Chapter Two: Hotels and Hot Boyfriends

This chapter is totally and completely messing up. So I'm uploading it here. They are a tad out of order sorry.

After checking in to their hotel, the gang went into their rooms.

Beck and Jade went into their room first. It had a huge king sized bed with a fluffy white comforter. It also had a big bathroom when you first walked in.

Cat, Trina, and Tori's room had two beds. One was a full sized bed and the other was a queen. Tori and Trina would be sharing the queen bed, leaving Cat to sleep in the other one.

Finally, Andre and Robbie went to check out their room. It was not very big and, to the boys' dismay, only had two small twin beds. But the bed's were spaced quite a bit apart, so they wouldn't have to be too awkwardly close.


Everything seemed great…until it the middle of the night when things started to get a little weird.

"Beck, wake up, please Beck, wake up!" Jade whispered as she shook her boyfriend's shoulder.

"What? Huh?" Beck asked as he sat up, still half asleep.

"Beck, I'm really scared. I keep hearing these moaning noises. I think there's a ghost." She responded.

"No, no, ghost. This is a hotel. No ghost here." Beck said, sounding sort-of funny; but Jade wasn't in the mood to laugh.

Almost on cue, both of them heard a loud and long "ooooooohhhhh" noise.

"That's it! That's the noise!" Jade shouted, hiding herself even further into Beck's arms for protection.

"Babe, chill. It's probably the water pipes or the wind or something." Beck reassured her, putting his arms around her for comfort. "Do you want me to check?"

Jade nodded, clutching his arm tightly. "If I'm going to check, you'll have to come with me. So you can see that it's nothing."

A small fact that both of them had seemed to forget was that the rooms were all connected with a door.

And, they had forgotten to lock the door that connected Robbie and Andre's room to theirs.

"Oh my goodness, it's eating Robbie and Andre! Go, Beck, go kill the ghost!" Jade was actually about half asleep also; so her words made no sense.

They got off the bed and walked over to their connecting door. "Oooooohhhh…Robbie…" The voice was sounding slightly more feminine this time.

"Oh no. It's got Robbie." Jade whispered as Beck slowly opened the door.

The sight they found when they opened the door was one that would scar them for life. Cat was in Robbie's arms, locked in a heated embrace as the two shared a kiss.

"Aaaaah!" Jade shouted and jumped, shielding her eyes. "What is going on?" Beck shouted, also covering his eyes.

Cat and Robbie both sprang up out of the bed. "We, well, we, I don't know…" Robbie answered, blushing.

Then, they realized that Andre was peacefully sleeping through all of this.

Robbie noticed they were looking over at him, so he said: "Andre is a very deep sleeper, so that's why I asked Cat to come. Sorry if we disturbed you."

Jade rolled her eyes. "Nevermind, we're going back to bed. Go back to whatever you two were doing."

She took Beck's hand and together they walked back to their room to hopefully return to rest.

They laid on the bed together, holding hands, when suddenly Jade said: "I don't know what she sees in him. My boyfriend is way hotter."

Beck laughed silently and pulled her into his arms. "Whatever you say, Jadie; but, you're pretty beautiful yourself."