"Are you sure this is going to work?" Skulker asked the halfa, who was currently lounging back on his couch and watching TV. Danny rolled his eyes.

"For the last time, Skulker, YES!" he retorted, flipping channels. "Why the hell are you so jittery about it, anyway? It's not like you havent tried to shove a blade through my neck before."

"Yes, well, BEFORE was when I was actually trying to kill you." Skulker said. "I kind of like you now, and it MIGHT hurt my feelings if you end up dead."

"Dead-er," Danny replied, smirking at the mech. "I've told you a thousand times, Skulker, I can speed-heal to the point where nothing short of liquifying me will do permanent damage. And Sam and Tucker dont know about it." He grinned, changing the channel again. "Yet, anyway."

"...You're evil."

"I try. What the...Technus gave you a porno channel? SWEET!"

"Gimme that!" Skulker snatched the remote away from the halfa and turned the TV off. "Can you focus for like, five minutes, whelp? The first of April is tomorrow!"

"I know that, Skulker, duh!" Danny mumbled back. "What's the matter, Skulker? We already talked the whole plan out, so what are you getting so ancy about?"

Skulker didnt reply. Yeah, they had talked the plan out, but Skulker was 'ancy' because he didnt want anything to go wrong, especially with the role he had to play. If he ended up accidently permanently hurting-or killing-Dan...well, he'd probably end up killing himself.

Since apologizing to each other and 'making up', in a sense, Danny and Skulker had been secretly seeing each other behind everyone's back. Oh, they kept appearances in public, 'I will have your pelt on my bed, ghost child', and 'Yeah, right, like never' banter from the two of them, but after all was said and done, they would just meet up in secret later on to laugh it up and nine and a half times out of ten have sex.

On that note, Skulker couldnt help but think about their lives in and outside of his bedroom; outside, he and Dan were the perfect enemies. Skulker would attack at the halfa with everything that he had, and Danny would defend with everything HE had, which usually ended up with Skulker's metal ass getting kicked to the point where he had dents in his body and had to go to Technus for major repairs. But once Dan was in his bed, everything changed; Skulker was in charge, and the halfa would willingly lie back and submit to Skulker's whims.

And Skulker knew that Dan was no pushover; the halfa gave Skulker 90% in the fights, only because 95% would permanently damage his body beyond repair, and 100% would erase him from this plane of existance. Skulker had to fight and defend at 110% just to make it back home without passing out mid-flight. All that power Dan possessed, and yet he LET Skulker screw him senseless into his animal-skin-covered bed at very least once a week.

Talk about an ego boost.

The only ones who knew about their true relationship were Clockwork and Technus; the former because he knew everything and the latter because A) he was Skulker's best friend (sorta) and B) he was a stinking pervert. But under threat of torture and pain of being locked up with Dark Dan in the Fenton Thermos in Clockwork's tower, he had agreed to keep it a secret, and even aid them in this year's April Fool's Day prank.

But they were getting a little tired of hiding, to be honest, and that was why they had decided to pull this prank on everyone; to let everyone know about them, and know that they wouldnt tolerate anyone saying ANYTHING about their relationship. Or else.

Skulker turned his attention back to Dan and sighed, handing the remote back to the halfa. "...I just dont want you to get hurt," he replied. Danny gave him a smile and slid off the couch to straddle Skulker's lap.

"I like that you care so much about me," he said, sliding his hand up Skulker's shirt to fondle the etched tattoo on the mech's chest. "But I'll be okay, Skulker. I even...experimented to make sure no permanent damage was done." He reached down and pulled up his own shirt, showing off a bare and completely unscarred chest. "So no harm done. I mean, yeah, I'm sure it'll hurt like hell, but I get metal violently shoved up my ass on a weekly basis. I THINK I'll be okay."

Skulker burst out laughing and pulled the halfa to him chest-to-chest. "I love it when you talk dirty to me," he growled, reaching down to grope at Danny's ass. "And speaking of which, you havent had your weekly dose of metal up the ass yet, have you?"

"Nope," Danny replied. "Care to remedy that?"

Skulker growled again and threw the halfa over his shoulder as he bolted for the bedroom.

It was April 1st, and for once, Danny seemed to have no pranks planned.

Sam and Tucker had apologized again and again and again for about four months before Danny 'forgave' them (he had been holding out and making them suffer while secretly thanking them for altering fate in his favor for both a great boyfriend and AWE-FREAKING-SOME sex) for the prank, telling them that nothing had really 'happened'; he had just woken up from the spell while in the middle of making out with Skulker and THAT had been traumatizing enough.

Naturally, they believed him.

Danny actually seemed very mellow for April Fool's Day, and none of his friends had even THOUGHT about pranking him. Not after last year. So they had gotten through the entire day as normally as possible, with no pranks, no jokes, nothing. However, Sam and Tucker noticed that Danny was looking a little nervous. They finally talked to him around sundown.

"Dude," Tucker said, a hand on his friend's shoulder. "You've been acting weird all day, what's up?" Danny nibbled his lip and looked around as though they were being followed.

"...Tuck, I think that we're being followed," Danny whispered so only Sam and Tucker could hear. Both of his friends looked around, trying to find something out of the ordinary...well, as ordinary can get in Amity Park. They saw none.

"...Danny, we're not being followed," Sam said gently. "...You've been acting paranoid all day." Danny only looked behind him again and looked like he was struggling to loosen up his tense posture.

"...I just...I just get the feeling that something bad is going to happen..." he stuttered. Sam and Tucker gave each other a quick glance, both wondering the same thing; that Danny was probably being paranoid because of what day it was.

"Danny..." Sam reached forward and held his shoulders in her hands. "There's no one following us. No one stalking you, or trying to prank you, or anything. There's nothing to worry ab-."

She was cut off when Danny's ghost sense went off, and just a second later, the boy had dived out of the way with Sam as an ecto-blast shot right where they had been standing. Danny quickly transformed and went on the defensive as a figure shimmered into view from being invisible, and the trio gaped at what they saw.

A tall man standing about six-foot-six hovered midair in front of them; he was built like a tank, with a black muscle shirt, black pants, and black combat boots adorning his figure. He had tanned skin with tribal tattoos on the shoulders, a skull necklace around his neck, and flaming green hair. His eyes were pure a pure glowing green. He stared right at Danny, grinning.

"Hello, Ghost Child," he drawled, holding his arms out to the side like he was showing himself off. "Like the upgrade?"

"SKULKER?" all three of them gasped at the same time. The hunter grinned more broadly and landed on the ground in front of them.

"Whoa..." Tucker said, backing up just a little. Sam only stared harder. Danny growled deep in his throat and kept his guard up.

"You look...different..." Danny said, his eyes narrowing. Skulker snorted and clenched his fists, making twin glowing blades snap out from each forearm.

"I know," the hunter replied almost vainly. "Almost forgot how good I looked when I was alive...but no matter." He took an offensive stance, his eyes brightening in color. "...I can assure you that I'm even more powerful than before."

"Well just see about that!" Danny shot forward, his fists charging up with ecto-energy. He took a swing that Skulker managed to side-step with suprising agility for his figure and took a slash at Danny's head. The halfa managed to jerk his head back, but he lost a half-inch of white hair anyway. His own green eyes flashing, Danny shot an ecto-beam at Skulker, who, two the trio's shock, knocked it away as though it were nothing. "What the...?"

"I told you, Ghost Child," Skulker said, practically preening, "I'm more powerful than before. This form actually allows me to access more of my own ghost powers." His grin suddenly turned positively evil. "For example..." He broke off, taking a grounding stance, clenching his hands to his sides, and superfluously inhaling before letting out what sounded like an explosion of a battlecry of at LEAST 160 decibles. It came out in the same fashion as Danny's Ghostly Wail, only with the effect of Danny feeling like he was imploding from the inside out along with feeling like he was being hit over and over again by a Peterbilt.

The attack was cut off, and Danny found himself completely disorientated before pitching forward on the ground.

"DANNY!" Sam and Tucker cried, fearing for their friend but too frightened and unarmed to do anything about it. Skulker grinned and walked up to Danny, turning the halfa over with his foot.

"You like it?" he asked, poking Danny's side with the toe of his boot. "I call it the "Battle Cry". Got a hell of a punch to it, doesnt it?" Without waiting for a response, Skulker reached down and grabbed Danny by the front of his suit, dragging the halfa up off of the ground. "I think that I just may...get my prize today." He pressed the tip of his blade into Danny's chest, smirking when the halfa let out a pained cry. "It's been fun, Dan, but I REALLY want that pelt."

With that, he sunk the entirety of the blade into Danny's chest, a good six inches of it protruding from the halfa's back.

"NO!" Sam screamed, sinking to her knees on the ground. "DANNY!"

Danny let out a scream, his mouth filling with ecto-blood as Skulker pulled the blade out only to stab him with it again and again. After the fifth time, Danny went limp in his hold, green-and-red ecto-blood seeping out of his wounds and mouth.

Sam and Tucker were screaming bloody murder (pun fully intended) as Skulker retracted his blade and pulled out an ecto-net, then carelessly tossed the halfa inside. He turned to the two friends of the halfa and saluted them with two fingers. "Give my condolences to the parents!" he called over cheerfully. "And dont be a stranger! Just drop by, and I'll show you where I keep his pelt!" Laughing like a loon, he took off, feeling the exhilerating freedom from his jetpack.

Damn, he owed Technus for this body! He owed him BIG.

Vlad wasnt home today; he was too busy with something at City Hall. Skulker flew into the Portal and into the Ghost Zone, where he ran into several of his compatriots.

"WHOA!" Johnny 13 shouted upon seeing him. "Skulker...is that YOU?" The hunter grinned; he loved his new body.

"Damn right," he said. "Listen, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have something to skin at home..."

"What did you catch this time?" Johnny asked, looking at the ecto-net curiously. Skulker's grin broadened as he opened it and pulled out a very bloody-and apparantly dead-Danny Phantom by the hair.

If it were at all possible, Johnny turned even paler at the sight. Shadow let out a whimper and hid behind the motorcyle. Skulker put Danny back into the net and slung it over his shoulder. "Bye, then!" He laughed as he flew off towards his island. This was just TOO good! He was sure Johnny would start spreading the rumor that Danny Freaking Phantom had finally been slain by Skulker.

He landed at his cave and punched in the entrance code, then walked inside and shut and locked the door securely before gently putting the net down and opening it, pulling Danny out and holding him.

Just a moment later, Danny coughed up some ecto-blood and began to breathe easy as his wounds closed right before Skulker's eyes. He opened his own eyes and blinked up at Skulker. "...Did we do it?" he asked, a grin teasing his lips. Skulker smirked and put Danny down, but keeping him close.

"Oh, we did it, alright!" he laughed. "You should have SEEN their faces!" Danny joined in the evil laughter, doubled over as he tried to control it. After a few minutes, he reared his fist back and punched Skulker in the face. The hunter stumbled back, holding his face in one hand. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!" he shouted.

Danny glared at him. "Why the hell didnt you WARN me you were going to be showing up in that new body?" he shouted back. "FUCK, Skulker, I nearly blew our plan to shit because I was about to jump you right then and there!"

Any offense Skulker just had was gone like that. He grinned and presented himself to his lover. "Technus's new design," he said. "He made it look like I did when I was alive. Took the idiot long enough; I thought I'd never get my rugged good looks back." Danny grinned and sauntered up to the mech, stroking his hands down Skulker's arms.

"...It feels like skin..." he said, fascinated. His eyes trailed up to Skulker's face. "...Shit, you didnt tell me you were THIS hot...!" The mech growled and pulled Danny in for a kiss. Danny groaned into Skulker's mouth and slid his hands under the hunter's shirt, feeling Skulker's warm synthetic skin. He pulled back and nuzzled Skulker's jaw. "...And I take it you werent bluffing when you said this body can give you more ghost-energy focus?"

"Damn right," Skulker said, rocking his hips into Danny's. "I actually discovered that "Battle Cry" when I was pissed off at Technus this morning..."

"...Why, what'd he do?" Danny asked, trying to keep his conversational focus despite ten inches of hard synthetic flesh being ground into his thigh.

"The usual. Tried to feel me up while I was still trying to figure my systems out," Skulker growled. "I screamed at him, and...THAT happened. So I decided to ante up the ambience with it during our 'battle'."

"It was awesome!" Danny said enthusiastically. "All that new power you had...man, I nearly came in my pants as you hit me with it!"

"Well, we cant have that, now can we?" Skulker asked, tugging on Danny's ruined suit. "You know you're only allowed to cum when you're in MY bed, dont you?"

"Skulker...!" Danny breathed, squirming his hips into the mech's. Skulker growled and clenched Danny's hair in his hand, jerking the halfa's head back so he could look at him.

"Answer me, whelp!"

"Yes!" Danny cried, wrapping his arms around Skulker's broad midriff. "Only in YOUR bed...!" Skulker reached forward and tore the top of Danny's suit clean off, reveling in the animalistic pleasure of seeing his 'mate' covered in blood and keening for his attention.

"Then let's fix that little 'problem' you have." Skulker picked Danny up and carried him to his room, unceremoniously dropping the halfa onto his bed. "Strip."

Danny did so without a moment's pause; just a few moments later, he was naked-and still bloody-on Skulker's bed. Skulker growled with pleasure at seeing his number one prize laid out just for him. He began removing his own clothing, reviling in the looks Dan was giving him. He had no illusions about his new powers; he knew that Dan was still more powerful than he was. But damn if he didnt feel like a god when Danny's eyes were worshipping his new body like that.

He finished undressing and sat down on his bed, allowing Danny to look his new body over. He had all of his original tattoos from his human body transferred onto this one; most of them were tribal designs; some of them were symbolic to past hunts when he was alive. He had his entire back covered with tribal designs intertwined with animals in a totem style, twin snakes around each wrist and forearm, and an ornate and slashed-font 'S' on his right thigh. However, Danny's favorite was still and always would be the flaming skull on his chest, of which the halfa was gently kissing.

"...Remind me to let Technus watch us some time as payment for this body," Danny purred, wrapping his arms around his lover. Skulker rolled his eyes.

"Dont be mad when I say I already promised him that."

Danny laughed and pushed Skulker to his back and began kissing down his abdomen, marking every inch he could find as his own. This was HIS hunter. HIS lover. NO ONE, not even Ember, who he was sure was going to want to come crawling back to the mech just because of a simple body change, would ever have him.

As though reading his thoughts, Skulker pulled Danny up and kissed him hard. "I have one more tattoo that's...fairly recent..." he murmured against the halfa's lips. He pulled away and turned around, pushing his flaming hair up off of his neck to reveal that tattooed at the nape of his neck was Danny's DP insignia.

Danny lost all control then and pounced on his lover.

He was definitely topping tonight.

April 2nd came, and most everyone was at a loss...anyone who knew that Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom, anyway.

Sam and Tucker had freaked out for the longest time before calling Jazz and screaming about what had happened.

Johnny 13 told everyone he could find what he had seen; there were mixed reactions from everyone, ranging from Ember's 'served the Ghost Slut right' to Desiree's guilt in her involvement of last year's prank to Technus's fight to keep the laughter inside for as LONG as POSSIBLE before his role in the prank would come to play.

In the morning of April 2nd, all of the demizens of the Ghost Zone, Sam, Tucker, and even Vlad, who had JUST heard from Jazz and was about to go tear that fucking mech a new one, got an identical envelope handed to them.

Inside was a picture of Danny and Skulker locked in a heated kiss with obvious tongue inclusion. Scrawled at the bottom were the words, 'APRIL FOOLS!'

Sam fainted.

Tucker vomited.

Jazz burst into tears from both relief and her near-heart attack.

Ember shrieked and tore hers up into tiny pieces in fury.

Desiree incinerated hers with a deadpan expression.

Walker immediately began confiscating them from anyone he knew had them.

Vlad's eye began to twitch uncontrollably as he invisioned Skulker being thrown into a trash compactor.

Technus, of course, kept his in a scrap book filled with all the other perverted pictures he had captured of the two.

So now, everyone knew about Danny and Skulker.

It didnt stop them from kicking the two's asses over the prank.

...Or trying to.

(BTW, 160 decibles is about the same as a turbojet engine at full-blast.)

URGH, my endings are sucking! Well, whatev. I just really wanted to pull out my fantasies of a human-looking, 'Battle Cry'-ing Skulker. I totally own the 'Battle Cry'. Mine. MINE, I SAY!

And that concludes DP Slash Pairing 4. Next up-Danny/Technus!

...Clockwork help us all...