I saw Inception a few days ago and wanted to write something while it was still on my mind. Brilliant film. It turned my mind into mush but all and all, a brilliant film. Ignore my spelling and grammar mistakes. I just landed back home and it's currently 12:32 am. It might be a bit AU but bear with me here. One-shot for now?

Disclaimer- Inception does not belong to me. I really wish I were genius enough to think of it, but no. Christopher Nolan, I applaud you.

She took a deep breath and took a small gulp of water. Feigning indifference, she asked,

"Why did you do it?"

There. She said it. The question that was bothering her- the one burning on her mind, or rather, her lips.

At the sound of her voice, he looked up and stopped mid-motion. His mouth was wide open, preparing for the small chunk of steak that was dangling off the teeth of his fork. He closed his mouth and opened it again (causing him to look a bit like a goldfish) before replying.

"Do what?"

Oh, she could see that Arthur knew very well what she was talking about, in fact, she knew that he was doing all this just to torture and tease her. A small smile was pulling and tugging at his lips, destroying his mask of seriousness that was so often seen on his handsome face. His eyes were bright and alert as always but this time; she could swear she saw a playful spark.

This infuriated her. How dare he? She was not a child anymore; he shouldn't be able to play her like that. She wanted answers and she wanted them now.

"The kiss."

She muttered, embarrassed to say properly. She could still remember the kiss- it wasn't heated or passionate, it was light and airy, like a feather. In the heat of all the action, it seemed like an escape. It didn't last long though, three seconds, tops but yet it had left her flushed and bothered. Why? She had no idea.

"Well, you know why. No need to ask such a silly question."

"No. I do not know why."

"Well, the projectio-"

"God dammit! It wasn't about the projections and you know it."

An awkward silence filled the room and she instantly regretted asking him that stupid, stupid question.

"You know what? Forget that I as-"


It was his turn to ask questions now. He could have fun with this.

"What? I really don't understand you."

She was confused as hell. Why? Why what? Jesus, this guy really needed to ask proper questions. Again, she saw a hint of that dopey smile. It was amazing how this one person could annoy her to no end.

"Why are you so bothered about it?"

What? Bothered? Is this guy delusional? He must be. No, no, of course she wasn't bothered! Okay, maybe she was. Just a little bit.

"I'm not bothered about it. I'm just wondering"

True, he thought. She was always a curious one. But she was definitely bothered enough to make such a big fuss over it. Then, just to see her reaction:

"It's not like it meant anything, it was just a kiss."

Ariadne froze and at once, Arthur knew that he said the wrong thing.

Without another word, Ariadne flung her napkin on to the floor and fled.

"Ariadne! Ari!" He called before taking off, in fear of never seeing her again.

I have to fix this, he thought to himself.