Chapter Two: The Morning After

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"How can you damn well look me in the eyes after what you did, you insensitive whore!" growled a voice.

Sasuke shot up in bed, breathing heavily and soaked in sweat. The voices and noises he heard were coming from the living room/kitchenette.

"I didn't mean to hurt you!" she gasped, "I was drunk, really! I would never do that to you..."

Damn, that meant Karin was here. No offense to her, but he was in no mood to see ANYONE.

Well, other than his friend Mary. Bloody Mary. Fuck, his head was killing him.

Dragging himself out of bed, he tried to remember how the hell he'd gotten home. And undressed. But hell, even after getting as smashed as he did last night, he thought, looking in the mirror, he still didn't look half bad.

"How can you look at yourself in the mirror?" bellowed the man.

Pretty easily... Sasuke thought with a snicker. Then he froze, realizing he was responding to a soap opera. He'd better go get Mary.

Stepping out into the living room, he hissed in pain when full-blown sunlight hit him.

"Morning Sasuke!" sang Karin, flinging herself at him in an attempt at a hug.

Problem being Sasuke was still blinded and her action almost knocked them both over. Making a sound that was a cross between a growl and a groan, he demanded, "Why the fuck are the shades up?"

Totally oblivious, she responded cheerfully, "You're too pale, sweetie! A little sun does WONDERS for your health!"

Moving into the kitchen, which thankfully had no windows to speak of, he went hunting for his ingredients. But, he discovered pancakes downed in way too much syrup on first inspection.

"What's this?" he asked, trying not to vomit.

"I made you breakfast..." she said, sauntering up to him, then giving an expectant look.

The brunette glared blankly down at her before it hit him; she expected a kiss for all her hard work. He couldn't deal with this right now.

Wheeling around, he began to rummage through the cabinets under the sink for the alcohol called for in the recipe. Finding none, not even the champagne he saved for special occasions, he stood back up.

Turning back around, he found Karin in his personal space again. "What are you looking for?" she chirped.

"The bottles I kept under the sink," he responded curtly.

"Oh, that nasty stuff!" she exclaimed, "I threw it out a while ago. You know how I feel about alcohol."

Sasuke barely suppressed a groan, ok this was getting WAY too troublesome. God, now he sounded like Shikamaru.

Could this morning get any worse?

"By the way," Karin added casually, "What were you going down there for? I mean, it's not like I don't trust you, but you only keep your alcohol down, did something happen last night?"

Sasuke froze; not this, not now! Was there any business she could stay out of? This was the reason they had kept the bachelor party secret in the first place. And while Suigetsu loved setting Sasuke's pants on fire (figuratively and literally, that's how they met), messing with Karin was like setting off an avalanche; it hit more than one person. For some reason, though, sometimes the gray-haired man was willing to risk it.

Sasuke had come to the conclusion that, sadly, his best friend was a masochist.

"Well?" asked Karin, pointedly tapping her foot.

Sighing, the brunette ran a hand through his hair. Dammit, he couldn't remember a lot of last night... He remember enough though, like the pretty blonde girl he had groped, the pinkette pole dancer inviting him to her suite, got fuzzy. He remembered really hot sex, but for some reason, he couldn't picture it with either of them. Someone else...?

"...Me and the guys went test champagne for the wedding," Sasuke lied. It was the only choice, really, cause if he was honest with her, who knew what would happen.

"Oh!" she bubbled, totally restored, because why in the world would her Sasuke lie to her?

"Now," Sasuke said wearily, "Can you please shut that off?"

Two hours and one luxurious soak in his Jacuzzi-bath later, Karin was pouting and Sasuke's hangover had only gotten worse.

Karin had been whining through the bathroom door at how Sasuke wouldn't let her bathe with him. Thus, the hangover went from pounding heartbeat to pounding hammer.

"Karin..." Sasuke finally spoke up, "I-"

"Well, whatever's bothering you," she interrupted, "It's got to wait. We have a reservation at 4 with my parents, and you need to get dressed!"

Sasuke's gaze narrowed into a glare. He had been patient, but this was too much.

"Shut the hell up if you know what's good for you..." he growled, seeing two Karin's at once, not really knowing which one he was talking to.

Her expression fell, but instead of tears, her eyes got a dangerous quality to them. "You'd better remember who you're talking too..." she growled, "My daddy's just as powerful as you, and just as capable of making people disappear..."

He stepped forward, muscles flexing like he was ready for a fight, and her face morphed into fear. At the fear, Sasuke smirked, having won the battle, but he still went to dress. She was right, her dad, Orochimaru, wouldn't hesitate to make him "disappear". And by "disappear", Sasuke knew that would mean being sexually abused while Karin thinks he's dead.

Repeat, could today suck any more?

Here they were, in an updated/old fashioned ramen bar. Updated, cause there were spaces next to the bar in quaint little fenced in yards full of umbrella-covered tables that seated four. And that's where they found themselves, way too overdressed for any place that didn't have the words "air-conditioned" in the description.

Personally, that bothered Sasuke more than the fact that he was sweating buckets –seriously, it was probably twice as hot in the kitchen and he didn't want to eat food with more sweat than soup.

"Karin-sweetie, Sasuke! How nice to see you!" chirped Orochimaru's husband, Kabuto.

Yeah, it never got old how Karin was raised by gays. (1)

Kabuto leaned in to kiss Karin on the cheek while Orochimaru slithered in with an umbrella. Seriously, an umbrella to keep the sun off him. Now if anyone needed a tan, it was this guy. Yet he was in a vintage suit that looked like it was made of wool.

Sasuke wondered then just how many times he would ask himself what was wrong with this family before he accidentally blurted it out.

"We took the liberty of ordering for you..." Orochimaru grinned, interrupting Sasuke's thoughts.

Sasuke resisted the urge to glare at the man now seated under not one but two umbrella's, and nodded instead.

Kabuto began talking about how they should so use poppies in the bouquet arrangement cause they'd look so great with Karin's hair, while Orochimaru was leering at someone over Sasuke's shoulder. Or at least he'd better be, cause if he was staring at Sasuke, he didn't give a shit if it upset Karin, they were moving to his island.

Yes, he had an island. He was an Uchiha, after all.

"Ahhh, perfect timing!" hissed Karin's dad as the bowls of ramen were placed on the black iron table, "My dear boy, you seem a bit more fit then last time I was here... I assume your other job is going well?"

Whoever had the sad misfortune of knowing the snake-bastard personally responded with, "Yeah, we're one performance away from getting a deal signed for an actual contract."


"I'll be sure to come see that show," creeped Orochimaru, licking his lips with his freakishly long tongue.

Sasuke knew that voice, and suddenly recovered the missing memories from the previous night. He wheeled around, "Dobe?"

The blonde went bright red with shock, "W-What the hell, teme!" cried Naruto, "Are you stalking me or something?"

"Excuse me bitch!" yelled Karin, "I will not have you talk to my fiancée like that!"

They were gathering a crowd –after all, both Sasuke's and Karin's family were very well known.

"A fiancée? What the fuck?" Naruto yelped, pointing straight at Sasuke.

Sasuke stood up using calming hand motions in hopes to calm this group of wild animals, "Now everybody just shut up!" he growled over everyone's yelling.

It was a disaster –Karin shrieking insults at Naruto, Naruto's confused protests, Kabuto yelling at Orochimaru to do something, and Orochimaru was just smirking, enjoying the mess he caused that the paparazzi just ate up.

Then Kabuto pulled out a knife and shoved it into the solid metal table somehow. That got everyone to shut up nicely.

"Now," he started, with his calm-angry voice, "We're leaving. Now!"

Throwing a hundred at poor Naruto, he growled, "Keep the change."

The flustered blonde quickly grabbed it and hurried to the register, while a table-cleaner took away the untouched food.

Walking out of the fenced in yard, Orochimaru turned to Sasuke, "Now Sasuke, how do you know him?"

Thinking fast, since the guy obviously knew about Naruto's other job –ew, by the way–, he stated, "Well, after our champagne testing, we went looking for where Karin and I could honeymoon."

Karin, forgetting the blonde after this statement, started squealing.

"So close to the city?" frowned Kabuto.

"Yes, and why would you want your wife to see their act?" pondered Orochimaru innocently, "I mean, Naruto's cute but EVERYONE knows his board has a bend..." (2)

"Ew!" cried Karin, latching onto Sasuke's arm, "Poor Sasu...having to deal with a queer..."

While Sasuke was trying to regain his arm, Kabuto suggested they do this another day, considering he had some patients at his clinic to deal with soon.

All agreed, and the respective pairs went off on their merry/not-so-merry ways.

Naruto sighed and sat on the curb. He was above a gutter, a parking lot for a bank behind him.

He had been fired from Ichiraku's when Teuchi (the owner) saw that keeping Naruto would be bad for the ramen bar. Damn rich fuckers, coming in!

He glared at the green scrawl on his arm, blaming it for his misfortune. Sure, his fiancée wasn't exactly poor, but HE had to pay for the honeymoon, and how was he gonna do that with no job?

He was going to a culinary school, but he wasn't graduating for at least another year.

And that teme...Naruto sighed. Big deal, he was getting married soon, and Sasuke was getting married soon.

He should just scrub off the number.

Or he could call the bastard and demand payment for making him lose his job. (3)

Smiling evilly, Naruto pulled out his cell phone and began to dial.

No bastard, no matter how hot, could get away with screwing over Naruto Uzumaki!

(1) This is NOT an Mpreg; Karin was adopted. Poor soul...

(2) *snickers* Get it? The saying is, "I'm straight as a board" so, "His board has a bend..." Get it? XD

(3) He didn't mean that pervertedly.

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