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She could hear Arthur's distinctive voice calling her name. She could feel the heavy thumping of Arthur's feet, sending mini-earthquakes down the hotel's plush carpet. He couldn't be more than 30 meters away. She looked back only to see the backside of Arthur in a distance. Squeezing her eyes shut, she breathed a sigh of relief and took off through the lobby and out the front doors.

"It's not like it meant anything, it was just a kiss."

Those words rang in her ears and replayed over and over again like a broken record. How could she be so stupid? She should have know that someone as professional, as practiced as Arthur would never do anything like that if it wasn't for the job. Without meaning to, the back of her hand swiped at her eyes. It was only then when she realized that she was crying.

Suddenly, she collided with a rather snobby looking woman. In an instant, she was on the ground whilst the people around her stopped and stared. Some even tried to help her up. The woman smirked and said,

"Next time, watch where you're going, kiddo."

I'm drawing too much attention to myself, she thought as strangers asked her for her name and if she was alright.

"Oh yes. I'm fine, I'm fine. Just perfect, really." She said, waving people away. There were too many people there, she was supposed to be on the down low; that really couldn't be good for someone who had helped perform an illegal heist. Plus, it really did her head in. Or maybe that was because of the fall. She took off again, this time, to a quieter area. Was she worried? No. She had wandered around the streets of Paris at night before, alone. But then again, she was just a "kiddo". Tears began to fall again as she thought about how stupid she was, how childish of her to think that maybe, just maybe, there was something between her and Arthur. She wiped away her tears angrily, leaving her cheeks red and raw.

She had stopped walking and instead, she had slumped against a building wall. It occurred to her that she had nowhere to go. Her room in the hotel was right next to Arthur's and could be accessed from his room. Why did she follow Arthur anyway? She should have just taken a flight back to Paris and continued her Architect Course. Why didn't she do that? She knew why. Once she got the thrill of creating layers and layers of the dream world, she could never really get back to building average buildings. And Arthur, well it Suddenly, a familiar voice broke her train of thought.


Ariadne groaned inwardly. Really? He had to find her now? She got up to leave but a pair of strong hands grabbed her shoulders to stop her.

Arthur thought about giving her a big hug, or planting a soft kiss on her lips but now was not the time. She was distraught and upset. He turned her around and gently wiped her cheek but Ariadne flinched at his touch, causing Arthur to let go of her.

Arthur was hurt. She was scared of him. He was a monster. Forgetting about his previous thoughts, he gave her a hug. She froze but softened again in his arms before sobbing onto the nook of his neck and shoulder.

"Let's go home." He said softly to her ear.

And Ariadne knew that home was not in Paris or with her parents. Home was with Arthur.

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