I was watching Ketekyo Hitman Reborn and they had what's called a 'ten year bazooka'. The child (who is obsessed with cows) who had it was able to put himself into the bazooka, blast it, and switch places with himself ten years in the future. I've been giving it some thought and it occurred to me today: What if Gaara was sent ten years into his own future and Gaara ten years in the future was sent back into his past? If it doesn't make sense, it will.

Do I own Naruto? Don't I wish… Lee would be Gaara obsessed instead of Sakura obsessed.

'Where am I?' The thought crossed Gaara's mind before he even opened his eyes. His surroundings were different- he didn't need to see them to realize that much. The air was heavier and sand grated against each other in the near nonexistent breeze.

He was home; which was bad because he had been in the country of rain. Why was he in the desert?

His eyes slid open and he sat up, acknowledging that he sat in the backyard of his own residence.

He scrutinized his own home, feeling that something was… off. Aside from the obvious that he should not be here.

Was it an illusion? Was it a genjutsu cast over him? It seemed like it could be a false placement technique, but this was incredibly strong and the illusion of home was all about him instead of just the closest object to him.

He tried a release jutsu just in case it was an illusion. Nothing changed. He remained in his own backyard, the surroundings not eerily silent as some would think it should be for such a strange situation.

He folded his legs and closed his eyes again. He sensed no immediate danger. As long as he was here, he needed to figure out how he had gotten here.

What had happened before he had awoken here? A mission in the rain country, something to do with a chest believed to-…

His eyes slid open and he stood to his feet, taking careful steps towards his own back door. The mission had been to recover a chest believed to switch the place of whoever opened it with their self ten years in the future.

Technically, he hadn't been the one to open it. He had been the one to shove Naruto away from it using his sand. One moment, he had been standing between a whining blonde and the seemingly useless small chest and the next, he had woken up here.

Ten years in the future? How long would he be here?

He paused as the back door began to open, a familiar and yet unnamable chakra reaching him from the other side of it.

The door slammed open a moment later and a flash of green dashed towards him, wrapping scrawny- yet incredibly strong- arms around his waist and sending them crashing into the sand.

Laughter rang in his ears. "Gaara-koi! Welcome home, Gaara-koi!" Lips- soft and full and chapped slightly- warmed his.

He blinked at the face before him. Raven hair, desert tanned skin, thick eyebrows, and a round jaw. The man's eyes were closed and there was a flush to his cheeks and nose. It was as much as Gaara could see with the man crowding him as he was.

Why was Lee kissing him? Foremost, where had Lee gotten that scar that was running from his right temple to the bottom of his right earlobe?

Lee pulled away a moment later, the skin between his eyebrows wrinkled slightly and his lips turned down at the corners. His eyes fluttered open almost uncertainly.

Gaara could now see that his bangs had grown considerably and were now in uneven strands, framing his face in an almost feminine manner.

"… Who are you? You are not my Gaara-koi." One of Lee's hands, bandaged still from top of finger to bicep, clamped around his throat. "Why are you impersonating my husband?"

Gaara's eyes widened for a split second as he digested that. Lee? As his husband? He appreciated Lee's strength and was content to consider Lee a friend as well as to be considered a friend to Lee; he might even go as far as to say that he enjoyed the chuunin's company because of the other's forgiveness and loyalty.

Would he go as far as to say that he could see himself married to Rock Lee ten years from his own time?

A kunai came out of Lee's sand colored chuunin vest, pressing into Gaara's jugular. "Answer me, imposter. May Kami have mercy on you if you so much as touched a hair on my husband's head."

Gaara was surprised to hear the venomous threat escape Lee's sneering lips. For as long as he had known Lee, he had never once threatened another. He was a man of action, not one of words.

He neck snapped back and then forward as Lee jerked hard on his throat. "Do not ignore me!"

He was simply amazed by Lee's show of aggression. He had heard that Lee would only become so upset when his dearest friends were being beaten or unfairly mocked. He had seen a glimpse of it when he had absentmindedly spoken against Gai the day they had fought Kimimaro.

He raised a hand and grasped the wrist of the hand that was choking him, signifying that Lee would have to remove it before he could speak.

There was a moment where Lee glared fiercely down at him before complying to an extent. The hand remained, but he could breathe properly enough to speak. "I'm not ignoring you."

"Who are you then?" Lee's eyes were narrowed dangerously on him, daring him to lie or try to escape or even twitch.

"I am Sabaku no Gaara, Godaime Kazekage of the Wind Country, the hidden village Sunagakure."

Lee looked angry enough to actually harm him. "Liar! That is my husband, not you!" The tip of the kunai cut his skin.

Gaara wasn't afraid; mostly he was curious and… aroused? Lee was so completely loyal to him and the fury in his eyes was uncommon.

He kept Lee's glare calmly, holding his lust at bay with ease and controlling his every move to not upset Lee further. It would be painfully easy to defeat Lee at this moment- he was not expecting him, who he suspected an imposter, to use sand. Then again, Lee was the fastest human being in the five countries in his own time; how fast and how much stronger was he now?

Gaara debated his chance of escape for three seconds before concluding that they would kill each other before anyone got away.

"I am not lying." The wedding band Lee wore was pressing into his sand armor, digging into the skin beneath. "There was an incident and now I'm ten years into my own future." His eyes narrowed suspiciously. "How can I be certain that you are not an imposter? Why would I have married Rock Lee?"

Lee paled and sputtered. His teeth clenched and he glowered down at Gaara. "How dare you say such a thing! That one of the most preposterous things I have ever-…" His eyes widened and his growl fell into a slack jaw. "… Oh."

Lee released his neck and sat back on his lap, rubbing sheepishly at the back of his head. "Gaara-koi said this might happen. This has to do with the 10-nen chest from ten years ago, neh?" Lee blushed furiously and giggled, looking away. The shy act was again something Gaara had never seen from Lee before.

Lee was still sitting on him.

"That was very awkward…" Lee raised a hand and brushed aside a few strands of hair from his face. His dark, dark eyes tinted blue around the edges were warm and loving down at Gaara. "But it all came out well."

He stood up with simple grace, grasping Gaara's hand and pulling him to his feet as well. "Do not worry, Sabaku no Gaara." His teasing tone actually surprised Gaara; it was even more surprising to hear his name addressed without suffix by the usually respectable chuunin. Lee smiled back at him. "Gaara-koi said that it lasted only five minutes for him and it only lasted five minutes for us as well, so you do not have long-"

And everything became black.