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"I can't. I can't." I said through my tears as my head fell back onto the pillow.

"Yes you can. I need you to push now Leah." The doctor said looking up at me from between my legs.

I squeezed Embry's hand as I tried to sit back up. His arm came around my shoulders helping me. His face was a mask of calmness and strength, but I could see the worry and terrified look in his eyes. I knew that he was sick at the pain I was in and even though I shouldn't have been able to think about anything else but pushing, I was worried about him. I tightened my hold on his hand as I pushed, tears falling fast out of my eyes as I did. I pushed with everything I had, until I couldn't anymore and collapsed back into his arm.

"You're doing great." A nurse said from next to me as she wiped my head with a cloth.

"Ok Mrs. Call, I can see the head, one more big push." The doctor said not looking up to me.

"I can't." I cried like a weakling.

I know I used to fight vampires and all, but vamps had nothing on child birth. Hell what I was going through right now made the newborn war look like a cakewalk. My entire body hurt, like I was being squeezed like a lemon and I was exhausted. Embry looked down at me and saw the strain on my face.

"Come on baby girl. You can do this." He said in his sweet voice.

I sobbed leaning my head into his shoulder, "I can't Em."

He put his head to mine, "Yes you can. Leah, you're the strongest person I know. Just think, one more big push and we meet our baby. I know he or she is excited to meet you. Come on love, one more push."

He was right. I wanted nothing more than to meet the little person that had shared my body the last nine months. Whose constant kicks to my bladder kept me in the bath room. I took in a shaky breath as Embry helped me sit back up. Squeezing his hand, I pushed with everything I had.

"Ok, shoulder's are out, keep going Leah. Come on little one." The doctor said.

Just as I could feel the last of my energy leaving my body, the doctor smiled and looked up to me.

"It's a girl!" He said holding the tiny baby up for me to see.

"A girl?" I asked with a tearful smile.

"A beautiful brown hair little girl." He smiled back.

I looked up at Embry who was staring at our daughter with that dazzling smile and misty eyes.

"Dad," The doctor asked looking to Embry, "Would you like to cut the cord?'

Embry nodded and took the tool from the nurse and cut the cord that tied me to my daughter.

"We'll just get her cleaned up and weighed, then she'll be all yours." The nurse said taking my tiny child from the doctor.

As the doctor and another nurse cleaned me up, Embry wrapped his arms around my shoulders kissing my head. "Thank you Leah. Thank you."

"For what?" I asked looking up to him.

"For our beautiful little girl." He smiled.

"Oh, well thank you." I said touching his face, "And you're welcome."

I could hear her little cries and my heart melted. I wanted to hold her, to comfort her. The nurse turned to us, our little angel wrapped in a white blanket and stopped next to my bed. She leaned down to place the baby in my arms when I stopped her.

"Embry first." I said up to her.

The nurse smiled and walked around the bed, placing our daughter into Embry's large arms. He looked terrified at first. But as he stared down at her, his face became smooth and relaxed. I could tell by that one look that she already had her father completely wrapped around that little finger.

"So, what's her name?" The nurse said looking down to me.

"Well," I said looking up to Embry, "If you don't mind, I thought about Ember Anne. Annie for short."

"Ember Anne?" The nurse asked.

"Yes, Ember after her father and Anne after her grandmother."

Embry smiled as more tears came to his eyes, "I love it and so would Mom ."

He turned back to our daughter and kissed her little head, "Welcome Ember Anne Call."

He smiled down at her once more before placing her into my arms. The moment she was in them, I knew I would never love anything like I would love this wonderful creature. She had my dark hair and skin tone. Her lips reminded me of my brothers and fathers. But her eyes and nose were all Embry. She had Embry's deep brown eyes and even though she was only minutes old, I could see the same sparkle that his held.

"Hello sweet baby." I crooned to her.

Her eyes looked up to me, already holding what I took to be wonder in them. Embry stroked the side of my face as he looked down at us.

"I'll go let everyone know." He said kissing my head, then touching Annie's.

"Oh babe?" I said sweetly.

He turned to me and raised his eyes.

"Could you please, please bring me back a soda? I'm dying of thirst."

He laughed and nodded before heading out the door leaving me alone with my daughter. I could feel the moistness in my eyes as I took her little hand in mine. Her skin felt warm and soft.

"My sweet Annie. You are the most beautiful little girl in all the world. You are safe and you are wanted." I said kissing her little hand.

Embry came back in being followed by the crowd of family and friends. Seth was first through the door, followed by my mother and Charlie. Jake, Quil, Sam, Emily, Paul and Rachel stopped a the foot of the bed.

"Where's my niece?" Seth said with a large grin as he passed the large balloon of a baby bottle to Embry.

Embry chuckled as he took the balloon and sat my soda on the table next to me.

Seth and my mother came to stand next to he bed. I held out my arms and placed Annie in Seth's open arms. He grinned his large smile down at her as he stroked the side her of face.

"Everyone, meet Ember Anne Call, Annie." I smiled.

"Her lips…" Seth said looking to me.

"I know. Dad's."

He nodded and looked back down to her.

"Hello little Annie. I'm your Uncle Seth. And not to sound like a butthead, but I'm cooler than your Uncle Sam." He said in a babyish voice.

I looked over to Sam as he rolled his eyes. Seth cooed at her a moment before passing her to our mom. My mother's tears streamed down her face as she looked down at her first grandchild.

"Oh Leah, she's perfect. Isn't she perfect?" She asked looking up to Charlie.

Charlie smiled before nodding in agreement. My mom kissed her head as the others made their way forward to see my daughter. Jacob said that he thought she looked like me, while Emily's thought was she looked like Embry. Quil deemed her cute while holding her little hand. Rachel and Paul stood holding hands as they looked down at her in Seth's arms after he had only allowed her out of his for a moment before taking her back. Sam and I looked over to Rachel and Paul at the same time and saw the same look. Joy and something else I couldn't quite but my finger on. Sam looked to me once with a soft smile before looking back to Rachel and Paul.

"Are you two ok?" He asked.

Rachel looked up to Paul with a smile.

"Guess we can't hide it any longer." Paul said looking down at her, then back to the room, "We're going to have a baby."

"Oh! That's great!" Emily said pulling Rachel into a hug.

"What?" Jake asked in a loud tone, "When? How?"

His look of shock made the rest of us laugh.

"I'm four months along." Rachel said beaming.

"FOUR MONTHS?" Jake said again in his booming voice. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

Rachel turned to look at her little brother, "I didn't want to take away from Leah's moment in the spot light."

Jake rolled his eyes, "Ya told Dad yet?"

"No, but I will tomorrow." She said.

Jake looked to Paul, "You better be glad that she's your imprint. At least Dad knows for sure that you'll take care of her, other wise he would probably shoot you."

Paul laughed as he pulled Rachel into his side. After spending some time with our family and prying Annie from Seth's arms, with his promises to see her again soon, Embry and I were finally left alone with our daughter. Embry climbed on the bed next to me, wrapping his arm around me as I held our baby girl.

"She's really beautiful." I said.

"Yeah she is, which means I need to get a gun." Embry said holding her little fist.

"A gun?"

"How else am I supposed to keep all the boys away?" He asked looking to me.

"Jeez, already worrying about that?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"But then again, maybe she'll have your attitude and they'll all be to scared to talk to her." He laughed.

I swatted his arm, "I wasn't that bad!"

He laughed and kissed my head, "No, no you weren't."

"Besides, I got you didn't I?" I said smirking.

His face became serious as he looked at me, "Yes you did. And I'm thankful each day for it. I love you Lee."

"I love you." I said kissing his lips.

As I laid in the bed that evening holding my daughter close to me, I looked over to where Embry had fallen asleep earlier in the chair, then back down to my daughter.

"Annie, you're a lucky little girl. You have the most wonderful, kind father in the entire world. He's strong and sweet. I know he'll love us and protect us."

Her little eyes stared back up to me as I spoke softly to her, reminding me so much of the man I loved.

"You're daddy likes to say that I am his rock, his strength, but if ya want to know the truth, he's mine. Your daddy gave me strength through his friendship to pick up my life after a devastating heartbreak. He gave mommy the strength to stop bursting into a hairy wolf. And his love gave me the strength to love him and trust him. And that strength and love brought you here. You're daddy has given me so much more than I could ever give him in return. Yep, we're two of the luckiest girls in the world kiddo, for we have the love of Embry Call."