Behind the Scenes

I have always grown up with the Original Series and The Next Generation. I had seen a few clips from episodes that were from Voyager, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. But, it wasn't until I returned from a religious mission that I ever saw all the series in their complete glory. It was as I was finishing Deep Space Nine for the first time and saddened by the end of the great show, I thought to myself, "What would happen if Sisko came back ten years in the future?"

And thus my first sci-fi fan-fic story that diverted away from Star Wars. And I must say, I was proud with the results. It became quite popular on the Omega Sector message boards that I originally posted it on.

First off, I completed this story nearly two years ago. There is almost nothing that's changed from that time besides fixing a few typo errors. Those familiar with my Babylon 5 Alternative Universe will recognize the lack of details I put into the story, and the writing is not up to par. That's because my writing two years ago was still developing, and while my newer stuff is of a better quality, by no means does my B5 or SW stories share the same superior quality I have given to my original writings, like my alternative histories or my original fantasy stories.

Anyways, I have always hated Endgame, the last episode of Voyager. That was the cheapest cop-out that I've seen in a long time. Destroying the Borg and getting home within only seven years? Come now. That's pretty bad even by many standards of terribleness. Shall we say they jumped the shark? So, I thought, what if the Borg and the Dominion both invaded the Alpha Quadrant at the same time?

The Dominion is a faction built upon war. So, why would the Dominion just accept a lost war? Even without the morale loss to the entire Dominion, the Founders lost face. Sooner or later, the Founders, being self-proclaimed Gods, would want to regain their lost image.

Okay, so there is no Borg appearing in By the Hands of the Prophets. But, the warnings are still there, and we knew Sisko would be coming back. So, he could get revelatory insight into what was going on. We also knew the Picard still had a mental link with the Borg. Problem strong was the link really? We know that the Borg Queen wanted Locutus as a mate of sorts. Where was he really destined? So many questions left unanswered that needed exploring.

Now, as Sisko comes back, ten years have passed. How would things be different? Because they would. Originally Quark was going to still be on DS9. But, partially due to laziness, he got written out. But also, my writing style goes like this. While I have a general idea of how I'd like the story to go, I believe that the characters and story can tell themselves. So, I let the story tell itself. It ends up in many ways more superior then anything I could have imagined.

My belief is that the Romulans ended the Dominion War in a much superior position then their neighbors in the Alpha Quadrant. And who better to take advantage of the Romulan political nature and imperialistic plans then Sela, who outwitted Picard and was only beaten by an android who for once went against his programming and disobeyed a direct order. Sela had always been a favorite of mine.

Will Jake and Quark appear in the story at all? They might appear sooner or later, but I am currently in book three, and they still haven't made an appearance. Again, the story just won't let them out.

So...going back to the original point, if the Borg are still out and about, did Janeway really get back? And if she hasn't, then who would really be there? An alternative version? A copy, such as in the episode where Voyager ends up in two different complete copies?

So, what class of ship would be Invincible? Starfleet has been at war for many years, and they were already beginning to create warships. That's why I decided to create Invincible. My belief is that the Invincible would need to be a warship, and Picard would be behind the creation. He has a clearer sight in my mind of what is the real picture of what's going on.

Adam Tryke is one of the few characters that is not a real Star Trek character. I created him one of several possibilities of who I would be in the Star Trek universe. I could see myself being a cocky human in prison. Partly because I'm not cocky nor have I been in prison in my entire life. Originally though, I wrote the scene of Picard seeing him to be him in solitary confinement, and he has a unique ability to know when he's being watched. The scene though made many historical references that unless the reader was very historically inclined, they would never get. So, I decided to scrap the scene entirely and rewrite it. It resulted in the mess hall, and a Nausican.

Anyways, as always, thanks for reading my story.