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"You, my sweet child…"

Relm felt herself roll over in her bed, slightly conscious, but what felt like the end of a dream.

"Relm, darling child," came a second feminine voice.

Relm muttered something softly – something that she wouldn't even remember upon waking.

"We have a favor to ask of you… for the world…" A third, huskier voice spoke to her.

Relm awoke with a smile, feeling amazingly restful. She remembered her last dream and suddenly became inspired. The teenage artist loved when that happened since inspiration eluded her at times like any other artist. For some reason, she had to immediately leap out of bed and rush to her sculpting clay with this new inspiration.


Edgar was a fairly light sleeper. Had nothing to do with his adventure to save the world, although that certainly made his sleeping issues more difficult, nor was it from being a king who wasn't pampered (at least in comparison.) Ever since he was a boy he always slept light while his twin slept like a boulder.

But frankly, it really didn't matter. As the shockwave went through the stone castle with such an intensity that it nearly threw Edgar from his bed, he knew that not a single person in Figaro could still be asleep. His eyes widened as a few things fell from the wall and his desk. At first the king wondered if Figaro was submerging into the dunes. However, Edgar quickly deducted that couldn't be the case since the rumbling was clearly different. Unless the engine was malfunctioning. He quickly rose and dressed, knowing that whether it was a mechanical failure or something else, there would be no sleep for him. Such was the life the young king had set for himself. While leaving the room, he picked up his lance in his right hand and auto-crossbow in his left.

"King Edgar!" His Chancellor yelled out. The men approached each other in haste. Edgar simply nodded to him, knowing his right hand man would understand. The older man did and quickly turned to walk with the king. "The situation is dire Your Majesty."

"What's happening?"

"We are being attacked."

Edgar's forehead wrinkled in deep thought. "By whom?"

"We are unsure."

"Well is it an army? A monster? My brother, Setzer, and Locke messing with us?"

"I wish it were the latter again, but our scouts believe it is an army of monsters."

"So a swarm? Why are they causing this many problems? Haven't we been training the army to do something aside from sunbathing?"

The Chancellor found Edgar's sarcasm at the early hour somewhat amusing, although he knew he could not laugh at it. They had climbed the last couple of stairs to the top of the wing and stared across the desert.

"Okay, so an army of monsters," Edgar answered his own question watching as hordes of familiar looking demons crossed the desert in the early dawn's light. "But the question is how are they so organized? Some of those monsters are not native to this continent…" Edgar went to point out said monsters, but as he brought his arm up another tremor shook the castle and both men focused more on holding their balance.

"We believe that the tremors are being caused by large land worms."

"So we cannot sink into the sand. Perhaps this army is more focused then we thought. We have safely disposed of the last nests of monsters in the basement correct?"

"Yes Your Majesty."

"Then let us bring every civilian in the castle to the basement. Inform old Orville that he is to remain by the submerge control machinery. We'll station a regiment directly in front of him and another larger one at the top of the stairs. Order Orville that should the regiment begin to fall and the monsters begin to break through, he is to submerge immediately."

The Chancellor nodded, mentally keeping track of the King's orders while trying to judge the opposing army. The King continued to rattle off his orders, and the Chancellor gave his input where needed.

"The mechanics and I will hold our ground in front of the throne room. I believe there will be the most room for the heavier artillery-"

"Your Majesty! With all due respect, I do not believe it is wise for you to put yourself in harm's way!" The Chancellor looked over his shoulder to see that Edgar had already moved back towards the staircase. "Majesty!"

Edgar stopped two stairs down and gripped the banister top with his left hand. His right hand came up and his pointer finger waggled while a ridiculous grin came over his face. "Now, now Chancellor. It may have been a couple years since I've gone up against Kefka but I'm hardly out of shape." The Chancellor made an attempt to continue his protest, but Edgar had already disappeared down the stairs. The Chancellor took one last look at the approaching army before following the King and making sure all orders were followed through properly.

The army of monsters approached. There were many monsters Edgar recognized and was quite relieved that he had taken the time to train his army for it. In fact, he figured his army was most likely better equipped for monsters such as these then another human army. The King watched as a few monsters soared over the castle. Edgar held his right arm straight out, signaling to his regiment. As though they had done this a million times, the soldiers aimed their various pieces of artillery. Edgar watched the skies and their flight patterns. In one quick motion Edgar threw his arm up, "NOW!" The King exclaimed. Immediately the soldiers shot at the swarm of flying monsters. The King glanced up towards the Chancellor, watching how the orders were being given out. Although he could not hear anything over the machines launching projectiles near him, he could tell that it was going well enough since a couple of archers looked even a bit bored. Edgar turned his attention back to the various flying monsters. Their screams overpowered even the machinery around them as they fell onto the desert either dead or near death.

Their battle raged on into the morning light, which brought a renewed sense of energy to the soldiers who were not accustomed to such battles. The King ran about, repairing and reloading the machinery and acting as a medic when needed. When not doing that, Edgar unloaded his auto-crossbow into the air, unable to keep himself from smiling from the adrenaline rush.

The next wave of flying enemies appeared to be similar to manta rays. They would have appeared quite majestic soaring overhead if they were not firing their large needle-like tails at the kingdom. The first assault destroyed two machines and killed five men. Another couple were wounded. "Stay with me!" Edgar yelled, dashing towards the wounded soldier. Another wave assaulted the castle, several more soldiers falling. Edgar narrowly dodged the second wave just as he reached the soldier. "Are you still with me?" Edgar panted, his blonde hair sticking to the sweat on his forehead and cheek.

"This has gone too far," The Chancellor told the general closest to him while watching the skies. "How is the battle on the ground?"

"It is going well sir."

"We just need to find a way to take out the manta rays. Send reinforcements and medics down there…"

"Sir, is that the…" The general pointed to the tanned blonde leaning over a now lifeless soldier.

"King Edgar!" The Chancellor yelled across the kingdom. "Get to safety!"

Edgar ignored the Chancellor, mainly because he couldn't make out anything he was actually saying. It was probably to get out of there. Edgar stood up and almost immediately got dizzy. His eyes narrowed and he attempted to regain is balance. It was then he realized a sharp pain in his side. Looking down, he caught drops of blood which could have been from one of his soldiers, but judging from his dizziness some of it had to be his. Maybe that's what the Chancellor had been yelling about.

He watched the sky for the mantas, but couldn't really keep focus on how many there were. Edgar hobbled over to the closest machine. Of course, why hadn't he thought of it before? If he rigged it like this… and put this piece here… Edgar's hands moved without him even thinking about it. "And here we go…" The machine fired off a large blast into the sky with several fiery arrows pushing from it. It was enough to scatter several arrows with force to cut through the mantas.

But Edgar didn't get to watch it. The machine hadn't been built for such a force and lashed back. The force threw him against a wall. It knocked the wind out of him and he completely lost his vision. His ears were ringing from the explosion, but he faintly heard his name being called.

The Chancellor rushed towards the wounded King. But as he did a manta shot a tail spike down at Figaro and into its King. "King Edgar!" As the Chancellor knelt down next to him, Edgar just gave him an arrogant smile and closed his eyes.


Sabin always woke early, regardless of how heavy he slept. It always had been a part of his life, and while it wasn't entirely necessary here in Mobliz, it was nice to have a few moments of peace before the daily insanity began. The best part was the green haired woman nestled up close to him, even if his arm was asleep. He closed his eyes and cuddled up close to her again.

There was a faint pecking that echoed through the room. Sabin ignored it. The pecking continued. Terra rolled onto her back and opened her eyes. "What is that…?" She asked sleepily.

Sabin sighed. "I dunno… sounds like a bird or something… maybe the kids are…" Sabin mumbled incoherently.

The pecking continued. "Maybe it's a messenger bird? I can check…" Terra moved to get up.

"I'll go check," Sabin said quickly. "You don't have to get up." Sabin pulled his numb arm from underneath Terra's pillow and stood up out of bed. He adjusted his sweatpants and stretched while he heard Terra's head hit her pillow again. The monk walked to their window and pushed one side open. He stuck his head out and looked around. "Freakin' birds…" Sabin grumbled. He whistled and stuck his hand out, just in case it was one of the white birds.

"You were right Terra," Sabin said over his shoulder as a bird landed on his arm. With his other hand he pulled the white piece of paper from the bird's leg. "It's from Figaro," he said, looking at the gold seal on it.

Terra smiled as she looked at the dark silhouette of the shirtless monk reading the letter. "What does it say?" She asked while fluffing her pillow, unable to see the expression on his face.

"My brother…" Sabin trailed, staring off into space.

Terra immediately picked up in the change of his tone of voice. She rose from bed and walked towards him. She looked at him, puzzled by the look on his face. Sabin was unable to say anything to her, so he handed her the paper. She took it from him, reading the ornate cursive that was quite unlike Edgar's. Her jaw dropped and she quickly covered it with one hand, unable to do anything else from the shock. "Oh my… I can't believe…" Terra quickly threw her arms around Sabin's waist.

Sabin slowly put his arms around her, holding her and rested his chin on her head for both her and himself. Neither of them wanted to talk at the moment, but questions of what would happen next plagued their minds while sorrow made it impossible to think anything out.