To Close a Gate

Disclaimer: I don't own Night at the Museum, but the Night Watch series is mine.

A/N: Ahk/OC, Jed/Oct, brotherly Ahk/Kah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue

Tally sighed and let herself fall to the couch, cursing her phone for ringing and waking her up, but answering it nonetheless. "What do you want, Natalie?"

"You wanna hit the mall with me later? Maybe you could meet a hot guy."

"I already have a boyfriend, and even if I didn't, I wouldn't step foot in a mall anywhere with you as long as I lived. Got it?"

"Why do you hate me?"

"Because you're a psycho bitch from hell, and believe me, I know what that looks like."

"It's just the mall, with lots of shopping, oo, and a book store."

"Be sure to get me something then. It's my off day, so I want as much sleep as possible."

"What do you need sleep for, anyway?"

"You try working as a night guard for once. Better yet, try working period."

"You think I don't work? Oh, I work, alright."


"Oh, I'm the city's only professional shopper with any fashion sense."

Tally hung up and threw her phone to the floor, running her hand over her eyes and groaning. The world had gone to hell four times already, and she just needed her sleep. She closed her eyes and fell asleep instantly.