. My movements started to get quicker and quicker, with both of our moans getting louder and louder. I came again, and felt Edward's muscles tighten when he felt my pussy grip his cock while he fucked another orgasm out of me.

Edward then flipped us over so that he was on top. He slid his dick into my pussy again and fucked me like I wanted him to do in the first place.

"God Bella, you pussy is magic. Fuck…I can't…Fuck.." he went harder and faster. Edward's hands were gripped onto my waist as he pulled my body into his with each stroke.

"Mmm…Edward…fuck…please fuck me….just like that…deeper…fuck…" he listened to my every command. Edward read my body like no one else had done before. He knew just how to respond to my body's every motion, and fucked two more orgasms out of me before he was even close to being ready to come. He flipped me onto my stomach and pulled me up to my knees.

Doggy style: the best way to end any session of fucking, in my opinion at least. Edward's dick slid into me before I could even finish my thoughts. He fucked me harder and faster, giving my body exactly what it needed. His hands were everywhere grabbing whatever he could to make sure some part of me was in his hands at all times.

"Edward…I'm cumming…fuck..please…yes baby…" My ability to form real sentences disappeared the moment Edward's hands touched my body. I felt his strokes become a erratic, which told me Edward was close to an orgasm himself.

"Bella..please cum with me…please baby I need you to…mmm so wet…fuck…so warm…" His fingers made their way around to my clit. The rhythm of his cock inside my pussy and his fingers on my clit forced my orgasm through my body, while he groaned audibly above me. He came inside me, and dropped his head to my back. His breathing was labored, matching my own heavy pants. Edward dropped onto his back and I rolled onto him, my face laying on his sweaty chest.

"Well, that was amazing," I said once our breathing calmed. He laughed at my statement. "We definitely have to do that again."

"You're insatiable."

"You have no idea," I smiled at him and kissed his lips. My response made his dick jump. "Rest yourself playboy, you'll need the energy."

I wrapped myself in the sheet and walked to the kitchen to get some refreshments for Edward and me. When I made it back to the bed he had made himself comfortable in the covers, with his arms opened for me to join him. I set our glasses on the table beside my bed and joined him. We turned on Spongebob, and fell asleep before the first episode was even halfway finished.

It was the perfect end to a great night.

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