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Ron Weasley may have been Harry's first friend, but Hermione Granger had always been his truest.

Ron had always pushed Harry towards danger. Hermione had always tried to pull him away. When Ron failed he lashed out at the closest target. When Hermione failed she had stood beside Harry, wand at the ready with an armload of books. Ron had always encouraged Harry to trade on a reputation that he neither wanted nor deserved. Hermione had always pushed Harry to do his best because he could, not because of who he should be. Ron had drunk with Harry to victory, to prevailing over the greatest threat that the wizarding world had ever. Hermione had drunk with Harry to the memories of those lost. Ron had always stood by Harry during the good times; Hermione had during the bad. Ron had befriended the Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived; Hermione had befriended Just Harry.

When Ron had shown up on Harry's doorstep to insist that he come to the Burrow to celebrate the fifth annual Defeat of the Dark Lord, Harry had been hesitant, only promising to go when he realized that if he didn't Ron was likely to set Molly or the Twins in charge of persuasion.

Then Hermione had shown up seconds after Ron had left and told Harry to leave the country and never come back.

Later he would discover that Hermione had used all her influence as the Minister of Magical Minority Rights to convince the goblins to empty the accounts of Harry Potter and spread the funds through various Muggle Banks under a multitude of aliases, that Hermione had magically wiped away every Muggle record that existed for Harry Potter, that she had filed for divorce the moment she discovered that Auror Ronald Billius Weasley, war hero extraordinaire, was involved in a sting operation to catch the greatest threat to the magical world since Tom Riddle; Harry Potter.

Later, Harry would learn all this. But at the time he had grabbed his most important possessions, kissed her on the forehead, and disappeared.

Hermione hadn't cried. There would be time for that later. Instead she carefully and methodically went about destroying everything, ensuring that no vultures would be able to profit off of the disappearance of the Savior of the Wizarding World.

When the first of the Aurors finally showed and began combing through the home, looking for evidence of a battle that had never happened against a man they'd never find, Hermione had begun a silent count. The numbers kept her calm as strangers and enemies combed through the debris, touching memories that they had no business sharing.

When the house exploded, Hermione had smiled grimily from the shadows.

She had always been Harry's truest friend.