At the same time…

"Gaara-koi… Gaara-koi…" Laughter drifted over his ears and warm, chapped lips pressed into his own lips. "Welcome back, Gaara-koi. I missed you while you were gone."

Gaara sat up, his eyes still closed as he did so. He wrapped an arm around Lee's waist and dragged him into his lap, kissing him more deeply.

Lee moaned and pressed into him, wrapping his arms around his neck and tilting his head slightly, tangling tongues with him.

Gaara's eyes slid slowly open to watch. Lee's eyes were closed and his cheeks were flushed. Seven years later and Lee was still oh so sensitive to kisses.

Lee chuckled as they separated, a trail of saliva connecting them still. "I was visited by your younger self a few minutes ago…

Gaara smiled, amused. He rubbed a hand to his neck. "I suppose I should have warned you better, but I was so busy seducing you."

"You have had no need to seduce me in seven years." He swayed his bottom from side to side against Gaara's manhood. "I am yours, Gaara-koi."

He smirked. "Three years was a long time."

Lee flushed. "I thought I was in love with Sakura-kun."

Gaara caressed a hand down his back. "I know…" He had known that Sakura harbored none of the same feelings for Lee, so it had been reasonably easier to fend off others from Lee because Lee had done most of the fending himself.

He nibbled Lee's pulse above the neck of his summer jumpsuit. Lee groaned and let his head roll onto the back of his neck, baring his throat to Gaara like a beautifully presented offering.

"Did you kiss me senseless?" Lee asked with a teasing voice, blinking hazy midnight blue eyes at him.

He smirked. "I don't know, did I?" Gaara knew he was talking about Lee ten years ago.

Lee smiled and nodded, biting his bottom lip and whispering a finger over it. "It was so good, my legs shook until I could not stand and I forgot where I was." He nuzzled his cheek against Gaara's. "You should kiss me like that again."

Gaara raised a naked eyebrow. "Right now?" He asked playfully before pushing Lee onto his back, following him down.

Lee wiggled around before settling, smiling. "Hai, Gaara-koi."

Gaara sealed their lips together and slipped his tongue into Lee's mouth, exploring it ardently and heatedly as if they had been married for nothing more than a day instead of four years. The lust and need generated from that one kiss made them claw at each other's clothes and surge their hips together.

Lee broke away, panting. His fingers brushed over Gaara's scar. "I love you, Gaara-koi." His hand was tangled in Gaara's hair, tugging him back to Lee.

Gaara smiled and came willingly, stroking Lee's warm, scarred skin. 'I love you too, watashi no Lee.'

I am so happy to have written something. I lost a little faith in it by the end of the third chapter, but it's something. 'Watashi no' is 'mine' in a possessive meaning.