"He's not going anywhere" a mysterious voice replied.

"Mal?" everybody said at once.
"Missed me?" she said with a smirk on her face. She pulled out a gun and shot Eames. He fell to the ground and "died".
"You next" she pointed the gun at Ariadne.
"Ariadne! NOOO!" Arthur said.

Picture this in slow motion. Mal pulled the trigger. The bullet flies through the air. Arthur lunges to Ariadne and cover her. Okay, you can stop slow-moing now.

The bullet hits Arthur and he falls "dead" to the ground. "ARTHUR! NO!" Ariadne cried.

"Touching." Mal loaded her gun. "Too bad for you", pointing the gun at Ariadne.

Ariadne quickly glance at her surroundings, finding something to fight with. Then she spotted the kitchen knife not far away from her. She jumps just as Mal pulled the trigger. The bullet missed and hit the wall. Ariadne grabs the knife and before Mal could realize it, Ariadne plunges the knife to her; Mal screams in agony and dies. Well, I guess "dies" 'cause, you know, she's actually already dead.

"MAL!" Cobb screams running to the body.

As Cobb rush to the body, Ariadne picks up Mal's gun and shoots Cobb with it. Cobb cries and "dies". (oh look, it rhymes. Bonus!) "Sorry Cobb" she said as she loads the gun and points it at her head. She closes her eyes and pulls the trigger.

Then everything went black.