Road Trip! Summary

Starring: Beck/Jade, Cat/Robbie, Tori/Andre, Trina

Our favorite gang from Hollywood Arts is taking a ROAD TRIP!

Beck is driving, with Jade in the passenger seat. Cat, Tori, and Trina are across the middle-back seat. Andre and Robbie are in the farthest-back seat with a seat in-between them.

Everyone had refused for Robbie to bring Rex, and after awhile he finally agreed not to bring him.

How did this trip come about, you ask?

Well, everyone had agreed that the heat in Los Angeles was getting to be just a little bit too much, and they all wanted to go on an awesome vacation this summer.

So, between all their bickering over places to go, they finally decided on Seattle, Washington.

Seattle was a good 2-day trip driving. Once they got there, they would all be staying in a hotel for a couple of nights.

Also, they would be sight-seeing in Seattle during their stay. Then, they'd head back to Los Angeles.

It was a tough sell for their parents to agree to this trip, but Trina was the oldest and she had said that she'd keep an eye on the younger ones.

Most of them were mature enough to handle themselves; but with teenage romance in the air, who knows what could happen?

AN: So this is the summary for my new story "Road Trip". Think of this sort of as a little Prologue, I guess. Put it on Story alert and keep checking back for CH. 1!