The adventure seemed like weeks ago. While in reality, it was only yesterday. Like, literally, yesterday. Ariadne walked out of the college and into the streets. This is reality. The chess piece fell. It was all real now. She walked across the stone path, thinking of the adventure she had yesterday. Of entering fisher's dream and infiltrating it. Of dreaming in a dream that you're dreaming. Of all the action. Of… her partners.

Well, friends are also a way to put it. There was Cobbs, the leader. He introduced her into the game. He was nice, I guess, though sometimes he can be very demanding. There was Eames, the forger. He could forge into other people in dreams to get information. Besides that, he was the "funny man" of the group. He likes to make jokes and all. There was also Yufus, the chemist. He is a really skilled chemist. He could make you asleep for hours and not a freaking thing will wake you up.

Then there was Arthur. There was something about him that made him different. He wouldn't panic in the desperate of times. He would look mysterious when he walked into a room, yet at the same time calm and "elegant". His slick-back hair and those dark brown eyes just closed the deal. Of course she would never admit that.

Ariadne was just on her way home from college when her phone rang. "Must be Eames." she thought.

"Hello?" she answered the phone.
"Ariadne?" It was Eames.
"Eames? Is Cobbs okay?"
"Ariadne, I need you to come right away. It's an emergency."
"Ok, I'll be there in 20 minutes."

13 minutes later…

Ariadne entered the warehouse. There, she found Yusuf and Eames, but no sign of Arthur.

"Ariadne." Eames said when she entered the warehouse. His voice sounded serious and concerned, which could mean only one thing to Ariadne.

Cobbs had not woken up.