Brian Rivers

A/N: Yes, here is another D/B story from me. I just can't get enough of this pairing! This story is a little different from my other stories though. It's my first one with a completely AU timeline. I got a lot of the ideas from Night World, so if anyone has read those books, this story might remind you a little bit of it.

Bonnie's POV

"Bonnie come on, Elena is outside waiting for you", my mom called from down the stairs. I finally finished putting on the final touches to my now long hair and makeup. It was the first day of senior year, and I was going to make sure it was the best year of high school ever. I took one more look at myself in the mirror before I headed down stairs to meet my best friend.

After I said goodbye to my parents, I headed outside to meet Elena, who was sitting in her brand new Porsche that her parents had bought her for her birthday (A/N: Yes, in this story, Elena's parents are alive. I kind of wanted to make her the spoiled rich girl.) She smiled at me as I climbed into the passenger seat.

"Whoa Bon, love the new look, but what is it for?"

I shrug, and settle into my seat as she starts driving. "I don't know, I just thought I'd try something new" I said nonchalantly, when in reality, I was actually bursting with excitement.

The old, shy Bonnie McCullough would never attempt something like this, but this was a new me, and I was determined to leave my own mark in the school instead of always lingering in Elena's shadows.

Don't get me wrong, she was my best friend, but…she always got all the attention. Not that I wanted a lot of attention, but just for someone to take notice of me for a change would be nice. And I wanted to do it by myself, without Elena's help.

After we arrived at the school, there was of course a huge crowd of people, all wanting to greet Elena, the queen of the school. But I was happy when some of the boys caught sight of me, and gaped. "Wow Bonnie, you look…great", Elena's ex boyfriend Matt said.

"I know, she does doesn't she?" Elena gushed, coming over to stand beside me. She grabbed my arm, and began pulling me away from the crowd. "Come on Bon, we have to go say hi to Caroline."

I shot one last smile of Matt before Elena pulled me around the corner.

Caroline hadn't changed a bit over the summer, except that she seemed a little shorter then I remembered, and I hoped that it meant that I had grown a little taller. Like Elena, they were both surprised at my new look, but both thought it looked good.

"Oh my God, have you guys seen the new guy yet?" Caroline suddenly gushed.

When Elena and I both shook our heads, Caroline gave us the info. "His name is Brian Rivers. He just moved here from California." Wow, California was a long way from Virginia.

"Yeah, and he's gorgeous", Caroline continued. "You guys have to see him!"

I smiled at my friend. Caroline was definitely the most boy crazy out of all of us, but I found that I missed her a lot over the summer. More than I thought I would anyway.

Elena smiled her signature smirk. "Oh, I'm very interested in seeing him." That meant that she was going to do whatever it took to get him before any of us had a chance. I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

But Elena noticed, and looked at me. "What Bonnie?"

I shook my head quickly. "It's nothing just…never mind" I murmured, but she still looked suspicious. She opened her mouth to no doubt say something, but luckily, the bell rang, and we all had to head off to our first classes.

I looked down at my printed schedule, and saw that my first class was with Mr. Tanner, great. I reluctantly made my way towards the classroom, and was annoyed when I realized that Elena had that same class, and would probably try to question me on why I rolled my eyes again.

But then I remembered that Mr. Tanner always arranged a seating chart, and hopefully we would be nowhere near each other. But my luck ran out when he seated us on either side of another chair, meaning we were only one chair away from each other. But the pace of my heart quickened when I saw who would be seated between us.

"Brian Rivers", Mr. Tanner bellowed, pointing at the seat. I turned to get a better look at him and gasped. Caroline was right, he was gorgeous. He had thick, curly locks of dark hair, deep brown eyes, and tan skin to kill for.

I tried not to blush when he smiled at both me and Elena as he took the seat between us. Throughout the entire lecture, I tried my best to listen, but my attention kept flickering back to Brian, and I could tell Elena was too.

But when the dismissal bell finally rang, he pulled both me and Elena away from the crowd. "So I noticed that you two lovely ladies were both shooting me glances during that class. Does that mean that you're single?"

I was sure I blushed, but Elena still looked confident, as usual. "Yes, yes we are", she said in a business like tone. Brian smirked, and leaned a little closer to us.

"Well, the problem is, you two are both just so lovely that I'm having a hard time choosing which of you is right for me", he said, his intoxicating eyes smoldering mine.

When neither of us said anything, he continued. "So, would you both do me the pleasure of meeting me here at tonight at eight? We could drive up to a restaurant and have some dinner, maybe then I could decide more easily."

Before I could say anything, Elena answered. "Of course we would. Right Bon?" she asked, now looking towards me.

I nodded. "Yeah, that would be…great", I mumbled.

"So I guess I'll see you two later", he said, winking before he disappeared.

I guess I was a little excited for tonight, but part of me was dreading it. With Elena there, there was no doubt in my mind that Brian would like her better.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, and I could tell that Elena was wondering why I seemed so annoyed with her, and I just hope I could get home before she had the chance to try and ask me again.

So in order to avoid her, I decided to just walk home, and told Caroline to tell her to go home without me.

Even with the disappointment of Elena coming too, I still couldn't erase the thrill and suspicion that something interesting was going to happen tonight.

A/N: Sorry if the first chapter was boring. The next one will be when the action starts. And just to let you know, this is not a Bonnie/OC story. I have no intention of making Brian a love interest. This is a Bamon story, but it's going to take a little bit before Bonnie meets Damon in the story. Thanks for reading!