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In this chapter, we get… Rampagers Exemplar, Trail Blazers, and… Kings of Leon, with a foreword by the Dark Crusaders.


The Joker laughed as Batman slammed him against the wall.

"Alright, break it up." Jack Rakan said, stepping between them and picking each one up by the waist and holding them at arms length. "I don't know what your beef with each other is and nor do I care, but we're a team now so act like one."

"That's right!" The Joker wheezed, laughing despite his broken nose. "Partner?"

Batman snarled, slamming his fist into Rakan's throat to get at the clown, but it wasn't working.

"I can hold you both here all day until you promise to play nice." Jack said. "Are you going to be friends yet?"

"You don't know what he's like!" Batman snarled. "He needs to be locked away where he can't hurt anyone!"

"And in case you haven't noticed, he's locked in here with us." Jack pointed out. "And trust me, he can't hurt anyone when we respawn upon death."

"Oh, he'll figure some way of torturing you. I guarantee it."

"Oh, come one batsy!" Joker laughed. "That'd be, that'd be, too… predictable…"

Batman snarled, and Jack banged their heads together. "KNOCK IT OFF!" he shouted.

Joker shook his head clear. "Never start with the head." He said, licking his lips. "They get all… fuzzy, and can't feel what comes next."

In the kitchen, Cain sighed. "You wanna go help dad?" he asked his drinking buddy.

"Not a chance." Rincewind whimpered. "I've got enough problems being the target of this game…"

"THE SPINES ON ITS BACK ARE TOO SHARP FOR A MAN~!" Sonic, Vash and Negi shouted, waving their mugs of beer. "THEY'LL LEAVE A SHARP PAIN IN THE WORST PLACE THEY CAN~!"

"What're they singing for?" Tails asked Blaze.

"It's because they're drunk." Blaze sighed. "Just don't listen to the words."

Tails sighed, and got back to researching the other teams. "So, Amy looked upset last I saw her. You think Sonic hurt her feelings earlier?"

"I never said anything since she was one of your friends, but I never liked her." Blaze shrugged, skimming through the books.

"Huh?" Tails asked. "Why not?"

"She's… not right." Blaze said. "She's delusional and obsessed, and under the impression that it's love. I'm not the world's expert on the subject, but love does not involve threatening someone into marriage."

"I guess she's a little pushy, but there's no need to be so hard on her." Tails pointed out.

"Yes, there is." Blaze said. "Look, I've had my fair share of stalkers, and-"

"Stalkers?" Tails shouted. "Amy's not a stalker!"

"If you forget about her being your friend and look at it objectively, then Amy is a textbook stalker." Blaze argued. "If he had a house, Sonic would be changing the locks, packing up and moving away several times a month just to get away from her. She's dangerous Tails." Blaze said. "Maybe not now, but one of these days, she's gonna snap and somebody's gonna get hurt."

"If you say so…" Tails groaned, focusing on his research.

"SO UNLESS YOU WANT A PINCUSHION TOOL~!" they other three shouted as they returned to the chorus. "THE HEDGEHOG CAN NEVER BE BUGGERED AT ALL~!"

"It's all her fault." Yuno said. "She's tricked him, that's gotta be it."

"Yeah…" Amy said.

"He knows you love him, you just need to show it more." Yuno encouraged.

"That's right…" Amy nodded.

"And as his bride-to-be, it's your duty to save him from the vile temptress."

"It is, isn't it…?" Amy asked, holding her new axe.

From the other side of the door, Kakashi sighed. "Kid, you really need to have a word with that friend of yours…" he said to himself, pushing himself from the wall and walking down the stairs.

Yukki and Jack were practicing their swordplay in the lounge.

Well, swordplay was what they were doing, but Yukiteru Amano was duelling with a flintlock pistol.

Yukki pushed Jack's blade back, twisting his hand to take aim as Jack's blade parried the gun, and the bullet shot into the bookcase as the pirate lunged with his cutlass.

Yukki leant back and the blade passed over him, and the boy kicked up, striking Jack in the chin before spinning the blade out of the pirate's hand and aiming his gun.


Yukki's dead body fell to the ground, blood pooling into the carpet as Jack's pistol smoked.

There was a slam behind Kakashi as a bedroom door opened, and Yukki ran downstairs past the ninja. "Right, best three out of five." Yukki insisted as his corpse was devoured by the pink light.

Kakashi sighed.

Nope, there was no way this kid was gonna talk some sense into the girl.

For all Kakashi knew, Yukki was way past gone himself.

Edward Elric burst up with laughter. "Hey, Squall!" he shouted over the couch.

"What?" the SeeD asked from the computer table, standing up to see what was going on.

"Get back in your seat." Yugi told him, snickering.

Confused, Squall rolled back in his chair to see what his teammates were playing.

Final Fantasy VIII.

"Turn that off." Squall demanded, storming over. "Now."

"Make us, Chicken-wuss." Ed said, barely able to contain his laughter.

"I gave you an order." Squall glared.

"Whatever." Hitsuguya pouted, earning more laughter from Yugi and Ed.

A fireball rushed over their heads and bounced over the TV screen. "I SAID SHUT IT OFF!" Squall shouted, face bright red.

"Ellipses." Yugi said in a deep, dramatic voice, pushing Squall over the edge and making him lunge at the duelist with a clenched fist.